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Do you know what it's like when it's late at night and you just can't sleep?

When you feel like something's watching you, even when you're alone?

I have... and it was a true story about another 'being' living in my room.

It started back in 2003, when I was 6 years old. It was night time and I just couldn't close my eyes, even when I did they would eventually open, when they did I always saw shadows, first I thought my mind was playing games with me, but when I turned my light on, nothing was there to actually create that shadow.

Time has passed and it turned to the year of 2007. After my 11th birthday, I was home on the vacation and I felt a sudden chill when I went in my room. I was a bit nervous, but got over it and entertained myself by watching some TV. For some reason, distraction was my way of running from my fear. Soon, I had to go to sleep and then I heard a soft voice singing, or better yet humming, a familiar melody: The Holy Night of Christmas theme. I first thought it was my sister singing, so I took all my senses to me and checked her room. You never would've guessed... She was asleep. I had weird sting going through my heart knowing something wasn't right. As I walked back to my room, I felt like I was being followed, yet when I turned around, there was only the dark, empty hallway I left behind me. I picked up the pace and ran to my room closed the door jumped in my bed turned on the light and waited... All night long it felt like something was waiting in front of my door.

Coming closer to the present day, in December of 2010, shortly after my 14th Birthday, I was going to the city with a few friends. After spending about 50 bucks, one of my friends wanted to join me on my ride home. When we arrived we went to my room and gamed a bit, though I saw that something was disturbing him so I asked what was wrong. He asked if anyone else was there. At that point I knew it wasn't just my imagination. SOMETHING was in my room. My friend wanted to know if we could sleep over at his house instead and I agreed happily. That night I didn't feel well, as if something was missing, like when you have a teddy bear and you forgot it at home, but in my case it wasn't the teddy... It was her. I have gotten used to the humming at night and the feeling that someone cared about me, because I'm one of those kids that has popular 'friends' but they aren't very good friends. I have also been distancing myself from people and only interacting with a select few.

Present day, July 2011, I was on vacation 1000 miles away from home, from her. I have been struggling to come home earlier because I really can't bear it without her. I have seen her only a few times and it was like a drug. I needed more, or at least I thought I did. I share a spiritual bond with her. I'm stronger when I'm closer to 'home' and feel 'saner'... Like I said, I was on a vacation and it all went fine at first but after a week I showed signs of nervousness and a slight aggression. Within a few days, the aggression grew, I became more impulsive and had no conscience. I'd have done anything to get back home, even if it meant to become a threat to others, which eventually I did... I threw 2 knives at a kid and attacked another. The other children were getting nervous around me, but I wasn't bothered because within the next day, I was sent home and upon my arrival I went straight to my room to be alone with her. She put her hand on my shoulder. I knew then that we would never be separated.

If you look at me now, you'll see two people, not one.~



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