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Hello all! Thanks for reading
My name is Obloquy. I was inspired to write this after I saw my friend playing Call Of Duty: World At War. At the moment I'm just going to be making up this as I go. I haven't read much Warpastas so, I am not copying off of anything. Also feel free to correct grammar if there is anything incorrect. Meh, well that covers everything I hope you enjoy! (Post on talk!)

This story takes place in the Vietnamese War between Vietnam and USA. It was provoked by the USA to try to stop the spread of Communism during The Cold War. Private Cortez is in Ranger Squad 78 sent into the Jungles of Vietnam to seek out and kill the Viet Kong hiding within the trees. Their mission was intended to make it safer for tanks to pass through the jungles.

June 28, 1964
Today we're on our first day of the mission. We're trying to hunt out and kill of those damn dirty Viet Kong. We already found three of them hiding in trees like cavemen. I swear I saw a fourth but the next time I looked at him he was gone. There was something weird about it... It's problably the heat.

June 30, 1964
We sought out seven more in the last two days. For risk there is reward. But the risk was too much. One of those f***ing monkeys poped out of a tree. Bayonet on the Kong's rifle went straight through the eyeball of my friend. Private Cornwell died yesterday. The lucky bastard got out early. The thing that pissed me off was that the guy that killed cornwell, got away. I swear I shot at least 7 bullets right through his heart.

July 1, 1964
Today we were looking at Cornwell's tags in remembrance. I took a look at them. They didn't spell out Cornwell's name... It said "13 More"... I went to show Colonel Fitch, but the next time I looked at them it said "Timmathy R. Cornwell"... Something f***ed up is going on... I decided to not explain what I saw to the others... Problably the heat.

July 3, 1964
Four more people within my squadron have been killed. Each one bearing a dogtag saying "12 More" or "9 More" and the such. No matter how many times I try to show someone it doesn't work. Every fricking time I show them it goes back to their normal name... But when they leave, and it's just me aroung, they go back to normal. Something IS going on.... It's scaring me man...

July 4, 1964
It's the Fourth Of July. All is good in the world. Complete bull****. In Vietnam there are still people dieing every day. At this point there are 7 more people left in my squad. Is this all really worth dieing for? Just because the USA doesn't want people to be Communists? This isn't worth my paycheck. Something weird is going on and my friends are dieing.

July 6, 1964
4 more people in my squad died. Eash time the amount of people left to be anally raped by crazy a** banzai treepeople gets lower and lower. Nobody believes me. They all think I'm hallucinating... It's the same Viet Kong soldier that's killing our squad. Always in the same manner. With dogtags that appearently want to make me look crazy. My squad has already issued an order to send my family a grievance under the fact that they think I've lost my mind. My children, my wife, my brothers and sisters are all going to think I'm crazy. I suppose it doesn't matter anymore because I'm not getting out of this alive.

July 7, 1964
Our sergeant, SGT Martinez has died today. His dogtags are different. This time it says "Your Next". Isn't that dandy? Now the dogtags say that I am to die next. Everywhere I look, I see that same soldier in a tree waiting. Blood and sweat all under his eyes.... He's trying to confuse me... So I am going to simply shoot at every tree I see...

July 8, 1964
The only member of my squad left is 1st Private Kozak. He's very angry with me now. I ran out of ammunition shooting at all the trees. So when he was sleeping I took his gone and all of his ammunition. All of this bullets are now stuck in the bark and leaves of the canopy. We're now alone in the middle of the Vietnamese jungles defenseless against any attackers. (Besides our knifes, bayonets, and 2 gernades). Why does he care? Doesn't he know that he'll live. I'm dieing. I'm going to die. In the corner of my eye I see the man with the bayonet. He's just watching me right this all.

July 10, 1964
I've decided that maybe I could break the chain some how. I have stabbed Kozak in the heart. It didn't break the chain. The man is still going to kill me. He even told me in Kozak's tags. They say "You know a sacrifice isn't enough". I'm not going to let him kill me. He can't get his way. He put me through too much hell. After I am done writing this I'm going to shove a gernade down my through and pull the pin.

The rest of the book is covered in blood. This page was bookmarked with a pin and a dogtag saying "Your Next"


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