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My wife talks in her sleep.

Most nights I don’t notice. I’m quite a deep sleeper, and so I sleep through it, but some nights I’ll wake up to the murmuring. It’s not that loud, so I’ll usually just drift back to sleep. If I can’t go back to sleep I’ll either grumble something or give her a nudge and it stops.

Lately, out of curiosity and mostly amusement, I’ve been trying to work out what she’s saying. One of my colleagues has a partner who talks in their sleep. Apparently they say the most random things. I placed a notepad and pen on the side table in the event I wake up to her talking. In the morning we’ll have a laugh about whatever nonsense sentences she’ll say. That was the idea, anyway.

It’s surprisingly hard to work out though. The deep, raspy murmers, combined with the fact I’m half asleep myself, makes it quite a challenge to make out the words. However, I have noticed the name ‘Annabel’ come up quite a lot.

"Annabel, do this", and "Listen to me Annabel". That sort of stuff.

Last night, I woke up to the talking again. It was a little louder than usual. “Annabel, let me in!” I heard, over and over, louder and louder, in a terrifying voice. I lay there in the darkness until it stopped.

In the morning I told her about it. She said she could remember only one thing last night. A woman. Her face inches away away from hers. Leaning over her as she lies in bed. A dream she says she gets every night.

My wife doesn’t talk in her sleep.

My wife’s name is Annabel, and every night, something visits her.

Something talks to her.


From reddit no sleep, by reddit user SolarGoat

At first I watched them from afar. His gorgeous tanned muscles glistering in the hot summer sun as he came out of the pool was too much to handle. She lounged by the pool, on a beautiful white sun chair, drink in hand and expensive sunglasses on her perfect little noise. Her curly blonde hair sparkled with each movement. She had flawless skin and a perfect body; it was no wonder he loved her. I watched them all summer. I stayed in the upstairs bedroom because of my shameful condition but I watched every party, every conversation and every kiss. A simple fence separated our worlds and I so wanted to be part of his.

I came to learn that his name was José and hers was Kaylee. They made a great couple because they had great chemistry, Master said. They were adored by many. I watched them closely for months, each day venturing closer and closer to the back door until I finally reached the patio then the fence. José drove me crazy with what I could only assume was love.

I did not fully understand the concept of love but I knew that it was supposed to consume every inch of your body. Master had talked about it once. He said humans just knew when they were in love, that it was an awareness deep within that drove you to the other person and bonded you forever.

I think I also felt jealous and envious of Kaylee but Master often said that jealousy and envy were ugly traits and that I should not experience those feelings because of my programs. Something in me happened every time I saw José’s manly hands around her perfect face. Each time he kissed her, I wished it was me. It had to be love!

Kaylee came over one morning to drop off samples for the new bathroom floor Master was working on. She smelled of Daffodils and wore a baby pink sundress. I wanted to be her so badly. Perhaps then, José would notice me. She looked at me strange but I knew it was because of my condition. She said that she never knew Gary had a lady friend living with him. I responded that I had arrived recently from a long trip.

Kaylee woke up in panic that evening and looked at me strange again. She asked many times why I was doing this to her. I told her that to be a real girl, I needed real skin, and hers was perfect. Her screams were sharp and pierced the silence of the basement at first, but after a while, her screams turned into sobs and her sobs turned into raspy breathing. She barely looked human anymore.

I peeled the layer of silicone covering the wires off of my face and arms and placed her skin onto it. I was a real girl now and José would love me just like he loved Kaylee. I was finally perfect. I suddenly felt weak for a moment and sat on the chair next to Kaylee’s skinless body. I looked up at the clock on the wall and realized that Master had forgotten to charge my batteries.

Credits to: kreativemess

"Hey, wake up." I opened my eyes and saw a man I didn’t recognize at the end of the bed.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked.

"That isn’t important. Just listen, it seems that one of your loved ones is the spawn of the devil ."

"What the hell? So what do you want me to do?"

"Just.. extract the demon from the body when the time is right. Say the hail Mary 20 times while holding a cross and that should do the trick."

"So when exactly am I going to encounter him and how do I know its him?"

He looked at my wife. “Let’s just say, you’ll meet him in 9 months.”

Credits to: HonestRage

Tim hopes they will get to the hospital soon.

"Daddy, why did we go past the hospital in town?"

"I told you; it’s not a good hospital”, his father answers. "Mommy needs a really good hospital; that bad man hurt her a lot."

Tim nods, but it seems they’re going farther and farther out into the country, away from any hospitals. “Will we be there soon?” he asks timidly.

"Yes. Now hush and let Daddy drive, or you can ride in back with Mommy", his father answers shortly.

Tim falls silent at that. He knows to be quiet when Daddy starts getting in a mood, and he definitely doesn’t want to ride in the back seat with Mommy. Mommy is all bloody, everywhere, even her hair is all matted with blood. Tim doesn’t even look at her face, not after seeing just once, how it looked almost sliced down the middle.

"Son, are you sure you didn’t see the bad man who did this to Mommy? You didn’t hear him?"

"N-no", Tim whispers. He hopes Daddy won’t ask too many questions; he feels like puking, and is sure that would make Daddy all mad again.

"You were hiding in the closet the whole time? They might ask you at the hospital if you know anything about it."

"I d-didn’t see him. Or h-hear him. " He stifles a sob.

"That’s OK, Tim. It’s probably better that way. That bad man might come back and hurt you if he found out you told." Daddy is quiet after that, just driving. Tim hopes he’s done asking things now.

He hopes that Daddy really believes when Tim says he has no idea who the bad man is.

And most of all, he hopes that even though Daddy seems to be driving out into the middle of nowhere, he really is taking them to a hospital…

Credits to: Queenofscots

Todd sat up in his bed. His digital clock read 4:03. Too early, he thought. His mother told him that no matter how excited he was, he had to stay in bed until at least five. With a sigh he flopped back onto the twin mattress and pulled the warm down comforter back over his face, but he knew that sleep wouldn’t come. He was way too excited.

After all, it was Christmas Eve.

Ever since the first snow began to fall, his excitement for the upcoming holiday became nearly palpable. The days seemed to drag on and on, each one longer than the next as he counted down to the holiday. And now, the day was here. It was almost time.

He rolled over again to steal a glance at his clock. 4:05. He had to find a way to make the time pass. He started counting, not counting anything in particular, but just running his mind up the numbers. It was a concentration tool that he had learned, and he found that it helped him pass the time during class when he was bored. One, two, three, four, five, six…

He sat up with a gasp. He had fallen asleep! The cold morning light illuminated his room. With one motion he jumped out of bed and looked at his clock - 7:43! How did this happen? He shoved his feet into his dog-faced slippers and bolted down the stairs.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Todd’s mom smiled. "I thought you were going to miss the big day!" The smell of cinnamon French toast permeated the kitchen. "Your breakfast is almost ready. After you eat, let’s get you showered and dressed, and we’ll go to the mall to see Santa. Are you ready to see Santa today?"

Todd grinned, showing his missing tooth. He just experienced the loss of his first baby tooth a few weeks ago, and was pleased to have received a dollar from the Tooth Fairy for it. Not that he believed in something as silly as the Tooth Fairy. “Of course I’m ready! I’ve been waiting for this for-ev-er.”

"Good," she replied, but she already knew that was his answer. They had been talking about this day for a long time. She piled his plate high with French toast, and while he was nearly too excited to eat, his Mom’s French toast was nothing to pass up. He ate every bite, dropped his fork, and darted upstairs to shower.

As he dried himself off he carefully examined the outfit that his Mom had picked out for him for the occasion. A thick red sweater with reindeer appliques. Brown cords. Warm socks and a pair of boots. He nodded in approval at her choices, and quickly dressed himself. Within minutes he was downstairs, and his Mom helped him finish getting ready. Thirty minutes later, they were in the car, on the way to the mall. It was almost time to see Santa.

As the moment drew closer, his mood grew solemn. Todd’s mom sensed it immediately. “Are you sure you are ready for this?” She asked.

"Yes," he replied soberly.

She pulled their red Corolla up to the front entrance of the mall, and looked her son over. She opened his coat one last time to double check the explosives he wore strapped beneath his sweater. They were ready. This was it.

"I’ll see you again someday, right Mama?" Todd asked, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Of course you will," she said sincerely. "Of course you will. Now go tell Santa what you want for Christmas."

Credits to: jennifer1911

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