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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or (SIDS) is a silent killer that tragically takes the lives of many innocent babies as they sleep. SIDS is a cause of death for over millions of infants in the USA; while they sleep, babies can suddenly suffocate, resulting in SIDS.

Unfortunately, doctors have no cure and do not know the cause of this terrible plague. However, recently, German Dr Frankenberg specializing in sleep disorders has linked this illness to Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome or (SUDS). SUDS is similar to SIDS in that sufferers of SUDS also are taken in their sleep by suffocation or heart failure. However, those who die from SUDS have symptoms that foreworn the sufferer of the disease they carry.

Last year, approximately 10 or so people have visited a psychologist, and reported having strange and vivid nightmares in which an unknown entity tried to suffocate them. The entity was described using words such as ‘terrifying’ and ‘made my heart beat ten times faster’ as well as ‘I thought I was going to die that night’.

Only 1 of the ten patients survived, others dying of cardiac arrest or suffocation, who is a male who lives in California, now undergoing intense therapy. 9 out of 10 of these patients were of Asian descent, as the Filipino culture is where SUDS originated.

It is said that many in the Filipino area were dying in their sleep, so villagers, remembering the nightmares that SUDS sufferers reported, called this common nightmare ‘The Hmong Dream’. Villagers were terrified of the Hmong Dream, therefore, some barely slept.

The Hmong Dream was a nightmare in which the sleeping person would be encountered by an evil being in their dream, trying to suffocate him or her. The being’s sole purpose in every dream was to kill the dreamer, either by suffocation or heart failure because of the intense fear the being brought on.

SIDS and SUDS do have one dissimilarity though: SIDS is much more common than SUDS. According to Dr Frankenberg, babies are more vulnerable to these ‘beings’ therefore cannot fight for their lives. He also goes on to suggest that this is reason why babies often cry, with no apparent reason.

SUDS has become rarer over the years, and only about 10 a year report of these strange nightmares. But with that remaining sufferer now dead… the entity may be looking for a new dreamer. 


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