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You are in the public restroom doing your thing. It has been a long day, and you finally have the chance to relieve yourself and you are going to fully utilize the cubicle you're in.

You realize that there is someone in the cubicle next to you. Probably doing the same thing you're doing, probably not. Either way, your neighbor is not your problem.

You then realize your neighbor seem to be doing the exact same things you're doing. When you shuffle your feet, they do it too. When you flip the next page of the magazine you are reading, they do it too. When you clear your throat, they do it too. You wonder whether if it's just an echo in the bathroom, but there were clearly shadows of feet visible at the bottom gap of the wall that separates you and your neighbor.

You start to get spooked when you hear your neighbor stand up at the same time as you. When you flush the toilet, they mirror your actions too. When you put on your pants, the jingle of their belt mirror yours. And when you walk to your door and unlatch your lock, they do it too.

You wait to see if your neighbor comes out first, but there is no footsteps or the sound of someone washing up at the sink. It is as if your neighbor is waiting for you to come as well, and when you steal a peek at the gap, you can see their shadow is still there.

You finally decide to come out first. You do not look anywhere but forward as you make your way to the sink. You want to catch your neighbor off guard and finally find out who is it that has been heckling you throughout your peaceful bathroom break. You wash your hands at the sink, keeping your eyes on your task. When you realize your neighbor still has not appeared next to you to wash up, you dare yourself to look up at the mirror to see if your neighbor has finally decided to come out.

That's when you realize that the cubicle next to you was not a bathroom stall at all.

It was the janitor's closet.

You are in your office doing whatever it is you're doing during office hours. Just minding your own business. Just another day at work. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Only today, something is different. You noticed at the corner of your tinted window on your door, there is a shadow standing there. Watching you. Not moving at all. Not making a sound. Just standing there. Watching.

It does not try to talk to you, it does not try to do anything to catch your attention. It just watches, and does not care if you know it is there or not. Just watches, without a sound.

You try to ignore it at first. You pretend it is not there. You try telling yourself that it's just the trick of the light, or your mind playing games. Anything to make you not think about the shadow behind the window.

No one outside your office seem to notice the shadow there. They just go about their business like it wasn't there. But you know it's there. You could see the occasional breath that fogged the window of your door. You could see the tilt of the head when it tries to look in closer.

You want to open the door to see who is standing there bothering you with its presence, but something deep inside your gut is filling you with a sense of dread, compelling you to stand your ground and not give in to the temptation of opening the door.

You try to talk to it, telling it to go away. You ask what it wants, but it doesn't reply. You try to scare it away. You try to throw things at the door. You threaten to call security. You shout at it. You curse and swear at it. You do everything you can to make it go away, to the point where you cry and beg for it to leave you alone.

But the shadow does not budge. It continues to stand there. Watching. Waiting.

You realize that no one outside your office even notice the racket you were making. Then it dawns to you that the office was already empty. The sky has darken, and it seems that everyone has left work. But the shadow still stands there. Watching. Waiting.

You finally decide to open the door to see once and for all who is outside that door. You gather your things, you turn off the computer, you turn off the lights and you finally reach for the door. Your hand trembles at upon touching the handle, that feeling of immense dread still has not left your gut, but it was now or never.

Taking a deep breath, you open the door. There was no one there. Not a soul. Just a dimly lit hallway that leads to the rest of the office building you are working in.

Did the shadow escape? Did you miss it? Did it run away as soon as you try to catch it? Or was your mind's eye playing tricks with you after all? Did you imagined the whole thing?

Somehow this revelation did not give you relief, but the sense of dread was no longer there anymore. You feel...numb. Passive. Like whatever happened today didn't matter anymore.

You walk out of your office and down the hallway. You walk past your other colleagues' offices, until you see an office up ahead that looked familiar. Granted that all office doors look the same, but there was something familiar about that door.

And more interestingly, it was lit.

Who could still be working at this hour? you thought, as you make your way to that office. You decide to just peek at the corner of that window of the door so as not to startle the person. The window is tinted, so you can't make out the face of the person, but you know they're in there.

You try not to talk to them. You try not to do anything to catch their attention. You know at one point they noticed you, but you just watch. Just watch, without a sound.

They try to ignore you at first. They pretend you're not there. They try telling themselves that it's just the trick of the light, or their mind playing games. Anything to make them not think about you behind the window.

By now they know you're there. Your breath occasionally fogged the window of their door. You tilt your head to try and look in closer, but you still can't really see much.

You want to open the door to see who is inside there still working at this ungodly hour, but something deep inside your gut is telling you to be patient, that whoever is in there will come out sooner or later and reveal themselves to you. You are compelled to stand your ground and not give in to the temptation of opening the door.

They try to talk to you, telling you to go away. They ask what you want, but you don't reply. They try to scare you away. They try to throw things at the door. They threaten to call security. They shout at you. They curse and swear at you. They do everything they can to make you go away, to the point where they cry and beg for you to leave them alone.

But you do not budge. They will come out eventually. You continue to stand there. Watching. Waiting.


終於有人舉手了,接著越來越多的人舉手了。司儀看了看大家,換了一張舊的百元鈔票,舉手的人明顯的少了許多。司儀笑了笑了又換了張皺巴巴的有點破損的舊百 元鈔票,但是現場舉手的人寥寥無幾了。司儀請了一位小男孩上台,並把那張舊鈔票放在他的手裡。說:因為他一直舉著手,下面的人哄堂大笑。小男孩的臉有些發 紅,司儀擺擺手示意大家安靜,拿出那張新的百元鈔票說:我這張新的跟你那張舊的換換,可以嗎?小男孩說:不用了,謝謝叔叔,新的舊的都一樣。

司儀點點頭,讓小男孩拿著錢下去了,司儀讓新郎新娘手拉手走上台,說:再美麗的容顏,總有老去的一天。再浪漫的愛情,也會隨著生活的變化而變化。就如同我 手中的鈔票一樣,隨著時間的變化會慢慢變皺,變舊。但是也像那小男孩說的新的舊的都是一百元。它的價值不會因為上面的皺褶而改變。不是嗎?希望新人能懂得 愛情真正的價值和意義,不要等到容顏老去,或是激情化為平淡的時候,就忘記了剛才親口說出的愛你一生一世的誓言,請你們珍惜對方一輩子。





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