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I remember when I first heard about the creature. I was scared out of my own wits. Comparing that to when I actually encountered it makes hearing about it seem like a children's story. Just hearing about it makes you quiver. But I pity anyone who has ever had to witness it's form in real life. As rare as it is to see it, you would be terrified. It is nothing like any horror film you have ever watched.
You can't exactly describe it's form at all. It is just invisible when not taking on any form. The creature is very mysterious. It doesn't even have a name or pattern as to where it goes. It just goes about through various parts of the world, taking on the form of anything that is lying around. Once it is in the form of whatever object it has possessed, it can't move unless it releases itself or if you are unaware of it, not thinking about it, looking away.

I once saw it in the form of an antique statue. I picked it up at a yard sale. The man selling it looked nervous like he had just seen a ghost. After I bought it, he looked happy. I brought it home, set it in my living room and thought nothing else of it. Hours later my wife and I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs. I looked in the living room and didn't see the statue where I left it.

I sensed something was behind me. I didn't want to turn around, but I did. What I saw behind me shocked me. It was the statue. I backed away, my hands shaking. I was very frightened. I didn't take my eyes off the statue as I walked to the stairs, then I blinked. The last thing I saw was what looked like a thin silhouette of a disfigured man with claws for hands, long hair and fleshy chunks missing from his body, then I passed out.
I woke up in my bed. I ran downstairs and checked the living room. The statue was where I left it, exactly where it was put. I realized the whole thing was a dream, but I heard that the creature can project dreams into your head that become reality. I took the statue and loaded it into my truck. I put it back on the original owner's lawn and drove away as quick as I could. I wish I had never bought that statue and I am never coming near the owner's house again.


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