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Alone, I cry in the dark
Longing for you,
Your touch, Your love

You said I was your everything,
Said I was forever yours,
Told me you needed me to live,
That without me you would die.

You lied.

If you meant it you would be here,
If you truly loved me you would come wipe the tears I cry for you away,
Tell me not to cry,
Tell me you love me,
That youre sorry.

The way things ended,
They didnt end well.

I know youre hurt,
Im in pain as well,
Here I lie alone,
Missing you like hell.

Unlike you I meant what I said,
Meant every word,
Youre always in my head,
My one true love.

Forever youre in my heart,
You could kill me,
Laugh as I break apart,
But I would still love you.

You cheated,
Went with her behind my back,
You said that kiss meant nothing,
I believed you.

You said you were sorry,
And wouldnt do it again,
I forgave you,
Trusted you.

You lied again.

We fell deeper in love every day,
Every second,
You hoped to make me your wife,
Promised you would never leave me,
And with me youd spend your life.

Broken promises filled the halls,
I didnt know what to do,
There was silence in crumbling walls.

Here I lie,
All alone,
Hoping one day,
Youll come home.

Knowing fully,
I cant bring you back,
For you left by choice,
Now my future is black.

Im falling,
Waiting for you to catch me,
Knowing youre gone,
Shedding tears under our old tree.

I saw you today,
I heard your voice on the wind,
You said you love me,
And told me to never give in.

I cried,
Missing you,
Now I wonder, who?
Who took you away?
Stole you from my life,
I remembered your mom,
Wishing I could be your future wife.

My tears turned to sobs,
I blocked out the world,
Slipped into depression,
Hoping Id meet you sometime again.

You broke your promises,
You lied,
But still I love you,
My heart is yours.
You said you were sorry,
Hated yourself for what you did,
Said you would burn in hell,
I knew you wouldnt,
But I didnt tell.

We were holding each other,
Never to be separated,
Not even by your mother.

This time I wont let you go,
Ill cling to you for my dear life,
And one day,
Ill become your wife.

Well move to the country,
Away from Joy,
Just me and you,
Now were married,
Our life together starts a new.

You pace around the hospitals halls,
While Im in pain behind think walls,
You soon hear crying,
And our family has grown.

Austin was now born,
He had your eyes,
Your brown hair,
He looked at us with pride,
Knowing he was the heir of a family unlike any other.

Then he looked at me and smiled,
He knew I was his mother.
I smiled back,
Tears streaming down my face,
You wiped my tears then soon whispered,
Tears are words the heart cant say,
Our lips soon met,
I could taste the salty tears rolling down your face.

The door slammed open,
Then banged against the wall,
And bam! There went everything,
All gone down the hall.

I was alone,
With my head against our tree,
I was 14 again,
You were no where to be found,
And my tears of joy soon turned to sorrow.

It was dark and cold,
I remembered the news,
The coming rain,
Then cried some more,
We kissed in the rain.

The raindrops hit my bare skin like needles,
But nothing could hurt worse than losing you,
I sobbed,
Gasped for breath,
Then I laughed at the thought,
That the rain covered my tears,
Fooled everything into thinking I wasnt crying.

But they were wrong,
And I was wrong,
In the end,
My world came crashing down.

Now here I lie,
30 years old and still alone,
Waiting for you,
Hoping that one day youll come home,
I know you wont.
You cant.

But I still hope,
I still cry,
I still love you,
I will until I die.

My love for you is deathless,
You must know its true,
My last heartbeat,
Will beat just for you.

Youre forever in my heart,
My loving you will never end,
Even in death.

And when my day comes,
I have my last breath,
I will still be there hoping for you
To hold me as my pain finally fades.
And silently,
My last breath will whisper your name

(Poem by Courtney Snow)

"Somewhere, there was a tiny dream. Such a tiny dream it was, No one knew who had dreamt it. The tiny dream began to think. 'I don't want to disappear this way. How can I make people dream of me?' The tiny dream thought and thought, and then came up with an idea. 'I'll make humans get lost in me, and let them create the world.'"

The first Alice was gallant with a sword in hand
She skipped off into the woods and off to Wonderland
Cutting anyone and anything that blocked her path
Up until the Earth was soaked with red to show her wrath
Such an Alice was to be trapped inside the trees
A criminal locked away forced to beg on her knees
Other than the path she made while cutting in the wood
No one knew she existed and she was gone for good

The second Alice was a sweet and a humble man
He would always sing a song to his dear Wonderland
The many tones he sang they twisted and they swirled
And thus he created an equally mad world
Such an Alice was a man of flower and of rose
Got shot down by a man who could not take his own woes
And there in the forest bloomed a flower blood red
Once loved and enjoyed by all, is now left for dead

The third Alice was a child blessed with a fine form
She had vowed to take off and take Wonderland by storm
She seduced the various town folk to do her work
And she ruled a strange country while wearing a strange smirk
Such an Alice was the Queen of a Strange Country
When possessed by a strange dream the people went to flee
For they were frightened by such an ugly looking corpse
Once the gorgeous ruler now a body lost and warped

Meanwhile, two children followed the red path
Stopped next to a dead rose for some tea and a nap
Then there was an invite to the strange castle
It was a little card of hearts

The fourth Alice were two kids who looked alike from birth
Curious, they searched for this Wonderland on Earth
Passing through the various doors to find it, although
They had already arrived not too long ago
Stubborn big sister and her
Wiser younger brother, they
Were the closest to being the true "Alice of Wonderland"
So the two would never wake up from their perfect dream
They had founded Wonderland afterall, so it seems

The fifth ALICE was a small girl wearing mauve
Singing to the flowers in the fields of Wonderland
Her voice echoed with great style and suave
Everyone adored her except for an evil man.
This new ALICE journeyed through a field
Suddenly she was grabbed, her voice silenced.
The purple dress she wore turned crimson
One who was loved so well was now gone.

The sixth ALICE was a man in sparkling white
Dancing in the hallowed halls of Wonderland
His fantastic moves dazzled all in sight
His spells were going exactly as planned.
Suddenly a sound echoed in his ears
A sharpened sword rendered his life's end.
His white clothing was stained red.
His feet would never dance again.

The seventh ALICE was a tall lady
Towering over all in Wonderland.
She would cry tears of sadness
She was incredibly different.
This ALICE did not want to live
She then put a gun to her head.
She uttered her last words
Pulled the trigger and then she was dead.

The eighth ALICE was a girl in gray
She would never speak in her Wonderland.
Her wrists would bleed dazzling red
Nobody liked this girl.
Soon this ALICE was annoyed
She slowly lifted up the knife.
She pressed the blade to her throat
And no one would ever hear her voice again.

The ninth ALICE was a cheerful boy
Frolicking through the streets of Wonderland
On his tiny head he wore a sailor cap
And in his small hand he had a lollipop.
But one day his hat fell in the lake
He was sad but could not swim.
But then someone pushed him in
Now he will never learn.

The last ALICE was a girl in black.
Reading to herself in the Wonderland.
Her quiet voice was never to be heard.
Because she uttered all the dooms.
This ALICE could not die
Because she made everyone's death.
She would sneak up behind everyone.
With a sharpened scythe in her left hand.



Jude groaned as she slammed the alarm clock. Curse her ex-husband to get her such a loud, obnoxious clock for her birthday. Now she couldn't wake up without having a heart attack first.

As she slowly slipped her legs off the bed to sit up and put her cold feet into her warm furry bed slippers, she stared out into the slowly rising sun at the horizon beyond her window. An empty feeling that she thought was long gone resurfaced as she glanced at the empty space of the other side of her bed, and her heart unconsciously ached at that feeling, making her wish in vain that all this had never happened.

It had been almost 3 years to the letter that she had divorced Jay, her ex-husband of 5 years, due to some stupid misunderstanding. She had to admit, they were really young at the time and they seemed to have rushed into the marriage (after dating for only 6 months) as soon as they were fresh out of high school and at an age where they should be considering college first. She had abandoned almost everything: her friends, her family, her hometown of Burlesque, to be with Jay in Kite City, but when she had a miscarriage and, due to her depression over the loss of their child, mistaken Jay's visit to his sister, who came to console him, as an affair, they started drifting apart, losing each other's trust and finally lived separately for a few months before Jay mailed her the divorce papers for her to sign.

Jude sighed as she turned off the snooze button on the alarm clock and made her way to the bathroom to freshen up. Despite the divorce, she still kept a multitude of vanity items that she got from Jay when he was still courting her and she couldn't bear to part from it no matter how painful it reminded her of her mistake to let Jay go yet never tried to earn him back. Though, despite her lack of college education, her talent for linguistics due to the fact that she was a half-breed (incubus on her father's side) with better brain capacity to absorb foreign languages just as easy as one would learn how to drink water secured her a job in Kite City as an international translator, and while back then she used to be able to be the biggest breadwinner between her and Jay and live comfortably, now she, single and alone, was earning more than she needed to. If she were to show others her bank book, you'd be bamboozled with all the zeros laid before you.

As she finished freshening up and got dressed, she went to her front door of her $900-a-month condominium to check for any incoming mail, and sure enough, there were a few. Bringing them to the kitchen counter where she poured herself a cup of strong black coffee and reheating some leftover omelets, she sifted through them one by one.

"Junk mail…bills…bills…junk mail…subscription fee renewal advice…bills…hey, what's this?"

Her eyes caught sight at an odd-looking envelope. It was fully red, like the colour of blood, and sealed with golden wax, almost like the ones that were used during the Middle Ages. There was no return address and no indication that her address was written anywhere, and there was no stamp either. It was as if someone wrote a letter to her and mailed it by hand themselves.

"Ah well," Jude shrugged as she opened the envelope. "It's not like my day could get any worse."

As she took out a card that was inside the envelope, she saw that the front of the card was a picture of a medieval-looking castle. At closer inspection, she recognized the castle as Prospero Castle, one of the 8th wonders of Kite City, allegedly rumoured to have housed more than 5 generations of the area's most notorious and scandalous royal dynasty of the history. When she opened the card, there it wrote in red ink:

Dear Judith Light,

You are cordially invited to the most spectacular masquerade party the city has ever seen. Should you decide to accept this invitation, your life, as you know it, will change for the better and you will be rewarded with something you hold dear the most.

Venue: Prospero Castle, Frankfurt Avenue
Date: All Hallows Eve
Time: 7.30pm onwards
Attire: Will be provided upon confirmation

RSVP: Please confirm your acceptance of invitation by dialing 555-1408

P/S: You may want to think carefully and considerably before you decide to reject this offer. This is your only chance

"I…Is this some kind of joke?" Jude exclaimed in disbelief. She read and reread the invitation card and yet she still couldn't figure head or tail of this. Her? Invited by a stranger to a masquerade party? A change in life and a reward of something she hold most dear? It sounded more like a scam to her.

As she was about to reach back to the envelope to see if there was anything else that came with the card, she caught sight of the time, found out that she was almost late for the last subway train to work, swore and hastily made her way out of her condo, leaving the envelope and the card behind on the kitchen counter amongst the pile of junk mail.


Jude groaned as she finally stepped out of the subway train and into the open. She was glad that her job allowed her freedom to wear whatever she wants as long as she does not wear it during public functions for the rich and famous, and she was wearing her usual baggy clothes to work, or she would've probably suffocated to death by the clothes alone that everyone seemed to have an affinity of wearing despite its lack of room to breathe.

If only Jay were to understand that her lack of fashion sense was the one thing that probably saved her life so many times during rush hour.

She readjusted the strap of her sports bra she wore underneath that long, baggy T-shirt dress and made her way towards her workplace, her left pants leg folded up an inch higher than her right and her Japanese wooden sandals—Jay called it clogs, more like it—echoed down the steadily busy streets of Kite City. She couldn't care less if people were staring at her weirdly; she just wanted to continue on her way and be within the walls of her office listening and/or read into whatever her superiors had to throw at her to translate and get on with her day so that it would end quickly for her to return to the sanctuary of her home and carry on what she did best: drawing comics.

As she took out her pass card and made her way towards the building where she worked, she recalled the last time she tried to convince her mother to allow her to pursue her true dream career as a manga-ka. She always had a passion for comic books and manga and hoped that one day she could be just like those wonderful artists, sharing their dreams and imaginations for the world to enjoy, rather than sit there and tell people what other people were talking about. That discussion led into a huge argument about a total waste of talent and potential and total destruction of her manga story by her mother that she spent almost a month completing and had planned to be sent to publishers.

At least Jay allowed me to do what I want to do, Jude thought, barely realizing that she had tend to associate everything that she could think of to her ex-husband. She berated herself for not getting over it even though it had been 3 years after the fact, as she swiped her pass card at gate entrance, but she knew, deep down inside, it was easier said than done.


"What?" Jude raised a brow and swiped her pass card again. The reaction was the same for the next 2 times she tried it, and at the 3rd time, the security breach alarm went off, prompting the security guards to the door to investigate.

"What seems to be the problem here?" a chubby African-American man clad in the company's security uniform came out along with another tall, lanky partner. Jude recognized them as Al and Sticks, some of the closest friends she had made in Kite City.

"Oh, Al! Sticks! Thank goodness you're here," Jude sighed in relief. "Did you guys changed pass cards or pass codes or something because, seriously, you really need to update your memo system…"

"Ma'am, where did you get this card from?" Al asked sternly. "This is exclusively for employees only. And how do you know my nickname?"

"Al, it's me, Jude! You know me, I always get you decaf and jelly donuts every chance I get. Come on, it's not April's Fool Day, stop playing!"

"Ma'am, I don't know what you're talking about. I have diabetes and can't touch anything sweet without insulin, let alone have coffee and jelly donuts. Now hand over the card before I take you to the authorities for theft and trespassing."

"Sticks!" Jude turned desperately towards Sticks who looked at her just as sternly as Al did. "You know me too! I gave you that necklace for your birthday last week! Don't tell me you don't remember that!"

"Lady, I dunno watcha playin' at," Sticks replied in his thick Southern accent. "But the missus is the one who gave me this necklace, and you sure ain't lookin' like my missus to me."

Jude looked at each of them in disbelief. They seemed to know what they were talking about, but it seemed so impossible and unreal. Just the evening before she got off work, she had a hearty conversation with the two of them gossiping and joking about a recording she had to translate of a so-called Ukrainian underground mob, to only find that it was just some poor Russian sap being caught by his wife for having sex with her sister, and now they were looking at her as if they had never ever seen her before in their lives.

Her fight or flight instincts soon kicked in as she pushed past the two guards to run up to her office. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it's some sort of joke. Maybe it was some sort of sick sense of humour from the upper management to make subordinates like Al and Sticks not acknowledge her presence. She had to make sure that she didn't just step into the Twilight Zone. Ignoring the shouts of the guards that were chasing after her, she quickly dashed up the stairs (since her pass card couldn't work and the elevator required pass card access) to her floor where her office was.

The moment she pushed the door open, all eyes were on her. Everything in the office was just as she had left it last night, but something about it was different in a sense, like she both recognized and not recognized it at the same time. Her seat was replaced with a Caucasian man who was a half-breed like her as well, but one look at the wings he sported and Jude knew he was descended from a different breed of nether beings.

But the most disturbing part was that her fellow colleagues who shared the same office with her were all giving her the same look that Al and Sticks gave her.

Needless to say, once the security guards were able to catch up with her, she was dragged kicking and screaming out of the building, stripped of her pass card and clearance badge and escorted unwillingly into the company security car to the nearest police station.

After almost 3 hours of interrogation and Jude repeating over and over again her identity and her position in her company and almost half a day in a holding cell, the police decided to let her off—since they couldn't find any proof of foul play on her part as to how she acquired a high security pass card that was employee-exclusive only—provided that she did not leave town. As she left the station, she caught a glimpse of a newspaper clipping on the notice board. There was no picture to illustrate the article, but the headline was big enough to catch anyone's attention:


She would've gone over to read it in more detail if she didn't realize that she was being watched. The piercing gaze of some of the detectives who were interrogating her was like daggers on her back, making her feel like a criminal already. Guess she was still under suspicion even though her situation proved otherwise. Giving the detectives one last challenging glare, she made her way out of the police station.


Jude was wrong when she stated this morning that her day couldn't get any worse, because it did. Just like the incident at her workplace, it was happening again at her own condo as the locks were changed and the landlord did not recognize her and denied ever letting her stay in her condo. Someone else—a family of four—occupied her home, and everything that she owned in that home was gone, except for her alarm clock that she got for her birthday from Jay and the invitation card that was left carelessly outside the door. And when she tried to prove her residency by showing her the clock and the card together with the condo keys, the landlord went into a fit of denial and threatened to call the police if she did not leave.

Not wanting to make another trip to the station and risk meeting those detectives again, she reluctantly left the condo with only the clothes on her back and whatever she had brought along for work in the morning, in addition to the clock and the invitation card. After walking aimlessly for miles, she found herself in Kite City Memorial Park, her footsteps echoing down the long walkway with only the park lights to illuminate her way.

Finding the nearest seat, she rested on it and mulled over what had just happened. Why didn't her pass card work? Why didn't anyone recognize her? Why was she suddenly replaced from her job and her home? How was it that she could be Judith Light the International Translator to Jude the Nobody overnight? Who was doing this? How did they do it? And why?

Giving her luck one more shot to assure herself that she had not gone insane, she took out her cell phone and dialed home, back in Burlesque. It had been so many years since she called home ever since she eloped with Jay, but knowing her mom, she would jump to the chance to scream her head off at what an ingrate she was for running away and ruining her dreams of seeing her little girl being the trophy daughter she always wanted her to be.

For a moment, she actually would welcome that if only to know that she still exists.

"Hello?" a brisk, no-nonsense yet familiar voice came through after 2 rings.

"Um…Hello? Is this…Mrs. Light?" Jude asked tentatively, testing the waters.

"Yes, this is Mrs. Light speaking. Who is this?"

"H…Hey, Mom. Um…it's me, Jude. You remember me, right?"

Jude braced herself for a yelling, but nothing prepared her for this reaction:

"I think you have the wrong number. I don't have a child."

"Hey, Mom, you're kidding, right? You're just saying that to spite me, right? I know it's been years and what I did was wrong but…"

"I said you have the wrong number. I've been infertile for as long as I can remember, let alone have a daughter to be done wrong to. Is this some kind of sick joke? Who is this? Hello? Hello?"

Jude hung up helplessly, not wanting to explain herself anymore. If even her own mother did not recognize her, who else would now? In a fit of rage and despair, she flung her phone against a nearby tree and shot up, shouting at the top of her lungs at thin air, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! WHO THE HELL IS DOING THIS?! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!"

She was about to grab something else to throw and vent when she caught sight of the invitation card. As her half-breed brain worked out the kinks, she soon realized that it was the moment she received this invitation that her day went downhill. As crazy as it may sound, it had to be the only explanation when nothing else made logical sense. It had to be!

Desperate for a lead, she snatched the invitation card and studied it again. She read and reread the message on the card from cover to cover until those specific words started to sound like a mantra in her head:

…you will be rewarded with something you hold dear the most…

Reaching over for the envelope, she tore it open as she should have done this morning and sure enough, something fell out of that envelope. As she picked it up, she was shocked to see that it was the 4-photo strip that she and Jay took at the Kite City carnival's photo booth on the 1st year of their marriage. She remembered it was near autumn when the annual carnival began, and the first she and Jay did was rush to the photo booth to take pictures of themselves. The first three were just silly faces they put up, but the last one was of them kissing.

She flipped to the back of the photo strip to confirm her suspicions and sure enough, there was the little doodle she and Jay did and the handwritten date of the photo taken in Jay's handwriting. There was no doubt about it as the answer and those specific words were laid out in front of her.

Whoever sent her the invitation card and the photo strip had Jay.

A feeling of warmth washed slightly through her heart at the thought of Jay keeping this photo when she did not, but a sense of dread overpowered that feeling as she wondered why Jay became collateral damage to a vendetta that was targeted to her. Millions of questions ran through her mind as to who, what, why, where, when and how did all this happen, but she knew it was not going to be answered by just standing there staring at nothingness. If she were to get her answers, she would have to accept the invitation.

She cursed as she remembered she smashed her cell phone against the tree and quickly exited the park to find the nearest pay phone. Finding one, she quickly dialed the number that was on the card and waited. At the 3rd ring, a woman's voice that you often hear on an answering machine greeted her:

"Thank you for accepting the invitation to the masquerade party at Prospero Castle. Please specify your residency to receive your event attire and everything else will be arranged."

Jude had wanted to say her condo's address but, remembering that she no longer live there, her mind immediately thought of the next best option, which was the Apollo Hotel where she and Jay stayed for their 2nd anniversary. The moment she said the address, the voice in the phone ended the conversation with just a "Thank you" and she was soon left to her own devices.

Double-checking to see if she had enough cash at hand, since using her credit card would probably not work thanks to today's events, she took a cab and made her way towards Apollo Hotel.


Jude's musings were broken with the sound of knocking on the door. It had been almost two days since she checked into Apollo Hotel and All Hallow's Eve was almost approaching. She was almost getting cabin fever waiting for any news from whoever sent her the invitation and she literally made a sprint for it when the knock came.

Seeing no one through the peephole, she opened the door cautiously to find a black box tied in blood red ribbon at her feet. Picking it up, she looked around again to see who left it behind in vain before bringing it into her room. Almost immediately, she tore off the ribbon and opened the box to see a shocking sight before her.

Inside the box was a pink ballroom dress with a slight dark hue and embroidered with tiny pearls and sequins in random pattern, with gloves, shoes and accessories to match. There was something very medieval about the dress, almost like something out of a Shakespearean era where Romeo and Juliet still existed and A Midsummer's Night Dream was not much of a dream at all, and judging by the quality of the dress, it did not come cheap. Along with the dress and accessories was the crème of the crop: a pinkish-white mask that could literally cover half of her face with elegantly carved holes for the eyes, and like the dress, it was decorated with tiny pearls and sequins with a creamy-coloured bunch of feathers on either side of the mask.

But that was not the shocking part.

It was a picture of Jay taped to the bottom of the box cover that really got her riled up. He was stripped down to his briefs and blindfolded and gagged while his hands and arms were raised and tied above his head. There were long and thin scorch marks on every part of his body and some of them were fresh and bleeding. Jude would've thought him dead if not for the fact that his legs were still standing firmly on the floor, albeit weakly.

Her heart burnt with fury and agony at the sight of this. Why him? Why, of all people, him? What did they want from him? What did they want from her? What was the point of all this? Those were questions she would demand from the culprit first chance she gets.

As she flipped to the back of the picture, a small note was found written in red, saying:

Your reward will soon be at hand, if you were to follow the rules.
Put on the dress and wait for further instructions

As much as she didn't want to, she had no choice. Jay's life was at stake, ex-husband or not. She couldn't deny that she still loved him with all her heart, and she would do anything to save him from this predicament.

The moment she finished dressing up in the outfit she was given and fitted the mask, the hotel phone rang. As she picked it up, the same voice she heard the first time through the pay phone came in.

"Thank you for accepting your attire. Please proceed outside your residence and your mode of transport will be with you shortly."

Jude was tempted to yell at the phone to demand she has proof of life from Jay, but the phone was already hung up by the time she actually thought of saying. Grumbling curses at it, she slammed the phone down and made her way out of the hotel, ignoring stares, teases and wolf-whistles by those she walked past.

She wondered, at the back of her mind, what would Jay think if he saw the ex-wife he knew who had totally next to no fashion sense all dolled and dressed up like that right now.

Sure enough, the moment she was at the entrance of the hotel, a black limo was parked right outside waiting for her. No one came out to open the door for her, so she had to go in herself. A tinted glass window separated her and the driver and the moment she got in and closed the door, the limo started up and made its way to their destination.

As she sat there, letting the vehicle take her to wherever she needed to be, she stared at both the photo strip and the photo she got of the tortured Jay and whispered quietly to it, caressing it tenderly.

"Hang in there, Jay. I'm coming for you."

What’s next after The Beasties? Well, we usually think that after the Special Edition, The Beasties a.k.a. The Cyprine Princesses would be living happily ever after or some other cliché things like that.

The point is no one exactly knows what would happen in the next life, would we? I mean, The Princesses have immortal lives now and whosoever bonds and becomes their spouse would also have a share of longevity. So, what might possibly happen to them except keeping track of time, space and the balance of the galaxy’s ecosystem?

Well, I can give you a little egging-in for the after-legends of The Beasties. Life in the Danger Zone was all peaceful until there came the Black War. It was a nightmare once again as The Beasties had to do battle with the forces of evil who call themselves The Black Siriuses. The war was tough and many have perished, including The Beasties’ spouse.

Although many have perished, The Beasties still continued to fight to the death. The main purpose of The Black Siriuses was to search for the most worthy opponent and conquer the planet if the opponent failed to defeat them. It was an offensive and meaningless purpose, and The Beasties would never give in to them. They continued to fight and fight and fight until they have completely lost track of time…

Finally, when The Beasties actually regained consciousness, they realized that they have been in hibernation for about 111 years!!! It turned out that they have finally defeated The Black Siriuses but have lost their planet in the process. They were in the brink of death when The Cyprine Crystals finally did one last thing for their mistresses: they self-destructed themselves and, using their smashed entities, formed a force-field around The Beasties as they drifted in space with no destination to be. They finally floated into the depths of The Milky Way and remained there, sleeping for 111 years.

The Beasties soon rose out of the depths of The Milky Way and drifted along the vast galaxy, looking for a place they could call home, since their own planet and their own families were turned to dust. They soon found themselves back on Earth—the futuristic Earth. They were surprised at the change that Earth has encountered. It has been a very, very long time since they last left Earth. There were all kinds of people taking residents in Earth, including beings from other planets. Their arrival and appearances was not a foreign thing to the Earthlings.

The Beasties learnt to adjust, as in buying new clothes and gaining new identities, and they tried hard to remain as human as possible unless the situation requires them to become their Beastie form. They have all changed their names: Jericho (Josh), Jubilee (Journey), Foley—pronounced as Fo-lay—(Fresco), Lavender (Laurel), Elijah (Eolian), Konner (Kale) and Hacyth (Hydro). They earned a small living becoming private detectives for the city and walked around calling themselves ‘The Sexy Seven’.

Soon, trouble began when a crude group of terrorists from the planet Pluto’s moon came over and declared World War IV!! Now that’s something you don’t see everyday! The whole place was in a wreck as the terrorists fought a great battle with the government of every country, demanding their rights as rulers of the world. No one could fight them for the time being and the whole world was under their reign for quite a time. The Sexy Seven were disappointed that Earth was no longer any different than their own war-like planet.

Years past but the war wasn’t easily ended. In their relentless attempt and quest to save Earth, The Sexy Seven got separated and were pretty much lost to one another. The wild tomboyish ones Elijah, Lavender and Foley were captured into the terrorists’ lair and were sort of brainwashed into taking their side (Yikes!). The calmer ones Konner, Hacyth and Jubilee joined in a few freedom fighters and plotted to rid of the terrorists and also tried to bring Elijah, Lavender and Foley back to the good side as soon as they found out that the terrorists have brainwashed them.

Jericho was in a much stickier situation: she was stuck in the middle of nowhere in a vast desert when she and the rest of The Sexy Seven were separated and thrown off during a blast (now that’s a LONG way to fall!). As she tried to return back to where she came from and search for her friends, she came across a small boy being chased by a great number of Druids (a futuristic name the Earth picked up for police), threatening to kill him. Jericho fought them off and unofficially became the boy’s bodyguard.

As they got acquainted, the boy revealed his name as Matthias and he was born from a relationship between a terrorist and an Earthling. His parents weren’t exactly married—his father, a freedom fighter, took his terrorist mother as captive and raped her out of hatred and anger and she died giving birth to him. His father didn’t want to have anything to do with him, so he gave him away. He had lived peacefully with his foster family for quite a while but all of a sudden, he woke up finding himself in the midst of his foster family’s dead bodies. He couldn’t remember anything since he fell asleep and was sure that he had nothing to do with the killings, although he was drenched in blood. He didn’t know why he was the only one left alive. Jericho suspected that he did have something to do with the killings, or he wouldn’t have been chased by the Druids. But she didn’t say anything; she had to confirm her suspicions first.

Little did she know that this Matthias was actually the key in destroying the terrorists’ existence. Oops, shouldn’t have told you that!

Anyway, as their journey continued, more and more Druids and terrorists came, all of them after Matthias. Jericho had to battle them one by one and keep the boy from harm until they have reached back to the land where she and her Sexy Seven members separated. In the middle of the journey, they’ve come across a mysterious man who call himself Garden Boy and was always seen riding his really peculiar tank. Jericho and Garden Boy hated each other’s guts and swore that once the war was over, they were going to fight to the death. Garden Boy was always seen wearing a mask over his face. No one has ever seen his face before.

Despite the fact that Jericho and Garden Boy were constantly at each other’s throats, Matthias welcomed the company. He had to be the peacemaker between the two and stop them from killing themselves before the war was over, just as they promised they would. Garden Boy revealed to Matthias that he wanted to be in the war and destroy the terrorists so that he could make the whole Earth green again. Due to the futuristic environment, plants were scarce, and Garden Boy had created a species of plants that can adapt to any kind of situation, and I mean any kind, on Earth and would thrive well in harsh environments. There was once, and only once, did Jericho and Matthias ever get to see his real self, but only his eyes! *GROAN*

What would become of The Sexy Seven? Will the tomboys get out of their brainwashing trance and fight the terrorists as usual? Will Konner and the others be able to save the tomboys and lead the team of freedom fighters to total freedom? Will Jericho ever get back and help them, and will sparks of love fly between her and Garden Boy in the end? Who is Matthias really anyway?

To read the actual comic, go here:

This chapter is part of Book 5 and it is ultimately hilarious. This story takes place after the war with Lord Kaplan and his minions. Josh was getting ready to give birth and all the other Beasties gathered at her castle to wait for the results.

In the midst of the birth, something wonderful happened. Derek, who laid in the glass coffin up at the top part of Josh’s castle, has finally healed 100% and has awaken from his grave. He got up just in the nick of time when Josh’s babies are born. It was pretty much a double rejoice for The Beasties.

Well, Josh’s kids were born. Big sigh of relief and all. Josh and Macques have become proud parents of quadruplets, 2 boys and 2 girls. Nothing can be more blissful than this. Journey secretly admired at how happy the couple were. She wished that she would, too, one day get married and have children of her own.

Well, they always say about being careful what you wish for, because soon, Aradeth and Maeye announced that it was time for the rest of The Beasties to get married and have a family. Journey and Hydro were both nervous and excited. The others, who were practically tomboys, were terrified. There was no way they were going to get married, but they have no choice but to oblige. What was done has been done anyway.

Needless to say, these Beasties were obliged to follow whatever Maeye had in store for them. They drew lots to get the fiancés they deserved, and this is what The Beasties got: Journey got a Unicorn Beastie (very rare breed!), Fresco got a Tiger Beastie, Laurel got a Wolf Beastie, Eolian got a Dragonfly Beastie, Kale got an Arctic Fox Beastie and Hydro got a Praying Mantis Beastie. They were all sons of the Dwara and Dwaree of the Silver Continent and were lucky to be chosen to become The Cyprine Princesses’ husbands.

The next week, The Beasties got to meet their fiancées. They came one by one, looking no more than mere spunky teenagers. There was Fernandez a.k.a. Fire-Slayer (named after Aradeth’s Beastie name because Aradeth saved him before), Lionel a.k.a. Land-Conquerer, Earl a.k.a. Pollen-Feeder, Jonathan a.k.a. Field-Runner, Kyle a.k.a. Snow-Whistler and Henry a.k.a. Grass-Scouter. A bunch of interesting fellows they were.

They all had their dinner at Fresco’s castle. Hydro got really acquainted with her Henry. Journey and Jonathan wanted to get to know each other but they simply were too shy. The others were really, really hostile to each other. None of them wanted to have anything to do with their so-called spouse. Their hostility slowly turned to squabbles and arguments and soon developed to food fight. Hydro and her fiancé together with Journey and her spouse got away in the nick of time.

Things didn’t look too good for these Beasties.

As they retired to their rooms, girls were having their girls’ talk and boys were having their boys’ talk. The girlish Beasties (Journey & Hydro) said how much they like their fiancés but the tomboy Beasties were complaining in Josh’s room about how horrible the boys were and vowed that as soon as the boys get ready to leave, they will announce to the public that they will not let themselves get married to them.

On the other hand, the boys started out complaining about the girls but a small pressuring question from Jonathan and Henry forced them to admit that they somehow did have a small liking for them. They began to feel torn between leaving the place without marrying The Beasties to make those girls happy or continue to pursue them with a nicer attitude next time.

For the next whole week, the boys tried to capture the girls’ hearts (except Hydro and Journey; they’re already been captured), but not much use. They were still indignant to ignore the boys and announce their un-engagement once the boys leave.

Well, all that was gonna change when a ridiculous-looking clan from the Lumec dimension wanted to conquer the planet. At first, the people of the planet didn’t pay much attention to them, although Kale’s nose started to itch, but when they started to go aggressive, they had to battle with them. The Beasties (including Josh who had to get out of her one-month resting despite Macques’ protests) and the boys went into action and fought with the Lumec dimension clan. Throughout the battle, the girls get to know the boys a little bit more and realized their true blue selves.

Well, the Lumec dimension clan was finally defeated with the collaboration of the girls and the boys and the planet was saved once again. After the war, the girls secretly began to reconsider their decision to announce the un-engagement. They had their talk later that evening and decided to sleep on it and think it over before they come to the final conclusion.

Fresco sneaked out to play a little game of Daka. That was when she came across the one and only Timoteo, her ‘ex-boyfriend’. While they were chit-chatting, Timoteo suddenly began to change slowly into…Fernandez!!! Fresco then knew that Fernandez was a changeling just like Aradeth (Gee, having the same Beastie name and the same genetic characteristics? That’s way too coincidental!) and he had been noticing Fresco for a very long time, which led him to pretend to be Timoteo and live the life of a commoner. Only The Gen-X Nekos knew about his identity.
Guess Fresco is gonna be stuck with ‘Timoteo’ for life!

Eolian, on the other hand, was out enjoying a little Sogo after a hard day. She was accompanied by her fiancé, Earl. After some conversation, Eolian found out that the gangster boy she had fought during her younger days on Earth was actually Earl! Some surprise we have! Well, somehow Eolian already had a crush on that guy when she was younger and she’s been looking for him for a long time, so romantic reunions galore, baby!

We have another surprise in store here. Kale had went out to the forests in her castle domain doing a little midnight dance and she was caught in a trap set by the ‘villainous’ Kyle. While he helped Kale bandage her foot, he somehow revealed the collar belt Kale has given to Zebeth in their past-life. Slowly, Zebeth admitted that somehow through the healing of the planet after destroying Lord Kaplan, he has reincarnated into Kyle’s dead body, making him who he was now.

Well, guess Kale would finally be with Zebeth for this lifetime!

There are no surprises for Laurel though. She was suddenly water-attacked by Lionel and then soon started a water war, fighting in water combat at Laurel’s castle. But then soon got tired and lay side by side, too lagged to realize that they were together. Laurel fell asleep out of exhaustion and Lionel carried her back to her room. The next morning, she found herself in bed and a water balloon by her side.

That’s when she had made her decision.

So, as we can expect, The Beasties announced their engagement to the people. Everything was all set and ready for the Big Day: wedding clothes, flower bouquets, you know, the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ routine.

The Big Day came. It was requested by The Beasties that they have to wear coloured tux that match their wedding dresses. And what a wedding dress that was, baby! Not gonna tell you though, you have to read to find out.

Vows were made and kisses were shared. It was a joyous moment for that day. Who knows? Maybe this is a happily-ever-after ending for The Beasties!

To read the actual comic, go here:

In this episode, The Beasties were in for a joyous celebration. Double—no, triple, for the fact—celebration for The Beasties. One, Josh and Macques were finally married. Two, Maeye and Aradeth have become proud parents of a lovely cross-bred baby Dove-Lion Beastie. And three, The Beasties were beginning their first jobs in the Military Agency with their Cyprine Crystals.

In the Military Agency, life was treating The Beasties pretty well. Adventurous and challenging, and simply so much better. Their life-long goal to gain the best adventures in life has been achieved. It turned out to be even better than they ever imagined in the Earth dimension and more than any mortal could have. They were enjoying every moment of their life in the Military Agency, especially when they get exemption from school and get to hang out with the action people. Kale was able to be with her present crush Zebeth and Josh was able to hang out with her Macques, as he was also part of the agency. Zack, the Gen-X nekos’ member, enrolled himself into the agency to continue his promise to become Josh’s most faithful guardian.

Looks like one of our Beasties got more than what she bargained for.

Anyway, as time passed by, Fresco began to become suspicious when she noticed that Maeye has been coming to the military grounds quite constantly, demanding to see her husband General Aradeth. They were even seen by The Beasties often having heated fights with each other, as in shooting aura at each other and throwing things at each other. It would be a bad influence to Fresco’s nephew if it weren’t for Journey and Hydro willing to baby-sit him while the ‘war’ was carried out.

This is where Fresco’s long-lost brother Derek, who went with Maeye together to the Danger Zone earlier than The Beasties, makes an appearance. He was part of a certain secret together with Aradeth and Jeryl the Mayor and he knew something The Beasties didn’t know. So, after much persuasion from The Beasties, Derek agreed to reveal the secret under Aradeth and Jeryl’s permission.

The Beasties soon found out that they weren’t supposed to be in the Military Agency because they are of royal blood and being in the Agency was very degrading for them. They also found out that their former past life was The Legendary Cyprine Princesses who guard the Danger Zone from the dooms of the whole galaxy ecosystem. This means that the Treasure they won from the Treasure Hunt was actually meant for them.

Aradeth explained further into the legends of the Crystals that the Rabbit Beastie bandits in the legends didn’t start out as bandits. They were actually a clan of people born from the purest stars of the galaxy and was sent to Planet Beasts to protect it while it is being formed. The Cyprine Crystals were the only things they have brought with them to Planet Beasts. But at upon reaching the planet, the Shield of their physical space travel broke and they were barely alive once they’ve landed on the planet. The impact of the vacuum pressure of the galaxy wiped out their entire memory and of their mission to be in the planet. Life was pretty harsh on the planet because it was still developing, which forced them to become bandits. The only thing they remember was that they were of royalty and pureness and that the one who bears the bow was The Ultimate Leader, whom the rest of the group swore to protect. Only when they began to actually use the weapons to fight the evil 10th dimension beings, were their memories restored. After their death, the people of the planet have kept the Crystals real safe in order to wait for their saviours’ return to claim them back.

When The Beasties asked what those bandits have to do with their identity being the Cyprine Princesses, they were shocked to know that the bandits were actually the first past life of The Beasties themselves! It was also written in the stars of the prophecy that once The Princesses have gathered together, peace will be at their feet.

Maeye has a secret tattoo on her back written with invisible ink that shows the constellation of The Cyprine Princesses and she was part of the constellation too—as a Guide and Guardian till the end of time to gather them together as one. The Beasties also know that in Jeryl’s past life, he and Kaplan were twin brothers, just each on the wrong side. So that’s what the vision Josh had in Book 4 meant.

It had been years, too many years for the people of Planet Beasts to wait for the return of The Princesses and now that word has been out that The Princesses have returned and acknowledged their true identity, they couldn’t care to hide their secret anymore. Everyone was waiting for the moment to bow and pay their endless respects and gratitude towards ours truly, starting with the Military Agency. Wow, the people knew all along that The Beasties were actually The Princesses and yet they didn’t tell? They really did a good job hiding their feelings.

The revival of The Princesses was quickly announced and they have made their royal appearance. They dressed up in really fancy dresses (nightmare for the tomboys in the group) and appeared before the people. Awkward as it may feel, The Beasties pulled through. They were taken toa tour around their castles (one personal castle for each Princess—unbelievably posh!) which was situated at the top of the Planet Beasts’ galaxy.

Later that night, Macques gathered The Beasties in Maeye’s home and started to discuss something serious. It was about an evil clan called The Kaplans and its Kaplanites (followers of Kaplan).

He said that in The Princesses era, Lord Kaplan has been the biggest threat towards the planet because of The Princesses’ identity and his greed for the Cyprine Crystals. They have been loads and loads of war between them and The Princesses were able to fend him and his clan off. But during the final battle, although Lord Kaplan was able to be destroyed and thrown into a dark dimension, the loss was great and all The Princesses perished. When they were about to reincarnate, there was a slight dimensional clash and that was the cause of The Beasties being wrongly reincarnated. Peace and harmony, and the balance of the whole galaxy ecosystem temporarily collapsed and although it was restored back where it should be, many lives were lost and it wasn’t easy indeed.

But there had been rumours that Lord Kaplan wasn’t exactly dead, just frozen in the dark dimension, waiting for his chance to strike back. This is why The Beasties have to start retrain themselves using a different mode. It wasn’t like the usual training they learn in school; it was so much more intense that it was almost unbearable. But they had to do it.

It was for the good of the planet.

Soon, as expected, Lord Kaplan and his Kaplanites came to Planet Beasts to once again destroy The Beasties and take the Cyprine Crystals. They fought a hard battle, but they were somehow outmatched by Lord Kaplan’s right-hand man, a Black Dragon Beastie called Ordine a.k.a. Dark Flame and his scythe Pelrune which held a powerful sorceress spirit.

Dark Flame turned out to be a real opponent to behold and The Beasties were defeated. They were sucked into Dark Flame’s magical dimensional traps. In there, Josh and the other Beasties got to see a full version of their past lives. Josh got to see that when she and her sister were kids, they were taken by Lord Kaplan and were trained to be in the bad side for his own purposes.

In this vision, Josh found that Erodius used to be the good guy and was the Keeper of the Cyprine Crystals for the incoming Cyprine Princesses. Her (as a kid) and her sister tried to attack Kapleen and Erodius but ended up being with them instead after Kapleen found out the Cyprine Mark hidden on their foreheads. It wasn’t easy (except Journey) but they were able to reform the girls.

Soon there were more Cyprine Princesses found: Fresco, Kale, Laurel, Hydro and Eolian. These 7 Princesses became the best of friends and the greatest of pals. But Josh was still a little bit on the I’ve-betrayed-my-lord sort of feeling. She may be reformed, but it takes more time to reform the heart.

All that has changed when Josh came across the Earth representative, Benedict. They kinda kicked in with each other and became, well, more than just mere friends. They actually became engaged when they were a little older. Benedict was friends with Macques, and he didn’t know that Macques was also in love with Josh. This love triangle sure is pretty complicated.

Soon, the day for the crowning of The Cyprine Princesses arrived. Everyone in the planet was present for this moment. Erodius finally took off the necklace he had been wearing and release the Cyprine Phoenix, Protector of the Crystals. It was a really grand moment as The Princesses were crowned one by one with the Cyprine Crystals. The best part was when Josh was given her Crystal, she immediately revealed The Cypress Queen that she was. Truly a beautiful moment.

Some of The Princesses have their share of romances as well, like Kale with her sweetheart fiancé who later became her husband Zebeth, and Fresco who was in a relationship with a Fish Beastie who called himself Cora.

The rest were pretty much history: the final war where The Princesses lost their loved ones and their lives defending the planet, the destruction and banishing of Lord Kaplan, the death of The Princesses, the spirit of The Cypress Queen healing the planet with her staff, the reincarnation of The Princesses’ sparks and the dimensional clash that cause the mis-reincarnation…

Josh woke up to find herself in an illusion land created from the gadget she was imprisoned in. There she got the meet her past-life self and was given encouragement by her to continue fighting.

She and The Beasties finally broke free from the prison they were in. Dark Flame was shocked to see that his powerful tool has failed him. The Beasties transformed into their Princess battle mode and transformed their Crystals into the weapons they were. Throughout the battle, more and more people died for them: Zebeth (sobs ), Zack (double sobs ) and Derek (sobs? ), just to name a few.

In the midst of the battle, Fresco accidentally filtered through Dark Flame’s mind and she was holding Josh at that time, so Josh could also see it. They saw Dark Flame’s terrible past, filled with hatred and ignorance, and how he came about to become one of The Kaplanites. Due to that, Josh refused to fight with him, but instead asked him to change and join forces with The Beasties instead. Dark Flame felt so insulted that he encased her in a glass monument.

When he presented Josh to Lord Kaplan, as expected, Lord Kaplan destroyed Dark Flame, with the reason that he hated Dark Flame who was too smart and formidable to be in the team. That was a nail hit through his heart; he never asked to be hated and he never wanted to. Josh looked as Dark Flame slipped to his death and was so mad, she broke free from her encasing and transformed into the Cypress Queen status, much to everyone’s surprise, because they didn’t think someone that young could be so strong.

Needless to say, Josh and Lord Kaplan hit on a really, really intense battle—a fight to the death. After many failed attempts, Josh finally resolved to let what he wanted all these millenniums: the power of The Cyprine Crystals. But Josh was pretty smart on this one—she could control the level of the Crystals’ power (something Lord Kaplan didn’t know much), and that includes the amount of power. She sent in too much power for the evil Kaplan to take and he exploded.

KABOOM! goes the evildoer, and HURRAY! for the victors of justice!!!

In the midst of the explosion, the last thing Josh saw was Dark Flame extending his hands to her before she blacked out. The planet was healed back to its original state in the ending of the explosion process. Josh was immediately rushed to the Maha for treatment, The Beasties and Macques waiting for her anxiously outside.

Well, good news to Macques because as soon as the treatment was over, the doctor announced that Josh was actually pregnant throughout the whole war and was surprised to see the babies able to survive such fatal blows. Macques almost fainted in shock because of that, but he recovered soon enough.

The burial for the dead was done, and Derek’s body (he didn’t actually die because Fresco suggested to share part of her life span to him. The rest of The Beasties did the same for him) was kept in Josh’s top part of the castle to heal. Josh also kept Pelrune in that part, and Pelrune promised to stay faithfully in that room until there comes a day when the rightful person was ready to use her.

Was it why Dark Flame has extended his arms to Josh? To be reborn through her? Who knows…

To read the actual comic, go here:

This time The Beasties take their measures into the Danger Zone. In this episode, our dear Maeye was getting married to one of generals in the Military Agency, Aradeth a.k.a. Fire-Slayer. Josh was quite sorry for Herbert because she had always thought that Maeye and Herbert was a couple, and she could see that Herbert does have a crush on Maeye. Fresco was the only one happy because she had never approved Maeye playing two-timing with Herbert.

Funnily, Fresco also had a problem to face: Timoteo the galley boy who works in the school cafeteria (in Beastich, ‘galley’ means cafeteria). She owed him a favour because he helped bail her out for shop-lifting. Timoteo always had a crush on Fresco, so to repay the favour, Fresco had to become his girlfriend. Yet Fresco couldn’t stand him, so after a date, she dumped him, which was not approved by the rest of The Beasties. Not that Fresco cared.

Soon, Maeye and Aradeth got married in winter and had their wedding dinner at their home. The ultimately beautiful Mayor, Jeryl a.k.a. Form-Taker did a dance for them. The Beasties (except Fresco and Macques) were surprised to know that this beautiful dancer was actually a man. But not a gay, just beautiful.

Fresco introduced him to her gang and Jeryl offered his hand to Josh to shake on it. And through that handshake, Jeryl seemed to have sent a strange message—a vision of a pair of twins who had two totally different characteristics.

That night, Josh sort of had the same vision emitting out of her hand that she shook with Jeryl. Josh told her experience to her fellow Beasties the next morning but it didn’t do much help because it was too much a mystery. Later, a Messenger came to deliver a message from the Mayor. The Mayor has announced a contest would be held in summer at an age-old, full-of-history hill. It’s called ‘Treasure Hunt’ and the game is to go through loads of obstacles and using codes and riddles to get to the treasure: the Cyprine Crystals. Whoever wins the contest would gain access to serve in the Military Agency and fight for their planet and even get exemptions from school.

The Beasties, as expected, were eager to join. To add to their determination, they have come across Timoteo’s little rouge gang called The Gen-X Nekos. The leader of the team, Clash, told them that the contest was merely a way to bid goodbye to the old hill as his father was going to build a theme park. Eolian was so angry with his obnoxious attitude that she made a bet out of anger with The Gen-X Nekos on winning the contest. The deal? If The Beasties win, Clash has to tell his dad to call off the construction, and if The Nekos win, The Beasties will have to become the team’s girlfriends for the whole summer. Yikes!

That’s when Josh came across this mystery guy in the team who calls himself Zack. He seemed to know Josh and he was inclining of taking her away from Macques. When Josh told him about Zack, Macques told her that Zack came with Herbert to Earth to help him monitor The Beasties during the School of the Different era.

When The Beasties got back home to ask for Maeye’s permission, they were in for a disappointment. No matter how they begged, Maeye wouldn’t hear of them entering the contest. They all ended up in the love room of Josh and Macques complaining about it. Macques tried to cheer them up by telling them the legend of the Cyprine Crystals.

It was about the days during the planet’s development, it was still prone to external dangers, like people from other planets or dimensions. It was said that when a group of Rabbit Beasties bandits came to rob a village, they were mistaken for the Rabbit Knights to save the village from disaster by the beings from the 10th dimension. They did think of running away but they changed their minds by the Mayor’s daughter. It was a really hectic fight. Never before has Planet Beasts fought an opponent ten times their size. Finally, after the bloody war, the villagers tried to find the bandits but they were nowhere to be seen. Some say they have been taken away by the legendary Stallion of Reincarnation to be reborn. But one thing’s for sure—they left behind the crystals which was said to be the weapons used to battle the beings from the 10th dimension.

Well, that didn’t exactly cheer The Beasties up though. That only made them want to enter the contest more. Macques learnt about the bet and he was jealous. He knew all along since the School of the Different era that Zack had a crush on Josh and has always been competing with Macques to get her. He was so jealous that…well…their usual making love ‘session’ was a little bit aggressive… Anyway, after ‘all said and done’, Josh wanted to get something to drink and has discovered in the process a really deep secret about the relationship between Herbert and Maeye.

As soon as she found out about it, she was determined to use it on Maeye that day. She announced the good news to her fellow Beasties (but didn’t tell them what she saw yet) and ours truly immediately rushed to Jeryl’s home to apply for the contest. Meanwhile Macques went and confront Zack. Zack was still determined to make Josh his wife just like he asked her to during the SotD (School of the Different) era, and that has angered Macques. But still, Zack was still stronger than Macques, and his determination was stronger than Macques’ determination to stop him. Macques was pretty devastated and didn’t know what to do. Although Josh reassured him later that he should trust her, he couldn’t help feeling crushed about Zack’s whole deal.

Soon, throughout the whole spring, The Beasties began to train themselves physically and mentally for the Treasure Hunt challenge. Those were more into action trained physically (Josh, Eolian, Laurel & Fresco mostly) and those more into the codes and riddles trained mentally (Hydro, Journey and Kale). Flashbacks were frequent in this part, like Eolian’s memory and promise to a guy on Earth who defeated her that she would be stronger the next time they meet, and also Fresco’s memory of her big brother who tried to kill her in her sleep. Yeeks!

All and all, there came summer and the long awaited Treasure Hunt. The Beasties were exceptionally enthusiastic about it. After making sure that Maeye was well away from the house, The Beasties sneaked out and entered the contest. There were a lot of groups entering the contest: The Pirates, Beast Raiders, Human Beasts, Angel Beasts, Kitsune Voyagers, Cyber Usagies, The Bow-Wows and, as expected, The Gen-X Nekos. The Beasties confirmed their vows before departing for a little light breakfast served by the sponsors.

That was when they came across Maeye. They were shocked to know that she was one of the judges involved in this contest. Of course, Josh was ready. She threatened her that if she didn’t let them enter the contest, they will tell the whole Military Agency that Aradeth was actually Herbert too! Herbert was a changeling (cross-bred by a monkey mom and a lion dad) and could switch between a Lion Beastie and a Monkey Beastie. Only Jeryl knew about his identity as everyone else thought that Aradeth was two different types of people. In this planet, it was offensive to have a changeling in the Military Agency and also not liked to have two jobs at once. Needless to say, Maeye had to comply with their wishes to shut them up.

The contest was soon officiated. There were no boundaries in this contest, as long as the opponents don’t try to get at each other’s throats to get the treasure. This game could go on for a few days, so everyone was equipped with their camping materials. They were given Clue Fairies that can be used only 3 times to give them hints for the riddles and codes of the game.

The contest began. Many were desperate to get the codes or riddles right and move to find the treasure. The Beasties were of no exception. They toiled hard to go through the obstacles set out and to figure out the codes and riddles. They also had to collide with other players, including The Gen-X Nekos, once in a while and compete to get the next code first. The camping nights were pretty much interesting, with the occasional snooping from other teams to find out the answer to the clue. Luckily The Beasties had some fellow members who were only too willing to kick the ass out of the opponents (like Laurel and Eolian, for example).

After gathering much clues for about 3 days now, The Beasties were sure that they would reach the treasure soon enough. Soon the sky was dark and it was time to settle down to rest and hit the hay. Coincidentally, they have to share their camping spot with The Gen-X Nekos. The atmosphere was pretty hostile, but they had to compromise just this once. There, The Beasties started to get to know a little about The Gen-X Nekos, especially about Clash who admitted that he never wanted his dad to build the theme park on the hill because it had given him too many memories. This scene also depicted Zack’s attempt to seduce Josh to his side, which was quite a close call.

Finally, after days of persistence and hard work, and a little bit of collaboration from The Gen-X Nekos, they’ve finally reached the top of the hill, where the treasure was laid hidden in a really dense bush. The Gen-X Nekos were willing to let The Beasties have it.

With bated breath, The Beasties opened the treasure box, and lo and behold! There it was, the Cyprine Crystals, in its weapon form. One by one, The Beasties took them randomly, 7 of them, and the Crystals seemed to choose them. Laurel got the Gun from the Sky Crystal, Kale got the Whip from the Forest Crystal, Journey got the Staff from the Tree Crystal, Fresco got the Sword from the Day Crystal, Eolian got the Axe from the Leaf Crystal, Hydro got the Bombs from the Horizon Crystal and Josh got the Bow from the Night Crystal.

As soon as they took out the weapons, they slowly changed back into the crystals they were. It was a pretty magnificent sight to behold. But their happiness was short-lived. Minutes after they took out the weapons, the hill started to shake. It was as if there is a correctional of the hill as soon as their job of taking care of the Crystals was done. The Gen-X Nekos almost fell off the hill but The Beasties managed to save them and get all of them to safety.

As soon as they reached safer ground, everyone rejoiced and cheered as they saw who the victors of the contest were. Then they also found out that a lot of people have been betting on The Beasties to win the contest to save the hill. They all gathered around Clash’s dad, who was one of the sponsors, to call off the construction. That was when they found out that he has been using Clash as a rumour-spreader to spread the rumour about the construction to test if the people really cared about the hill. The whole construction thing was all a hoax! Clash was really pissed off for being used that way.

Anyway, all’s well ends well. The victors were announced, the permits of eligibility to the Military Agency and the certificates of exemptions from school have been given out and good food was served. Zack took Josh’s arm, brought her to Macques and shoved her to him, making Macques promise to take good care of her and he himself took Josh’s hand and kissed it as his pledge to be her faithful guardian. Interesting!

Wonder what changed his mind…?

To read the actual comic, go here:

The Beasties have finally learnt how to cope and control their powers and have already mastered the ability to transform and un-transform. They go to decent schools like all Beastie kids go and they have learnt to adjust to their new life in their new planet, thanks to Maeye’s help.

But, as much as they like Danger Zone life, they still had some sentimental issues on Earth. So they were allowed to visit Earth once every 6 months. So, once again, our story revolves on our dear Planet Earth. The Beasties have reached Earth through physical space traveling, and as soon as they got there, the first thing they did was visit their family. Of course, they just sneaked in and took a peek. No emotional reunion involved.

After sneaking in to meet the parents, the Beasties went to Mr. Oakland’s home to spend their days there. Mr. Oakland was expecting them, and was very hospitable. Of course, The Beasties were pretty much grossed out to know that their gay Headmaster and his boyfriend Win Wirrer were actually married! Eew!

Josh discovered that Mr. Oakland had a bouquet of blue roses in his living room and was sure Win bought them from Benedict’s florist shop. So, the next morning, she decided to pay him a visit. Her early morning started with a sort of weird vision, but she decided to ignore it.

With the business card Mr. Oakland gave her, she found where Benedict worked. Benedict offered to treat her to breakfast. There they had a few talks, mostly about each other’s new life.

After breakfast, Benedict suddenly requested to hold Josh’s hand, and that’s when she got another vision of her different self staring lovingly at Benedict’s different self. She had to let go and leave. Of course, she didn’t tell The Beasties where she went. She didn’t want to bring in the old past life grudge on her fellow Beasties.

Later that day, when The Beasties and Mr. Oakland went out shopping for their meal, they came across a flyer saying that PlayStation has come to town to promote a new virtual reality game that was so real, you could never recognize the differences. It’s called the ‘Annihilation Raiders’ and PlayStation needed Free Test Players to test out the game before sending out on sale. To be able to be a Free Test Player, they must get a silver coin made inside Cadbury chocolates bars. The Beasties were, of course, extremely interested and got bars and bars of it.

They succeeded in getting the silver coins and wanted to get rid of all the leftover chocolates. Kale decided to give them to his squatter friend Aloysius whom she knew when she was a kid. Her twin sister Laurel was able to see that Kale has a crush on this Aloysius character. They asked for Win’s help to take them to the building that held the tests. As soon as they got there, Kale was surprised to Aloysius also got silver coins for the test. Lucky guy. Anyway, there were several groups ahead of them and they were all taken to the testing room. The Beasties and the other groups drew lots and they got the last turn. Needless to say…

It was a really interesting game of wits and adventurous feats as the teams go in one by one to test the game, giving a really good response. Suddenly, the 3rd group (there were 5 groups ahead of them) have problems in the VR. The last one to come out alive from the VR claimed that a couple has just killed the other 3 of his mates. At first, they thought he had too much shock due to the vivid realistic elements of the VR, and even jokingly told the 4th group to play the VR and try to save the mates who ‘passed out’. But when only one came out with an arm missing, all hell broke loose. Even when they sent in the best PlayStation player in the company, they received his dead body as a result. The Beasties could see that the couple in the VR was real and a threat.

The whole PlayStation began to panic and were struggling to find out what causes all these havoc. The Beasties decided to play the game to find out who was the culprit of all these killings. They went in and immediately, the battle began. The virus couple seemed to know The Beasties and had the game altered to disarm them. They were trapped in illusions that reflected their inner animal fear and their true human pain. Now that’s a drag!

Everyone was trapped in the illusion. When it was Josh’s turn to be captured, she was saved in the nick of time by a mysterious Puma Beastie who called himself Zebeth. He and Josh helped to save the other Beastie members, including Journey who was hurt pretty bad.

Soon, the culprits appear—a couple who seemed like a Beastie but a little more different and evil. They seemingly knew about The Beasties and they keep calling them the Cyprine Princesses, which really was a mystery to the Beasties.

These weird Beastie-like characters called themselves The Superior Beings, and they seemed to know Zebeth too, because they keep saying about Zebeth keeping a secret from The Beasties, which Zebeth kept denying. The Beasties and The Superior Beings got into a great battle and The Superior Beings sent them into a sort of dimensional vortex where they were shown a sort of scene from a certain past life. The Beasties couldn’t help feeling quite familiar with these scenes.

But all in all, they broke out from the vortex and they finally destroyed The Superior Beings. When they tried to find out who Zebeth is, he had already disappeared. But Josh and Fresco had a little head-start about that guy, because both of them felt an aura about him. Fresco then gave a call to Derek to ask about Zebeth.

Later that night, Josh and Fresco paid a visit to Kale’s squatter friend. They have found out that Aloysius was actually Zebeth himself. He was here in Earth because he had heard wind of The Superior Being clan coming to Earth to harm mankind although they have tried to eliminate The Superior Being clan years and years ago. The Superior Being clan was also another kind of Rebel Beastie who practiced the Dark Arts.

While they were trying to get together and wanting to ask about the Cyprine Princesses (which Zebeth refused to disclose), Zebeth felt something big incoming. It was the Big Guy of The Superior Being clan and he has come in a big way to conquer the Earth. The Beasties and Zebeth got together to start battling for Earth again. The Superior Being Big Guy who called himself The Superior Lord (I think that’s what he’s called) dispatched his three trusted warriors to fight them. One of them, Thunder Bolt, was actually Zebeth’s brother Xayide who got lost in a wormhole and was, well, ‘used’ by the King from the cold dimension. He had a sort of grudge with Zebeth because he blamed him for not saving him in the first place.

The battle was as hectic as before. The three warriors were really strong, especially Thunder Bolt, who has a serious grudge over his brother. The Beasties were defeated one by one, their sparks (reincarnation soul) broken and their physical body turned into the animals they were. Josh was, surprisingly, able to withstand the crash. The other warrior, Tidal Wave, wanted a one-on-one battle with Josh. She almost lost but her inner conscience brought her back.

Meanwhile, Zebeth was trying to make peace with Xayide but he would never hear of it. Zebeth decided to give out some of his spark to The Beasties. Their human appearances were restored and were fit for battle. Fresco, who had the power to filter through people’s mind, filtered Xayide’s memory that was altered by The Superior Lord. Actually, it was The Superior Lord who has been ‘using’ him and not the King from the ice dimension. The final warrior Fire and Tidal Wave were into this. Fire tried to destroy The Beasties and Zebeth but Xayide shielded his brother and got himself sacrificed. His spark was completely destroyed and his physical body turned to dust.

When Josh returned from her battle with Tidal Wave, she was really pissed at The Superior Lord when she found out about this incident. Luckily, with Journey’s power, she revived Xayide’s spark from the dust. They fought again but The Superior Lord still had the upper hand. He had revealed that he was the one who gave access to Erodius to come into Earth to destroy The Beasties and he watched with relish as Benedict (when he was mad) killed The Beasties one by one but lost the chance to destroy their sparks.

That really pissed all The Beasties off. Before they gathered themselves, The Superior Lord suddenly saw a weird vision of a different version of The Beasties. Could it be the Cyprines?

The Beasties, including Zebeth, gathered themselves and with their powers, created a magnificent staff. Josh, as if she had been using the staff all her life, used the staff and destroyed The Superior Lord, turning him into smithereens. She then used the staff to restore the Earth and its people back to its original state. Then she collapsed, because she had drained too much of her powers and need to be restored before both her body and her spark is destroyed. But then they had to wait until the Andromeda star is high in the air before they could do any physical space travel, so Josh had to spend some time in bed.

On the last night of her stay, Benedict sneaked in. He came to check on Josh’s condition and asked her to stay in Earth with him. He said he was willing to let his late Kristina go and really start anew. Josh had to decline because she knew that she didn’t belong on Earth and that she’ll die if she doesn’t restore her powers. It was a pretty sad scene~

The Andromeda star finally raised high in the sky and they were ready to leave. Unknown to The Beasties, besides Mr. Oakland and Win, Benedict was also there at a distance to bid them goodbye. As soon as they reached Planet Beasts, Josh was rushed immediately to be restored of her powers. When Herbert and Maeye asked about what actually happened to Josh and to the Earth, this was what The Beasties replied:

“Nothing much.”

To read the actual comic, go here:

If you think that The Beasties’ souls are going to remain trapped forever in that ghoul-stricken house, think again!

On a full moon’s night, the curse was broken and the 7 girls were free from the house. Throughout their years in that house, they have haunt and killed many, and Jackie had never stopped trying to convince Benedict to stop killing.

They were soon reborn at the same time in a hospital in the city and were named Fresco (Fay), Laurel (Lan), Hydro (Heendra), Eolian (Eddie), Kale (Kit), Josh (Jackie) and Journey (Jen). They, as if written by destiny, became friends and also, surprisingly, called themselves The Beasties.

They still have the uncanny urge of adventure and excitement. In this chapter, Josh meets Macques and had a serious crush on him, but has a competition named Mayumi.

They had their chance of adventure when an important guest from the Ministry of Libraries came over to their school to give a talk. As The Beasties struggled to ‘survive’ the talk, a huge storm suddenly broke. Josh couldn’t help staring at the rapidly moving clouds and loud gale that blew strongly, sending curtains fluttering and loose tiles on the roof banging.

No sooner the rain grew heavier, than the strangest thing happened. A huge white dragon appeared in the middle of the sky swooping down to Earth, killing everybody in sight. Josh was too frightened and shocked to move. The dragon was about to kill her, but Macques saved the day. And a weird thing too, because he had swallow wings!

Needless to say, all The Beasties were curious about it but Macques wasn’t in a situation to tell the truth yet. Things suddenly became quite uneasy between Macques and Josh as they both were unable to face each other. But in the end, after certain ‘persuasion’ from the other Beastie members, they finally became a couple.

The truth revealed itself when the Ministry of Health came one day to give the students of The Beasties’ school Hepatitis A (or was it B?) blood tests. The girls were called in to the Health Centre by a doctor called Gilbert Wick and there they found out that their blood consisted of 75% human, 25% animal, and that the animal bloods in them were the exact blood the Beasties imagined themselves to be.

Havoc broke loose and The Beasties became sudden fugitives. If it weren’t for their friendly gay Headmaster Mr. Oakland, they would’ve been dead meat. But they were not out of danger yet. As soon as they reached home, The Beasties were kidnapped and taken prisoners in the Health Centre.

The Beasties thought they were a goner for sure, but luckily, out of the blue, a lady with huge white wings appeared out of nowhere and saved them from their prison. They followed the lady back home and The Beasties were in for a shock when they found out that she was actually Fresco’s sister Maeye who had disappeared years ago.

They were also surprised to know that Macques, Maeye and even the Dr. Gilbert Wick was involved in the secret The Beasties were about to learn. Throughout the whole discussion, The Beasties found out about their past lives during the ‘being murdered by Benedict’ age and were told that they were actually wrongly reincarnated into Earth where they were supposed to reborn at their Planet Beasts in a certain dimension called the Danger Zone. Their powers were dormant during that age, but once they have become the present Beasties, their powers have begun to show. At that time there was a massive Neon War (first war in Sabah, can you imagine? 0_0) and many children were affected with mutation during the war.

The Health Centre used to open a school for these mutant children called the School of the Different where the kids were given basic education but in a less hostile environment (those days, kids who weren’t affected used to resent the ones that do). As expected, The Beasties were mistaken by their parents as mutants and were put into that school together with Macques (there’s a reason he’s on Earth, tell you later) and Maeye. Dr. Gilbert Wick, whose real name is Herbert, was sent to earth to monitor the Beasties and find a way to take them back to the Danger Zone. When the staff of the school found out that The Beasties’ physical change was not due to mutations, they did horrible experiments on them day and night.

Finally, someone reported to the police about the terrible experiments (not Herbert) and the people of the school were under arrest and the school was declared closed. Herbert escaped, taking the little Beasties with him. After reviving Maeye about her past life, he had only time to take Macques and Maeye with him.

So, using a virus called Thyphoid (I think that’s how I spelt it), Herbert injected it into The Beasties’ brains to wipe out their memory about the school and sent them all home.

The Beasties have lived normal lives ever since, that is until now. Josh was really surprised that she and Macques had gone way back. Fresco, on the other hand, had a certain grudge on Maeye because she had disappeared without a trace and left her to fend herself against her family (especially her siblings) who had a certain distaste for her. Her siblings often thought her as a freak and wouldn’t want anything to do with her. Now she knew why they did what they did.

She ran home to her family to ask for answers and declared that she would never again return to the house. She stayed with Maeye instead and she and the rest of The Beasties get a lot of support from Macques and Mr. Oakland.

Then later one night, Macques was kidnapped during his sleep and was taken to the enemy’s lair, the King and ruler of the Rebel Beasties Erodius. There, he learnt that Mayumi was actually a Beastie too and also Erodius’ spy.

It is there, too, that Macques found out that he was actually Erodius’ grandson, born by his rebel Raven Beastie father Erektus and his Nefer-tyne colony Swallow Beastie mother Crystalite. His father’s action of loving the enemy and changing to the good side angered Erodius and when Macques was born and just hatched 48 hours later, Erodius’ henchmen came and took his parents away to be sentenced to death. It was a horrible sight to see.

Erodius knew that his grandson had half of each side inside his body and h wanted the worst side of Macques. With Erodius’ hypnotic words, he forced the evil side of Macques out and Macques’ mind was immediately changed. He has quite forgotten about the good times he had with Josh…(Oh no~!)

Meanwhile, The Beasties’ physical appearances were slowly beginning to change to the way they should be—Josh the bat, Journey the albino squirrel, Fresco the cat, Laurel the eagle, Kale the fox, Hydro the butterfly and Eolian the ladybug. Suddenly, a small henchman from Erodius’ lair came and sent a message written by Mayumi saying that she had Macques with her. Needless to say, Josh went out in a thrice to save him. The others followed suite. They have to go through some obstacles but finally they made through to the hall of the lair.

The Beasties were, as expected, were shocked to see that the Macques they were trying to save was turned into the bad side. He even attacked Josh and knocked her unconscious! His powers were too strong to for The Beasties to counter. Maeye and Herbert appeared just in time to save them, but they were unable to save Josh—she was taken away by Macques.

When Josh regained consciousness, she saw Macques coming towards her. She thought that he has turned back to good, but she was in for a disappointment. He seized her and, well, made love to her (if you can consider someone evil having sex with you making love ). At the meantime, the other Beastie members were told of Macques’ parents and past and Journey, who had a deep twin connection with her sister, could feel her pain and had to be kept her mind off those problems with the help of Herbert. Sort of stress-releasing thingy.

Finally, the next day, The Beasties went to battle again. Herbert and Maeye were shocked to see Erodius still alive, although much more like a floating entity, because they remembered killing him after he sentenced Erektus and Crystalite to death. The Beasties and Macques together with Mayumi had a heated battle. Fires and aura-shooting ensured. Josh tried to stop them from fighting but she pretty much ‘hung-up’ for the moment.

Finally, The Beasties decided painfully that they have to destroy Macques because he would become The Ultimate whether he’s good or bad, and that’ll bring peril to the world. When they fired the shot, Josh blocked the way, withstanding the blow. Her sudden heroic feat slowly led Macques to revive from his evil stance. Erodius was fumed and escaped after his attempt to blast the Beasties (which didn’t work because Mayumi shielded them), assimilated himself into the depths of the Earth.

The Beasties rose back to the surface of the Earth to fight Erodius. But no matter how much they bombarded him with their powers, he wasn’t affected. Almost all The Beasties have drained their powers and were falling. Josh finally had an idea on how to defeat Erodius. She took in her fellow members’ last powers and took Macques’ hand before jumping into Erodius’ entity body. Shocking it was to the rest of the team, but Hydro told them to trust Josh.

Inside the belly of the beast, Josh and Macques confronted Erodius’ inner self. They have received hard impacts from Erodius’ attacks but Josh was determined to destroy him. She took hold of Macques and kissed him, sending the power of herself and her fellow buddies she had absorbed into Macques. Immediately, he turned into the good side of the Ultimate and used his powers to defeat the evil Erodius.

As Erodius disintegrated, the mangled Earth began to rebuild itself back with Macques’ power. They got to higher ground before they get molded together with the healing Earth. Mayumi was dying due to the blow she shielded. How sad~

But all and all, everything ended well. Mr. Oakland together with his boyfriend Win Wirrer held a farewell party for The Beasties who had agreed to follow Maeye and Herbert back to the Danger Zone. The white dragon was actually under Erodius’ spell, but it’s in the good side now, and it will take them back to the Zone.

Before Josh left for the party, she stopped by at the house where she died in her past life. There she met Benedict again who seemed to have a new, happy life in the real world. He hadn’t been living in that house ever since Josh and the gang were reincarnated. They had their talk and goodbyes, and before Josh left, Benedict gave her a good luck kiss on the forehead. I suspect something’s afoot in Benedict’s feelings towards Josh.

Finally, at the crack of dawn, The Beasties were ready to leave. They wrote their goodbye messages to their families and said their farewells to Mr. Oakland. The portal opened and they disappeared into the horizon.

Their disappearance had an impact on the earth society, but whatever life The Beasties were leading, it’ll turn out to be the best…

To read the actual comic, go here:

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