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A king who did not believe in the goodness of God, had a slave who, in all circumstances, said: My king, do not be discouraged, because everything God does is perfect, no mistakes!

One day they went hunting and along the way a wild animal attacked the king. His slave managed to kill the animal, but could not prevent his majesty losing a finger.

Furious and without showing his gratitude for being saved, the nobleman said "Is God good? If He was good, I would not have been attacked and lost my finger."

The slave replied: "My king, despite all these things, I can only tell you that God is good, and He knows "why" of all these things. What God does is perfect. He is never wrong!"

Outraged by the response, the king ordered the arrest of his slave.

Later, he left for another hunt and was captured by savages who made human sacrifices.

In the altar, ready to sacrifice the nobleman, the savages found that the victim had not one of his fingers, so he was released. According to them, it was not so complete to be offered to the gods.

Upon his return to the palace, he authorized the release of his slave that he received very affectionately.

"My dear, God was really good to me! I was almost killed by the wild men, but for lack of a single finger, I was let go! But I have a question: if God is so good, why did he allow me to put you in jail?"

"My King, if I had gone with you in this hunt, I would have been sacrificed for you, because I have no missing finger, therefore, remember everything God does is perfect. He is never wrong."

Guides - Beautiful Lady = BL
Workaholic Roomate = WR
Ugly Roomate = UR
Innocent Roomate = IR

WR: *sighs* It's been 5 years since I broke up wif my ex. His image is still a little blur to me
BL: *sighs* Same here. Sometimes I can't even remember how exactly does he look like
WR: How many years since you broke up?
BL: *looks at clock* Half an hour ago
------------------------------ --
UR: Sometimes I feel a sudden rush of depression these days. You know how to get rid of it?
BL: Try falling in love. Love is always the best medicine
UR: What about marriage?
BL: Please don't overdose
------------------------------ --
IR: I can't sleep with lights!
WR: Well I can't sleep without light!
BL: I can't sleep without men!
WR: *looks outside* You just woke up the whole damn neighbourhood of men...
------------------------------ --
Landlord: Time for rent!
BL: *hides n keeps quiet*
Landlord: I know you're home
BL: *remains quiet*
Landlord: Every husband in the neighbourhood is with their wives today
BL: *groans n pays rent*
Landlord: Time for rent! And if you can't pay you'll have to pack up n leave
BL: *shouts out loud* Guys! I'm leaving!
5 men (showed up outta nowhere): *digging their wallets* How much? I'll pay!
UR: How's the current economy status?
WR: *points to BL* Ask her
UR: But she's not an economist!
WR: True, but she can tell from her gifts she get from men the economy status
WR: Who's that waiting down there in a tux?
BL: He's been trying to woo me for 3 days now. His dad's the executive manager of a jewelry company and owns 3 other businesses in England and 2 more in China
WR: Then what are you waiting for??
BL: I'm thinking whether I should be his stepmother
------------------------------ --
WR: The economy is more and more worse. Ppl r looking for second jobs to cope with the expenses. What about you?
BL: The same. I'm looking for men with two jobs
BL: I am born to be every man's lover. But I'm a new age lover: I only require men's love, not their money
WR: So how do you support yourself?
BL: Through their wives' request for separation fee
BL: I dug deep into my pockets to publish 2000 copies of my novel of my love affair with 10 married men. First day of sales n I sold them all out
IR: Wow! That's amazing! How did you do it?
BL: Those 10 idiots bought 200 copies each
WR: You go around flirting and taking advantage of men, and hv overly high maintenance. Why can't you get rid of that stereotypical attitude and be a modern woman? You are a shame to all women
BL: I don't mind, as long as I'm the pride of all men
BL: Come shopping with me
IR: I thought u always ask some guy to go shopping with you
BL: Can't. Their wives all wanted to go out shopping
At the cinema...
Man #1: Get me a seat with a clear view
Man #2: A seat with a clear view, please
Man #3: A seat with a clear view
BL: A seat with a clear view of me
BL: Hello there. Doesn't your father usually come over to collect the rent?
Landlord's son: It can't be helped. He's getting old
BL: Too old for money-collecting?
Landlord's son: Too old for women-watching
BL: Can you delay the rent for a few more days?
Landlord: Sure, just come closer
UR: What about me?
Landlord: Sure, just stay away
BL: Love is lethal. When you can't get men to notice you at first sight, you're dead
IR: What if a man doesn't notice you at first sight?
BL: Hurry up and get another man to do so
BL: *receiving a string of calls* Hello, Jerry, dinner on Friday? No problem. Hello, Andy, shopping on Saturday? No problem. Hello, Vincent, hot springs on Sunday? No problem.
WR: *thinks* If my business is as hot as her, I'd have no problem
UR: If one day I get married, will you seduce my husband?
BL: Goodness, dear, we've been friends for so long. How could you not trust me?
UR: I'm just a little worried
BL: If you don't trust my character, at least you should trust my taste
Waiter: Ma'am, please pay the check. We're closing
BL: Is there no men willing to pay my tab?
Waiter: Sorry, ma'am. Not a single one
BL: *thinking* I'm definitely not coming back to this gay restaurant
WR: Experts say that every 3 people, one of them is a working woman. I just don't understand why you choose to remain unemployed
BL: What do you know? I'm one of the reasons why the other 2 men is working their asses off
BL: How much do you actually have?
Man: How much do you actually worth?
BL: I plan to dump this man
IR: OMG, that man is gorgeous! Why? Are you bored of him?
BL: All my friends are bored of him
------------------------------ ----------
UR: What's the pros of getting married?
BL: It trains your memory
UR: How so?
BL: You'll thinking back your single days
------------------------------ ----------
BL: Have you seen my future lover?
Fortune-teller: I only see a woman
BL: What woman?
Fortune-teller: Your future lover's wife
------------------------------ ----------
At funfair...
BL: I'm on a bad streak. I couldn't win anything
IR: Don't give up. You should use your experience
BL: Wat experience?
IR: Your experience in winning over men
------------------------------ ---------
WR: Here's the news headlines: AIDS spreading like wildfire, killing millions...
BL: Old school
WR: Pollution soaring skyhigh...
BL: Yesterday's fashion
WR: Today's men don't stray away from wives and families...
BL: OMG, that's terrible!
------------------------------ ----------
Man: If you don't marry me, I'll kill myself
BL: I'm sorry, I still cannot accept your proposal
UR: Don't worry, I'll marry you
Man: Thank you for making me want to kill myself more
------------------------------ ----------
BL: *talks to mirror* Listen good. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. The most, most beautiful woman in the world
All the roomates: *as soon as BL leaves* Don't listen to her. You're the most beautiful!
------------------------------ ---------
Man: What do you think of love?
BL: Love is priceless
Man: Then let's get married!
BL: Marriage is expensive
------------------------------ ---------
BL: If you act silly, men will think you have quality
UR: No offence, but I kinda question that theory. I've tried it so many times and no men think I have quality
BL: I mean act silly, not be silly
------------------------------ ---------
IR: Can you love 2 men at once?
BL: Of course not. I usually fall in love with a bunch of men at once
------------------------------ ---------
BL: To be honest, I've lost count of all the men I've loved
IR: You better keep track of yourself
BL: Why?
IR: Lovers can count; bitches can't
------------------------------ ---------
UR: Why don't men love me? Why don't men ever care about me? Why? Why?
BL: Coz men hate women who can't stop asking why
------------------------------ ---------
Waiter: The total is $113, plz
BL: Here. *hands him a card* Come fren, let's go
WR: Wat is that card you just gave him? Don't you need to sign for it?
BL: It's my phone number
------------------------------ ---------
BL: Men to me are like disposables. Once used can be disposed of. So to me, breaking up wif men is like throwing out the garbage
UR: Are there many like you out there?
BL: Nope. But when it comes to picking up the garbage, there's plenty
------------------------------ ----------
BL: You're always so busy, no wonder you have an unhappy life
WR: Humph! At least I'm creating opportunities for many people. What abt u? What's ur contribution to society being aloof n unemployed?
BL: I'm creating many opportunities for men
------------------------------ ----------
IR: I have much interest in philosophy
BL: I, too, have much interest in philosophy
IR: I've gone to 10 philosopher's lectures
BL: I've gone on 10 philosopher's beds
------------------------------ ----------
WR: *On the phone* What?! The stocks have gone down drastically! Get rid of my stocks immediately!
BL: Lend me your phone plz *dials number* Get rid of all my stock-buying boyfriends!
------------------------------ ----------
UR: I love to collect things that symbolize freedom. Look, here's the rock taken from the walls of the parliament where Guy Fawkes tried to bomb
BL: I have something similar too. Look, a copy of my friend's divorce papers
------------------------------ ----------
Man: You're the comet that comes only once a millenium, you're the genie in the thousand year old bottle, you're the brightest star that shines in the galaxy...
BL: Go away. I will not associate myself with someone who sees so little of me
------------------------------ -----------
BL: I know the best coffee in France, the best sushi in Japan, the best steak in NY
IR: Can you help me get a bottle of ketchup?
BL: Where can I get that?!
At the golf course...
Man: Steady... Steady... Steady... Steady...
BL: I'm very steady
Man: I meant me
------------------------------ ------
BL: This is the list of men I broke in the past, present and will be in the future
IR: You should save a little
BL: What? The men?
IR: No, the paper
------------------------------ ------
UR: What are you doing?
BL: Deciding who to date.
UR: What's choosing shoes gotta do with who to date?
BL: Short heels for short men, high heels for tall men
------------------------------ ------
Waiter: What'll it be?
BL: *whispers to IR* Any men interested with us wen we came in?
IR: *whispers bk* I don't think so
BL: *talks to waiter* Just give us the cheapest set lunch
------------------------------ -------
BL: Phew! It's getting hot in here *removes jacket* Ah, that's better
Men: Phew! It's getting hot in here
------------------------------ -------
BL: Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy the romance of Paris, then the next day the roughin' n toughin' of Germany, then the next day the vibrant of America, then finally the next day the protectiveness of Japan
WR: Don't be ridiculous. You can't go to four different countries in four days!
BL: Maybe, but four different men would do the trick
------------------------------ -------
BL: I'm not happy. I'm not happy at all. Do you think I'd be happier if I stop seducing men?
Psychiatrist: Nope, but I bet many women would
------------------------------ -------
BL: Make me copies of 10 keys
Locksmith: No problem. Have a lot of doors, haven't we?
BL: Have a lot of boyfriends
------------------------------ -------
BL: I'll pay you $50 to see my future
Fortune-teller: I'm sorry, I can't do that
BL: Why not?
Fortune-teller: *points at a bunch of men behind her* They paid me more to see your past
------------------------------ -------
BL: My 1st bf gave me these earrings, my 2nd bf gave me this ring, my 3rd bf gave me this bracelet...
Man: I'm sorry. I can't afford to give you jewelry
BL: Then give me a new bf
------------------------------ -------
WR: Experts say that this year the whole country's women have an average of dating more boyfriends than last year by 50%
IR: That's ridiculous. I've never had dated more than I did last year
UR: I agree. This statistic is flawed
BL: No problem, they must've included my number of dates
------------------------------ -------
WR: You know the beauty of computers? Whatever information I need, I can just get it with the click of a button
BL: You know the beauty of phones? Whatever men I want, I can just call them with the dial of a number
------------------------------ --------
UR: Men today are hopeless in the test of love. How do I let them know that I'm their only sweetheart
BL: Don't let them see other sweethearts
------------------------------ --------
UR: Where have all the good men gone?
BL: Taken away by bad women
UR: Then where have all the bad men gone?
BL: Taking away good women
------------------------------ --------
IR: Can someone live without love?
BL: Of course, and they live longer too
IR: That's a relief
BL: Although they don't care if you're alive or not
------------------------------ --------
WR: How many men have you broke up with exactly?
BL: Too many to count
WR: Don't you get hate mail from them?
BL: Yeah, but their wives' thank you note balance it out
------------------------------ --------
Man: OMG! How could you dump me for that man? Does he earn more than me?
BL: Of course not, darling, but he spends better than you
------------------------------ --------
BL: Many men say this to me "Marry me or I'll die"
UR: Many men had said something like that to me
BL: Such as?
UR: "Marry me and I'll die"
------------------------------ --------
BL: Truth be told, men are only women's toys
IR: I'm still a kid, I don't understand the meaning
BL: Don't worry. I'll get you a child-safe toy
------------------------------ --------
IR: Why do men like to put their hands on women's bodies?
BL: Coz it gives them satisfaction
IR: Then what should we do to get satisfaction?
BL: Put our hands into their wallets
------------------------------ --------
Man: You are my goddess
BL: Get out of here
Man: You are my salvation
BL: Get out of here
Man: *walks off n muttered* I guess not even money can win the hearts of women
BL: Get back here
------------------------------ --------
IR: Look at all the number of love letters I got from my boyfriend
BL: That's nothing. Look at all the messengers I got from sending letters for my boyfriend
------------------------------ --------
WR: Is it true that men starts to regret after the wedding next day?
BL: Yes, of course
WR: What abt the women?
BL: When the husband stop letting her buy new clothes
------------------------------ ---------
BL: When men stops talking, women starts nagging
UR: When women stops talking?
BL: Men starts worrying

I ran into a stranger as he passed by,
'Oh excuse me please' was my reply.

He said, 'Please excuse me too;
I wasn't watching for you.'

We were very polite, this stranger and I.
We went on our way and we said goodbye.

But at home a different story is told,
How we treat our loved ones, young and old.

Later that day, cooking the evening meal,
My son stood beside me very still.

When I turned, I nearly knocked him down.
'Move out of the way,' I said with a frown.

He walked away, his little heart broken.
I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken...

While I lay awake in bed, God's still small voice came to me and said,

'While dealing with a stranger,
common courtesy you use,
but the family you love, you seem to abuse.

Go and look on the kitchen floor,
You'll find some flowers there by the door...

Those are the flowers he brought for you.
He picked them himself: pink, yellow and blue.

He stood very quietly not to spoil the surprise,
you never saw the tears that filled his little eyes.'
By this time, I felt very small,
And now my tears began to fall...

I quietly went and knelt by his bed;
'Wake up, little one, wake up,' I said.

'Are these the flowers you picked for me?'
He smiled, 'I found 'em, out by the tree.

I picked 'em because they're pretty like you.
I knew you'd like 'em, especially the blue.'

I said, 'Son, I'm very sorry for the way I acted today;
I shouldn't have yelled at you that way.'
He said, 'Oh, Mom, that's okay.
I love you anyway.'

I said, 'Son, I love you too,
and I do like the flowers, especially the blue.'

I saw you running off with his friends
You were going to some sort of big event
I suddenly worry for you
I told whoever I was with to stay behind
As I chased after you
I suddenly found myself
Holding a torchlight like Alan Wake
And I had to shine it everywhere
The light guided me to where I have to go
I shouted your name "BUN! BUN!"
Like my life depends on it.
But you did not respond
As I ran, I ended up
Running into some sort of Asian funeral procession
I couldn't tell what sort of Asian was this
And I couldn't care less
I just weave around them and continued my way
They all look so realistic, not dream-like
I knew somehow that this is a dream
But everything looked so real
I continued to run about shouting your name
Trying to look for you
I finally ended up at a procession
that looked like it came from your culture
Then I could feel myself waking up
I could feel my surroundings
And the feel of the bed and the pillow below my head
And the blanket around my body
But I didn't want to wake up
I wanted to find you
I willed myself to go back to sleep
To return to this world
And for a brief moment I succeeded
I approached this man
Who is the head of the procession
And asked him if he saw you
But he asked me if I was the girl
Who was adopted by your family
And asked if I came from the other world
As if he knew I came from the waking world!
How weird is that?
Again, I felt myself slipping
Slipping back to the waking world
I willed myself to stay in the dream
For another few more minutes
Suddenly I was approached by your dad
And he was telling me that he adopted me
So that I can marry Adan
And become the village idiot's bride
That I should give up fantasizing on you
But I don't want to marry a village idiot!
I wanted to marry you!
I wanted to find you!
I wanted to see you
To touch you
To feel you
To kiss you
To hold you and never let go...

But I woke up
Empty and alone
On a cold and lonely bed
And I cried...

I am in here, inside your pocket
Just to travel the world with you
I am waiting till you realize
What really is your dream?

Starting now, as we move forward together
Towards a world so far yet seem so near
Inside the pocket the sky spreads far
Light fluffy cloud floating past the pocket

How beautiful this world truly is!
We shall travel this world together

I am right here, in front of your eyes
Until you grow mature
Come with me!
Let's play together!
Isn't that your wildest dreams?

Starting now, I will search for you
Try and open up to me
Inside the pocket there is a raging sea
Inside the pocket the birds fly free

In the end I have found
Everything I've lost yesterday
Although I can't understand it entirely
But it is very important
I quicken my pace to chase it
But yesterday has so long gone
I held out my hand to catch
Yet it has gone with the wind

Ease the pain
Just ease the pain
Memories are forever beautiful
Ease the pain
Just ease the pain
Don't give up that fast
Ease the pain
Just let it go
Tomorrow is waiting for you

I am a coward
I've searched it through my heart
But show me my courage
Even if it's just a little bit

True, you have tried to search
The courage deep in your heart
Because the courage of us both
If combined, will become more

As long as we hold our hands, joining heart to heart
We will never fear again
We will become stronger

When I looked
Into your tearful face
I couldn't give you more help than I'm supposed to give
Because my hands
No matter how hard I clench them
It's still the same size

As long as we stick together, both heart and mind
We will forget the coward that we were
I will be stronger than ever before

When I was sad, huddling at the corner of a road
Staring at the lights on the streets
A 7-year old me
Filled with much curiosity about the world
I stumbled as I cried
Something shining at the end of the rainbow
Changes in the blink of an eye

At the eve of sunset
I held on to the strangest dream
Standing tall
Until I realized that I was awakened from that dream

Why must I grow up?
When will I grow up?

As I wake
The light of sunset seeps through my window
As I rubbed my eyes I couldn't believe
That I am standing under the sunshine
Though the distance seemed so far
I cannot fly when I'm awake
The light of sunset feels so far away

Why must I grow up?
When will I grow up?

Your smile
Is like the blue sky
My heart feels glad
When I look at your face

Even though we wear
Different-coloured clothes
Yet we both chase
The same dream

We are like clouds close together
Traveling through the edge of the skies

We look just like friends
We are the best of friends
From now until forever
'Coz we are friends

We want to hear sweet music
Is there anyone to sing a song for us?
Of all the beings in this world
Only humans can smile when they see a flower
Only humans can shed bitter tears
You who are weak look a lot like a human
We love to listen to calm music
Are you willing to sing one for us
Even if your singing doesn't really sound too good?
Give a beautiful name for each star
That you see shining in the dark night sky
Only humans can shed bitter tears
You who are weak look a lot like a human
Because we are humans
Humans who will be strong one day

In the embrace of the green fields
Let us sleep a while! What's the rush?
Under the dark, silent skies
The clouds with leveled voices
Tell us tales as old as time

At a billion years ago under the warm sun's rays
There was a clear, blue sky just as today
In front of the wide open sea where the sun sets
My heart felt abnormally warm
My heart was filled with peace
Beside the sea where the moon rises
The tide came in, bringing with them
Memories as ancient as life

A million years ago
There was someone else just like you
Who sat on this beautiful, soft white sand

Two thousand years ago
There was someone just like me
Drenched by heaven's heavy waters

My love! Do you know magic?
Please help me, my love
And turn this busy city
Into a quiet, desert-like land under the sunset
Only your voice can be heard calling me
At the west side of the skies, watching the star of Scorpio
It is telling me that this is the message of love

This must be your dream
For I am no longer who I was yesterday
So I can understand what you feel deep inside
We have both reached that faraway fairytale land
We took the midnight train
Listening to the train tooting, passing through the stars
Going past the city roads, the streetlights streaming by
Seems like we're traveling through the Milky Way
At the east side of the skies, comes the bright shining moon
As if it contains many happy stories

Midnight train, listening its tooting
Passing through the stars
Where exactly is it going, you don't even know
I can only pray to the heavens above
Not to our wonderful journey
Ever end

Colouring the handkerchief that wipes the tears
The clouds moved towards the North
In a land far, far away
There has to be someone who is sadder than I
Oh, clouds, I shall hold on
The man wipes his tears
Oh, clouds, if you are willing to wipe his tears
His eyes would surely look like the skies

You are like a bouquet of white roses
Moving towards the South
You are like a present to a loved one
For those who loves traveling
Oh, clouds, you must reach here before sunset
Because petals will become red
Oh, clouds, your eyes are filled
With hundreds of tiny little flower bouquets

Oh, clouds
When the rain falls down to the city
You are surely between the rays of the sun
Oh, clouds
For that special someone
I am willing to drench myself in the cold rain

The moment the exams are over
I lifted my head and there I saw
The flag that bears our school's sign
Fluttered under the gust of wind
The pressed flower between my text book pages
Has a memory on each petal
Feeling good
What a wonderful memory!

The handmade necklace held in my hands
Has never been shown to anyone else
But everytime I took a look at the jewels on it
I feel like I've grown a little again
Feeling good

The pom-pom skirts floating, lost in the wind
They look like little witches on broomsticks
And yet they look like tiny parachutes
Falling freely, safely onto the ground
Dipped warmly in my bath tub
I lifted my head and saw the star-filled sky
The stars that I recognized were unusually bright
Feeling good
At this split second of happiness
I feel so blissful

The drawing that started out with strokes and lines
Is one of my accomplishments
But I have yet to show it to anyone
As I finished this piece of drawing
I feel like I've grown a little again
Feeling good

The necklace that is filled with my memories
Is handmade by me, bit by bit
But they have yet to be shown to anyone else
And everytime I look a look at its jewels
I feel like I've grown a little again
Feeling good

Grown-ups can be so unfair
They are so unfair to their kids
They expect us to make friends with the world
And become a national person
Although we wish to carry on playing
Yet America is 10 o'clock, a very late night
And Tokyo is 8 o'clock, early in the morning
Not a time to play
The world is not just one
The time isn't the same; the days are upside-down
The world is in a contest, which makes life more interesting
'Coz everyone is different
Having abilities of their own

Grown-ups can be so unfair
They are so unfair to their kids
They expect us to study real hard
So that we'll become geniuses
Although it's true in a way, it's easier said than done
Some don't score in their tests
Some can't even play 'Jump House'
Many turn out to be losers
But as long as there at least good thing in us, that's enough!
The best thing would be to be able to be energetic after school
Kids are in a contest, which makes school more interesting
'Coz everyone is different
Having abilities of their own

Bread, fish, books and fresh flowers in the garden
Everything is here ready to be bought and sold
The city is in a contest, which makes the roads more interesting
'Coz everyone is different
Having abilities of their own

Goldfishes move left and right in the pond
Yet mud skippers move up and down
No one's copying anyone
Just copying their own

I found a seashell by the sea
Why does it look like a whirlpool?
You told me that
It is because of the snowy white line of the galaxy—The Milky Way
The seashell had heard those voices
Captivated by The Milky Way
And swirled into this magical shape
My ears and the seashell
Both want to hear your voice
But you are so far, far away

The flower amidst the jungle
Why do they have such beautiful colours on their petals?
You told me that
It is because of letting the sun shine its ray open the green fields
Its ray of light bright and pretty like flowers
Bringing its glory and burning its colours onto those petals
Thought my love has started to bud
But your love has not shine on it for growth

Leaving me here all alone, a colourless flower
My heart feels so strange
When I silently think about you
My heart feels like The Milky Way
Feeling at unease

Only love, I give to you
Missing in my heart, so uneasy
So hard to control
Love is you

Everything is as if in the wind
Bearing all the sadness and the pain

A city filled with smiles and tears
I can forget them all
I only want your embrace
I'll never let you down
Love is you

In a world of dreams
So alone
Unable to carry on with life

Maybe someday at dawn
We will be in the sky
Staring at each other's hearts
Now and forever
Yeah, no matter where we are
Love is you

In a dark moonless night
I slowly opened my eyes
All alone
Spinning around in my own bed
Unable to sleep, thinking of you

In my dream, you were by my side
Loving me so deep, so softly
When I heard someone say, "What happened?"
I opened my eyes again

The important thing in your heart
Is not me, and I feel bad
Whatever is important to you
I understand it more

I took this little bit of confidence
And held it in my hand
Clutching this ring so tight
Tighter than the pain in my heart

Whatever is important to me
Is that you will be by my side forever

On this lonely sleepless night
You are not by my side
Drinking a cup of warm milk
Made all by myself

Like peeling the skin of an apple
Time slowly swirls by
As we continue peeling down to the bottom
Today and yesterday come as one
Even if we are lost for a long, long time
As long as you turn around, I'll be just right here
Time is like a spiral staircase
We often say goodbye, yet we meet again
So even if we part, we'll still see each other again

The grape vines have grown
Tomorrow will stretch towards the tall blue skies
Even if you continue to climb higher
The sun will still shine before your eyes
Two complete strangers will come together as one
They are like the stairways of the sun
Saying goodbye but still continues to shine
So even if we part, we'll still see each other again

Time is like a spiral staircase
We often say goodbye, yet we meet again
So even if we part, we'll still see each other again

I want to close my ears and block away the perils of future
Yet I was trampled by the feeling of lost loneliness
Wanting to heal the pain with whatever courage I have left
But everytime I fall, it felt so short a time

We used to be together long, long ago
Yet now we’re apart, leaving me all alone

The clouds blown by the strong wind, bringing in the light of dawn
Although we’re now apart, if there is still hope I wish we’d be together again
Comparing to wishing to be loved, why not just carry on keeping this love?
Like standing on the vast green field after a rainy day

My heart that went cold and the days missing you
Went round and round all over my body
At this cruel winter’s day on a city covered with snow
Because there were you, everything became a memory to me

I wanna cry my heart out

Your heart has gone with the wind, I wanna get it back
Feels like the melting snow as summer passes through
Looking back at all the days we used to share, feels ordinary but filled with joy
Like the sound of the bells ringing throughout the area after school

Seasons come and seasons go, yet you are not by my side

The clouds blown by the strong wind, bringing in the light of dawn
Although we’re now apart, if there is still hope I wish we’d be together again
Comparing to wishing to be loved, why not just carry on keeping this love?
Like standing on the vast green field after a rainy day

Do you remember…?
Do you remember…?

I can't forget this planet
What a wonderful place
Open your hands and smile
A very valuable thing to me
Whatever I'm saying to you
Is a dream that spreads its two wings
And flies past the great rainbow
Land of the Sun
My heart is filled with hope
And can go just anywhere

In a memory that is full
And connected to our hearts
We suddenly became so much stronger
Something hidden, it feels so magical
Open your hearts to receive
The love that would never change
The things we find on this planet
The fantastic adventure in our lives
Would remain in our memories, never falter
We suddenly have become so much stronger

There it is! Take a look!
Our dreams holding hands
Moving forward step by step
Bringing your smile

When tears are shed
Sing this song, and starting tomorrow
Everything will be beautiful
Walking into sunshine

Moving forward together
Walking into sunshine
Walking towards the door
Dream, dream, dream
Walking into sunshine
Friends forever

Walking into sunshine
With a lovely smile

My heart was pounding as we were led to the sacred grounds.

This is it. This is where we will meet our end.

I stole a glance at my brother. He gave me a sad encouraging look before being shoved up front before me.

How did it end up like this? How could we have become like this?

I never wanted us to end like this. I never wished for this to happen. Even though it is expected, I wish it would not have to come to this.

My brother and I were inseparable. He's about 5 minutes older than I am, and though we're fraternal, thus we look nothing alike, there was no stopping us from being like peas and carrots, and we were the pride and joy of our parents.

Then the great big flood happened. My brother and I were trying to catch fish for dinner that day and we were sent adrift. Then we woke up to find ourselves in a cabin surrounded by fire outside the yard. Apparently the big flood triggered and broke some sort of seal that kept the ancient undead at bay and the family that found us adrift rescued us and found the next best shelter they could find to barricade us in from the mob of zombies that swamped the earth. We couldn't leave, because if we leave, we'll be in the risk of being attacked by zombies, who were somehow terrified of fire.

So my brother and I ended up growing up with this foreign family, surviving in cabin after cabin as we led a nomad life. We never knew what happened to our parents, but we assumed they could've either been killed by the flood or by the zombies. Fire-salt became the new rage as people used it to create fiery barriers around their homes to keep the zombies out. We watched as the world slowly and mysteriously become some sort of post-apocalyptic/communist world. The rich were able to afford secure homes and better wards against the zombies and the poor were left to fend for themselves, scrounging on scraps and trying to get by with whatever fire-salt we could get our hands on.

Somehow along the road, my brother and I developed an incest romance for each other. We knew our relationship was taboo and breaking the communist law, but we didn't care. We only had each other and, despite them rescuing our lives, we've never felt any sort of belonging towards this foreign family who took us in. We only had each other, and it was so right between us that we couldn't see anything wrong behind this. We planned to run away together, to cut all ties with this foreign family and depend on each other and start our own. We had to sneak about, of course, but it was worth it to feel each other's lips, each other's touch, each other's skin against skin...

It was a matter of time before the law-enforcers managed to capture us. We didn't know who ratted us out, but I wouldn't put it past our foreign family. They made us renounce our relationship if we didn't want to be put to jail. They even implemented torture on us to give in but we refuse to cooperate. At the back of my mind through the pain, I remember it's something to do with crushing my hands and feet. But we held strong. There was no way in hell they can separate us, and we were going to make them get it into their thick skulls.

Then we were taken to separate rooms to see this woman who claimed to be our mother who supposedly survived the flood and had been searching for us. We were almost fooled--almost--but we soon knew she wasn't our real mother. Something about her didn't sound or look right, and she could be one of the law enforcers whom they use to break us. She tried to convince us too but we wouldn't budge.

Finally the law enforcers, seeing that we would not break, found us guilty of incest and sentenced us to life in prison. Which brings us to where we are now. As we were brought up stage and displayed about to the people to be made an example of, I stole a look at our prison that was put on a table before us.

There were two weird-looking jars where we would be sucked in, one for me and one for my brother, and that we have to drink the solution in the jar to shrink us so that the jar will suck us in. Then bottom of the jar was some sort of pebble-like substance, but we're not supposed to eat that. I think from what I heard from other inmates about this life sentence was that the solution was supposed to sustain my life, since we're gonna be there for eternity without food and water, and the pebble-like substance with sand-like material will be the only luxury of a bed we'll ever have. And once we're sucked in, the seal will be permanent and no magic or weapon could ever undo it. We would be kept in a dark cupboard along with all life sentence inmates in their jars, never to see the light for all eternity, alone in that jar with only our thoughts until we drive ourselves insane with solitude.

This was where we would be for the rest of our lives. Apart from each other, unable to see each other, unable to hear each other's voice and feel each other's loving touch.

The time has come. It was now time for us to drink the solution and serve our time.

No, this cannot happen!

I will not let it happen!

I will not be separated from my brother! Not like this!

We were both force-fed with the solution, but in the midst of the chaos and struggle, I managed to reach out for my brother's hand in time. They did not see me and by the time they did, we were already shrinking and I was sucked into the jar along with him, hand in hand, and try as they might, they couldn't get us out, even with guns and knives and magic chants and all the weapons in the world, and we watched in triumph as they try in vain.

We are now happily imprisoned together for eternity. We joined the other inmates' jars in that legendary life sentence cupboard and every once in a while, we would be taken out of the cupboard for the law enforcers to try a new weapon or a new spell so that they could extract either one of us out and separate us, and whenever they fail, our smug smile rubbed it in on their faces.

I can't wait to see their faces when my baby bump starts to show.

An alien from another time and space
attended school in human form

She cursed people who bullied her
with a sort of German ancient language

Circled her finger around three girls
that bullied her the most

They ended up doing something
beyond their control.

The first girl found the tallest building
said something cheery
or she could be singing, I cannot remember

Leapt to her death a gajillion stories below,
her body tore a fire hydrant into pieces
before she breathed her last

Her spirit went and followed alongside
the other girls who were cursed
but they do not see her

The second girl was cursed
to be ridiculed for all eternity
from the tips of her core to the depths of her soul

To the point where she could no longer take it
and she went up onto a tree and hung herself
and her spirit joined the march

The third girl was cursed to walk forever, never stopping
She walked until she was literally starving and dehydrating

And even though she couldn't walk anymore,
her body kept on going
Crawling as she dragged her tired feet

Someone found her and took her in
but she still suffered the curse
and couldn't stop walking

Round and round in circles within the compound she went
Until some of the kids got sick of it
and chopped off all her limbs

But the curse will not make her stop
as she wriggled around the ground like a snake

They struck her head
and put her out of her misery

And into the march she went

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