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I havent slept in 3 days. I haven't left the house for 2. All I do it sit in my master bedroom with a pillow over my head at all times. My senses are constantly being flooded with The Noises. 
At first,it started out with just a little enhanced hearing, like being about to hear the ping of a pin drop in a loud room. I thought nothing of it. I thought it was just all the pollen that's been in the air lately, doing things to me. 
But now, I can hear my wife's heart beating, her deep breathing,the slight rustle of her clothes. All the way in the bathroom. I can hear the kids, too. Their little chests rising and falling. Their tiny hearts beating weakly. All the way across the hall,with their doors shut. They're so annoying. 
I told Sherry I didn't want kids. I hate kids. They're so clingy and needy. Loud,too. So's Sherry. So loud. They're all so loud. I want them all to just shut up. Sherry's been trying to get me to agree to another kid. 
Now she's finally coming out of the bathroom. She's climbing into bed with me. I spare her a glance. She's naked. I can hear one of the kids coughing and the squeaking of their matress as they're sitting up. I've got such a terrible headache. 

Much better.

Can you hear The Noises, too? Sleep


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