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The young mother set her foot on the path of life.

'Is this the long way?' she asked.

And the guide said: 'Yes, and the way is hard. And you will be old before you reach the end of it.. But the end will be better than the beginning.'

But the young mother was happy, and she would not believe that anything could be better than these years.

So she played with her children, and gathered flowers for them along the way, and bathed them in the clear streams; and the sun shone on them, and the young Mother cried, 'Nothing will ever be lovelier than this.'

Then the night came, and the storm, and the path was dark, and the children shook with fear and cold, and the mother drew them close and covered them with her mantle, and the children said, 'Mother, we are not afraid, for you are near, and no harm can come.'

And the morning came, and there was a hill ahead, and the children climbed and grew weary, and the mother was weary. But at all times she said to the children, 'A little patience and we are there.'

So the children climbed, and when they reached the top they said, 'Mother, we would not have done it without you.'

And the mother, when she lay down at night looked up at the stars and said, 'This is a better day than the last, for my children have learned fortitude in the face of hardness. Yesterday I gave them courage. Today, I've given them strength.'

And the next day came strange clouds which darkened the earth, clouds of war and hate and evil, and the children groped and stumbled, and the mother said: ' Look up. Lift your eyes to the light.'

And the children looked and saw above the clouds an everlasting glory, and it guided them beyond the darkness.

And that night the Mother said, 'This is the best day of all, for I have shown my children to have faith in themselves.

And the days went on, and the weeks and the months and the years, and the mother grew old and she was little and bent. But her children were tall and strong, and walked with courage. And when the way was rough, they lifted her, for she was as light as a feather; and at last they came to a hill, and beyond they could see a shining road and golden gates flung wide.

And mother said, 'I have reached the end of my journey.. And now I know the end is better than the beginning, for my children can walk alone, and their children after them.'

And the children said, 'You will always walk with us, Mother, even when you have gone through the gates.'

And they stood and watched her as she went on alone, and the gates closed after her.

And they said: 'We cannot see her but she is with us still. A Mother like ours is more than a memory. She is a living presence.'

Ringo sighed as he sat back on the bed, rubbing his swollen belly anxiously. He stole a look at the clasp around his ankle and the chain attaching it to the bed with a deadbolt and sighed again.

He cursed the day he met Zeke that fateful drunken night. Ringo was turning his usual tricks at his workplace at the Regent Gigolo Bar when he was sought after by a seemingly rich and generous client. Zeke looked decent enough, with his wealthily dressed attire and posh features, and while servicing him, he had been nothing but generous and eloquent to him. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s doing this for money to get by food and rent, Ringo wouldn’t mind having this Zeke fellow for a lover.

They hit off pretty well, and the bar policy dictates that if the client likes you enough to request the night from you, you are obliged to follow them. Zeke, as Ringo hoped, took a liking to him and requested him for the night. Ringo, in his slightly drunken state, tried not to be too eager to agree, but he was glad he chose him.

They checked into a relatively high-classed motel and almost immediately, they were at it like sex-crazed maniacs who hadn’t had a fuck in years. Clothes were torn, hair was ruffled, kisses were slobbered messily and sheets were strew everywhere, but they didn’t care. All they cared was the passionate fire that was burning within them from the instant chemistry they felt for each other and all they wanted to do was ravage and be ravaged over and over again until they forget their existence and the world around them.

When Ringo came to, he found himself in a modest-looking room that was built for a bachelor pod, equipped with a built-in bathroom, a study table, a couple of bookshelves with enough reading to last you for months and he himself was lying on a King-sized four-post bed. And the thing that stood out the most was the fact that he was chained in a deadbolt to the bed with only enough length to walk around the room and to the bathroom.

After a bout of freaking out, Ringo finally found out who Zeke truly was: a shape-shifting alien from another galaxy who came to Earth for refuge after his planet was destroyed by a rival invasion and he plans to conquer both planets of Earth and Neo-Earth as his new home, starting with taking Ringo as his first of many breeders while he tries to contact any other survivors from his planet to come as reinforcement.

Granted that the people of Neo-Earth were more or less an alien race amongst Earthians, but to think there are other alien races existing in other galaxies, Ringo almost couldn’t believe it until Zeke shape-shifted into his true form, which was a bug-like humanoid creature which stood about 10 feet tall. If Ringo didn’t have a strong disposition, he would’ve shit himself and fainted on the spot.

Since then, Ringo had become Zeke’s prisoner. He was provided food and shelter, and bathroom privileges were no problem, but he was not allowed to go outside unless Zeke allowed him to, and even then, he was chained to Zeke and only allowed out in the dead of night where no one could see him. Every night for almost 2 months, Zeke would come and have sex with him, taking him again and again in order to increase the chances of conception. Ringo wondered where the other breeders were, since Zeke mentioned that he would be the first of many of Zeke’s baby machines, and wondered as well whether they were in the same predicament as he was and imprisoned in other rooms just like him, but Zeke made no indication of letting him know or see them.

Oddly enough, despite being taken against his will, not once had Zeke ever been rough with him during sex. It was almost like that first night they were together after the bar, their chemistry mingling together as one until they didn’t know which was up or down, only there and then.

On the last day of the 2nd month, Zeke decided to maximize conception by mating with him in his original form. 2 months of sexual play, with toys in between, was for Ringo to get used to his true size, and when Zeke entered him, though it stung a little and stretched him almost to his limit, Ringo had never felt so full in his life, the massive size that thrust in and out of him hit him so deep and so hard that all he could feel was pure pleasure and ecstasy. In fact, he could almost just die from it and he probably wouldn’t mind.
That didn’t mean Ringo stopped hating him for keeping him prisoner though.

When Ringo was finally pregnant, he wasted no time blaming it on Zeke, refusing to admit he enjoyed the conception process and milked Zeke’s wealth for all its worth (though he would rather not know how Zeke acquired that wealth) just to get back at him. Zeke by no means indulged him, taking in all the verbal abuse Ringo gave him with a humorous smile, and none of it did anything to wear off his patience or persuade him to let him go. He knew Ringo was all bark and no bite, and even if he did let him go, he knew he had nowhere to go and no one to turn to, and no one would believe his story anyway. He would occasionally threaten Ringo with the dangers of being arrested and experimented on if the origins of the babies he carried were to be found, but usually a kiss and a nice romp was easy enough to shut the ranting boy up.

Ringo got up and looked out the window. Zeke had to go up the summit today where he hid his spaceship to try and make contact again with any survivors from his planet, though he did not say for how long. He looked at the time and decided he should finish the latest novel he picked from the shelf until Zeke returned. He couldn’t really remember the last time he went out or hung out with friends, and wondered if anyone had missed him. Sure, he was an orphan since he was 3 years old and all he had was the world, but he was doing fine before he met Zeke. Given that he didn’t have to struggle to survive like he used to, but being a baby machine for an alien bug in exchange for a life of luxury was not what he had in mind, nor an equivalent exchange.

Ringo realized that for a captor and an alien race bent on world domination, Zeke didn’t seem to play his role really well. In fact, most of the time he just behaved like a mate, a husband tending to a grouchy pregnant wife. He hadn’t been violent or harsh or evil, and he never laid a hard hand on him, but he couldn’t let himself believe so easily that Zeke might be a nice guy. He probably did this to all his other breeders (he had tried listening through the walls to find out if they were his neighbours in vain), softening them up and letting their guard down so that they would agree to continue being his breeders and maybe even fall for him so they would do his every bidding.

There was no way he was going to admit that he felt something for Zeke other than hate, nor would he admit that he was a tad jealous that he wasn’t the only one that warms Zeke’s bed, though he wasn’t sure if he still hated him anymore.

It was almost evening when Ringo reached the final few chapters of his book. Zeke has to return, and Ringo had felt a little uneasy as of late. He had been feeling some sort of sensation within, he didn’t know what, only that it felt something like pain, but not severe. Another sensation told him to look down between his legs and he saw that he was wetting himself. He wasn’t wearing underwear ever since he was held prisoner there due to the obstacle on his ankle, so it made it look even more awkward. Then he noticed that he wasn’t peeing; it was some sort of fluorescent fluid leaking nonstop from his opening, almost like he had just drunk a gallon of water or something.

Ringo’s face paled at the realization that he could be in labour right now. His first thought as to call Zeke, but then he remembered that there is no reception where Zeke was and Zeke never brought his phone along when he goes to the summit anyways. He was alone for this, and there’s nothing he could do about it right now.

Ringo whimpered as the sensation started to get even more painful. Could it be the fabled contraction? He couldn’t really tell. He was carrying an alien bug’s baby after all; the gestation process may differ. Instincts told him to gather as much towels as he could and lay them on the bed like a nest. He had to stop for breaths in between as the pain came and went, getting longer and more frequent by the minute. By the time he had everything ready and he was in bed, his body was already trembling and sweaty from the increasing contractions.

Ringo groaned as another contraction hit him, forcing out the last remaining fluorescent fluids out of his womb and something else that seemed to crown a bit out of his opening. Following his instincts, he got on his knees and hugged one of the posts of the bed and pushed down. Little by little, at each push, the lump between his legs grew bigger and bigger, inching out more and more until it fell out with a silent thump onto the nest of towels under his knees.

Panting, he looked down to see that it was a fluorescent egg the size of a baseball, only slightly bigger, and it glowed greenish-yellow dimly in the dark, pulsating like a heartbeat. Ringo realized that he hadn’t turned on the lights since his ordeal started, but now was not the time as he could feel another urge to push, feeling another egg slowly crowning.

Hours passed and Ringo was really getting tired from the contractions and the pushing. His T-shirt dress was long gone from his body as he had soaked it through and through with his sweat. He looked down between his legs again and saw that he had given birth to 10 eggs so far and yet there was still no sign of stopping. Despite the incoming pain and urge to push, he gave in to fatigue and laid next to the eggs, panting and ready to give up. He almost wished he would just die and put his end to his misery.

“Please…Please, no more…God, no more…Make it stop…”

“Ringo? Ringo, I’m home.”

“Z…Zeke…? Zeke…Help me…”

“Ringo?!” Zeke’s sharp alien hearing picked up the distress in his voice as he barged into his room, flicking on the lights as he did. “Ringo, are you…Oh great gods, you’re in labour?!”

Ringo wanted to snap at him, but only managed a pitiful whimper.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I should’ve brought my phone along! Oh gods, Ringo, I’m so sorry!”

“Make it stop…Please, please…please make it stop…I can’t do it anymore…!!”

Zeke counted the eggs and shook his head apologetically, “I’m sorry, Ringo, I can’t. You still have at least 10 more eggs to go.”

“No…!! No, no, no, no, no…!! No, please, no, I can’t do it…!! I’m gonna die…!! I can’t do it anymore, please…!!”

“Shh…Shh, shh, shh…It’s OK, Ringo, you’re not going to die. I’m here. I’m here now. I’ll help you get through this.”

So saying, Zeke got onto the bed and propped Ringo onto his lap, spreading his legs and lifting them up by his thighs.

“Come on, Ringo, you can do it. I’m right here. Push.”

Ringo shook his head, whimpering, fresh tears poured out of his eyes that he thought wasn’t possible.

“It’s OK, Ringo. I’m right here with you. Everything is going to be fine. You can do it.”

“I can’t…I’m too tired…”

“Alright, here, lemme help you a little.”

Ringo gasped as Zeke’s idea of ‘help’ was to reach down and massage gently at his clit, while his other hand still kept that leg raised. Ringo bit his lip to keep himself from moaning from the sudden pleasure of the massaging and the incoming pain of the contraction.

“Z…Zeke~! I…I’m not in a mood for sex right now~!” Ringo whimpered in an almost aroused tone, twitching as Zeke pressed and rubbed harder against the nub.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Zeke grinned. “This is how we help our mates to give birth, by sexually stimulating them to help them forget the pain.”

“F…Fuck…Dammit, why did you…have to…aah…be gone 5 hours ago…?? Aahnn…!! And…who…who you’re calling…mate…Nnnhh…!!”

“Has it been that long since it started?” Zeke sounded surprised, then kissed Ringo’s cheek apologetically. “I’m really sorry, Ringo. I’m really, really sorry. I’m home now, and I’ll be there all the way. Just feel and push when the urge comes. You’re my mate, Ringo, you know that. I love you, Ringo, I love you…”

Hearing those words he had never hear Zeke utter before since the day he was imprisoned, Ringo suddenly started to feel even more of Zeke’s rubbing. In fact, he felt it so much, the contractions no longer bothered him. To him, it felt more like pressure than pain, and whenever he tensed a little from a contraction, Zeke would read his body language and rubbed him accordingly, making him feel even better. Pushing was no longer a chore as every time he did, it sort of intensified the pleasure of Zeke’s fingers rubbing and massaging his clit, even more so when the egg pressed and rubbed against him from within before it was expelled from his womb to join the cluster in the makeshift nest.

“You’re doing really well, Ringo,” Zeke said encouragingly and almost excitedly. “You’re almost there. 3 more to go.”

Three? Has it been that quick? Ringo thought, surprised at the progress he was making since he was pretty much a ball of lust right now, and he has yet to even orgasm despite all that rubbing. Another contraction came and Zeke rubbed him in cue, causing him to moan out loud before he could stop himself as the impending orgasm began to build impossibly slow and more. Zeke had long since released his other hand from Ringo’s leg and moved to rub his nipples in order to help him feel more.

“Nnhh…No…Not my nipples…ahhnn…!!” Ringo protested, a streak of drool rolled down the corner of his lips as he could feel the next egg coming.

“Just feel, Ringo, and enjoy the pleasure while you push.”

As the egg started to crown more, it pressed and rubbed his insides to the point where Ringo didn’t think he could hold back his suppressed moans anymore. Letting loose his voice to almost screams, he vocalized his pleasure as his orgasm was coming closer and closer and yet infuriatingly nowhere near explosion, as if his body was purposely denying him the sweet release of his climax.

“Ooh, fuck, ooh, fuck, let me come…!! Why can’t I come…?!”

“The contractions are distracting your body, Ringo. Here, lemme speed things up.”

So saying, Zeke leaned in to suckle Ringo’s free nipple while his hands continued to busy themselves rubbing Ringo’s other nipple and his love button into a frenzy, and that was the stimulation he needed to snap.

“Oh god, yes, yes, YES!! I’M GONNA COME!! I’M GONNA—!!”

Ringo’s screams caught in his throat as his body began to go rigid before it went into spasms as he finally reached his climax, causing the egg to pop out almost immediately, another small gush of that fluorescent fluid he thought was no more came out along with it.

“Two more to go.”

Ringo whined as Zeke kept on fondling, the aftershocks of his orgasm yet to subside as another one started rolling in. The buildup was quicker than he expected and before he knew it, he was panting erratically before his body was overtaken by a second climax, forcing the second last egg to pop out without much effort.

“One last one, Ringo. You’re doing great.”

Ringo wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, but the last egg seem to feel slightly larger than its siblings, and the pressure was pleasurably unbearable, rubbing and pressing within him almost like he was being fucked, and with Zeke continuing to play with his hard-as-hell nub, it was blissful torture. If he hadn’t felt like dying before, he certainly felt like he could die now from all this pleasure and he would regret nothing.

All of a sudden, nothing hurt anymore. He could barely even feel the pressure of the contraction, only wave after wave of orgasmic buildup. His hips arched up to meet Zeke’s fondling and outward to feel more of the amazing pressure of the egg inside him. This egg seemed to be taking its time coming out, but Ringo didn’t care as h was feeling too good to want it to end.

“Almost there, Ringo. Just one last push.”

Ringo shook his head, part of him almost didn’t want this pleasure to stop but his body was building up to its limit. When he felt Zeke’s teeth gently nibbling at his impossibly erected nipple, he was done for as he threw his head back, screaming out his third and final orgasm, going rigid again before spasms took over and helped his body to birth the rest of the egg, joining it with its cluster of siblings.

“It’s over now,” Zeke said as he kissed Ringo deeply. “You did great. We have 20 eggs, thanks to you.”

“Nnhh…W-Why is the last one…bigger than the rest…?” Ringo panted weakly as Zeke lay him down on the bed and helped him clean up by licking up all the fluid and blood that covered his opening and his thighs, apparently a custom of this alien bug for their mates.

“That’s because that will be our real child,” Zeke replied as he helped give Ringo a spit bath and dressed him in a fresh clean T-shirt dress. “The rest are just drone soldiers you gave birth to, and they will join the rest of the drones in the brood’s collective military troops. Of course, you get to raise them until they’re matured and ready to join the troops, but you only get to keep the last one.”

“Oh…but…aren’t they still your babies…?”

“OUR babies, and yes, they’re still our flesh and blood, but they don’t get to belong to us. Rest now, lemme clean the eggs up.”

Ringo watched as Zeke gathered all the eggs in the nest of towels to be brought to the bathroom to be cleaned. As he watched from his spot at Zeke filling the tub and depositing the eggs into it one by one, a realization hit him.

“W…What about the…the others…?”

“Huh?” Zeke looked up at him, genuinely clueless.

“The others…Your other breeders…” Ringo said almost sadly. “Am I not…the first of your breeder harem…? Shouldn’t you tend to them? They might be in labour like me too right now…”

“Are you more concerned about them than yourself?” Zeke asked with a small smile. “You don’t mind me doing the same things I did to you for them?”

“I…I’m not jealous or anything, i-i-if that’s what you mean!” Ringo looked away, trying to hide the budding tears in his eyes that threatened to flow. So what if he wasn’t Zeke’s only one? It’s not that he loved him…did he?

Zeke let a small chuckle and sat next to Ringo, letting the egg soak in the warm tub for a moment.

“Don’t worry, Ringo. You’re the only one for me. I don’t have a harem, really.”

“Liar! You said…”

“I lied, I’ll admit that,” Zeke replied. “I lied to you about that to keep you from finding out what I truly felt for you.”


“It’s true, my intentions have always been to conquer Earth and Neo-Earth, and in the beginning, I WAS going to get me a harem of breeders, but the longer I am with you, the lesser my need for a harem grew. In fact, my intentions to conquer both planets have been waning as of late.”

“Then…your summit visits…?”

“I’ve recently got in contact with one of my fellow survivors, who is also my old friend. He told me that he and the rest of the survivors have taken refuge of an uninhabited planet near a dwarf galaxy. Its conditions are almost similar to your planets, with a bit of climate difference. So I was thinking…if I release you now…will you be my mate and come live with me at our new home?”

Ringo was almost speechless. No harem? No more conquering? No more invasion? No more being a prisoner? And did he just proposed to him?

“Of course, if you don’t want to, it’s fine. I know you’ve never loved me. How could you after all that I’ve done to you? I’ll keep my promise not to conquer your world, but I will release you and take the eggs with me, and you’ll go back to your old life and never, ever see me again.”

Never see him again? Never again banter and quarrel with him? Never again see the smile on his face every time he shot insults at him? Never again feel his lips as he kissed him to calm him down or pacify his anger? Never again feel the warmth of his touch, his gentle voice against his ear, his overwhelming love as he filled him with passionate pleasure over and over again? Never…

“It’s your choice. I will not force you.”

Zeke took out the key that kept Ringo away from the freedom he craved all these long months and undid the clasp around his ankle. Seeing the bruise from long months of captivity as he felt the clasp come free, a sense of emptiness engulfed Ringo and before he could stop himself, his tears ran freely down his cheeks.

“Ringo, are you OK? Please don’t cry, Ringo. You should be happy. You’re free now.”

“Free…?” Ringo croaked. “Free from what? Free from your love and kindness? Free from the joy of parenthood? Free from my babies? Free from you?”


“I’ll never be free. Not after what you’ve done to me, what you’ve done FOR me. Not after you made me go through all this just to leave me alone again in this world. I have no one out there! No one but you! And my babies…my babies that I’ve carried within me all these months…No! I don’t want to be free! I don’t want to be with men who will never love me back, and I don’t want to go home to an empty house every night after my pitiful day at work! I don’t want to be alone ever again! Please don’t take my babies away! Please don’t let me go!!”

Zeke hushed him as he held him close, kissing and licking his tears away. Ringo sobbed as he clung onto Zeke tight, wrapping his arms around him, afraid that if he let him go, everything would disappear like it never happened.

“Are you sure? Once you are my mate, you know I will never let you go ever again. You’ll be my ‘prisoner’ for life.”

Ringo nodded. Zeke was all he needed, and if he had to be his prisoner forever, so be it.

Tommy peeked into the room, making sure Dennie had everything he needed. Dennie noticed him peeking and grinned up at him, waving his toy blocks at him to assure him everything was alright, including the baby within him. Tommy nodded with a small smile and went to his study to continue his report.

Dennie getting pregnant was more of a happy accident than most. When they first met, Tommy was working at an institute for the mentally challenged in Neo-Earth while Dennie was a patient there, institutionalized since he was 5 years old after being officially diagnosed with Sudden Occlumental Anomaly, or SOA for short, which is a type of Down’s Syndrome privy to Neo-Earth citizens.

Unlike Earth’s Down’s Syndrome which causes the usual slight deformity and distinctive facial features, SOA slightly enhances them more, making them stand out and look somewhat beautiful, making the anomaly almost undetectable and can be quite deceiving at its first stages. But the downside was that the IQ level of SOA patients are slightly more diminished than Earth’s Down’s Syndrome, which makes learning slightly more difficult, if not challenging.

When Tommy was assigned to Dennie for speech therapy, he couldn’t help falling in love with him, not just by his beautiful looks, but also by his innocence and cute charm. It was wrong on so many levels, both morally, ethically and professionally, but Tommy lost the battle of reason and gave in to his primal urges and his heart collapsed before the poor, beautiful soul.

Since then, aside from the usual speech therapy (which is usually a one-on-one session as it would be less distracting for the patients), they would have secret private “sessions” to get it on. Of course, Tommy didn’t just barge in for fear of frightening the poor boy. He worked his way slowly, educating him the pleasures of the body through touches, caresses and kisses, with the occasional bribery of candies and treats in between. Until Dennie was willing and warmed up to him, giving him his full trust, then Tommy slowly advanced to more intimate gesture.

Dennie was a growing boy, after all, and he definitely gave in quickly to the needs of the body. Soon they were at it like rabbits, and sometimes even Dennie would be the one to initiate their private “sessions”. Tommy was no “wham-bam, thank you, ma’am” kind of person and took care to let Dennie enjoy it too rather than making it one-sided, or it would’ve been rape.

Not that it wasn’t rape to begin with anyways.

Technically it was, because despite Dennie being of age, he was considered still mentally incapable of making his own decisions, therefore it didn’t matter whether or not Dennie consented into this. Tommy knew he was committing both career suicide as well as a sort of sexual crime, but he couldn’t help it. he loved Dennie too much to stop himself.

And from Dennie’s reaction, he was sure he loved him too.

The day they first found out Dennie was pregnant, it was a tragedy on its own. They were doing their usual speech therapy in their private room when Dennie complained of severe stomach cramps. When blood seeped through the young boy’s pants, the revelation soon hit Tommy. It turned out that the doctors have neglected to sterilize Dennie as they would for all SOA patients to prevent unwanted pregnancies and more genetically disabled children, and Tommy had somehow knocked him up.

All he could do was to tell the truth to Dennie—that he was having a miscarriage—and quickly carried him into the toilet before anyone noticed and helped him endure through it as the poor baby died within Dennie before it had a chance to live. Dennie, needless to say, was devastated, crying and begging the helpless Tommy to make it stop, to save the baby in vain. The mess was dealt with quickly and quietly so no one in the institute were the wiser, and the fetus was buried deep within the gardens of the backyard where no one but he and Dennie could find.

Dennie became withdrawn for a while, aloof and giving Tommy the silent treatment, avoiding him whenever he could. He didn’t want to go through with speech therapy or any other sessions and would stare out the window at the gardens for hours, as if trying to find their baby’s resting place. No one could get a word out of him, so the secret was kept safe for now, but Tommy definitely knew it was his way of grieving for their lost child.

When Dennie got too silent for the institute’s liking, Tommy tried snapping him out of it for fear of more drastic measures by the management. He tried the usual treats bribery but Dennie did not budge. He tried apologizing and consoling him, beating himself up about it but no go. Finally Tommy himself snapped and pinned Dennie down, though still not getting a response out of the latter.

“Do you want your baby back? Is that what you want?! I’ll give it to you!”

With that, he thrust into him, putting all his sadness, grief, hate, pain, helplessness and guilt he had been bottling up within him into every thrust. When Dennie still did not respond, silently enduring his rough sex, Tommy finally broke, begging and sobbing as he cried out for Dennie to respond.

“I love you…I love you…I’m sorry…Please…Please just talk to me…Please…”

Whether it was the sexual intrusion or Tommy’s cries, it got through Dennie and Dennie finally responded, crying silent tears as he wrapped himself around Tommy, bringing him closer as they made love over and over again that night in Dennie’s room.

When Dennie got pregnant again, they were, of course, very happy, but they also had to be careful not to be found. The morning sickness thankfully went unnoticed, but when the food craving and baby bump settled in, Tommy had to forge some documents to say that Dennie had been transferred to another institute, when in truth, he had brought Dennie to live with him in the outskirts of the city.

Tommy quit his job and decided to open his own psychiatric practice in his home, but made sure that none of his patients catch sight of Dennie for fear of him being reported. Speech therapy was still ongoing, as it is important to have at least one set routine for SOAs, but other than that, Tommy provided Dennie with everything he could ever want, including the freedom to do whatever activities he liked (as long as it didn’t harm the baby) and satisfy his sexual needs when that phase of pregnancy settled in. All in all, it was a peaceful pregnancy and Dennie was almost due in about a week.

“Time to take your vitamins, Dennie,” Tommy called out, bringing the bottle of vitamin juice to Dennie’s room after finishing his report. He saw a bump under the covers and smiled, shaking his head humorously.

“I know you don’t like vitamins, but it’s good for you and the ba…”

Tommy froze when he uncovered Dennie clutching his pregnant belly hard, curled up in a fetal position as he cried and sobbed like a baby himself. Blood was again seeping through the young boy’s pants, but it was a little different, like it was time. A little early, but it was definitely time.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Tommy said as he quickly took off Dennie’s pants, and saw more blood and amniotic fluid coming out as the tip of their baby’s head started peeking out of Dennie’s vagina. “How long have you been in pain?”

“I…I ‘unno…” Dennie whimpered, his habit of abbreviating words came back, but now was not the time for speech correction.

“You should’ve called me, Dennie,” Tommy said as he tried to sit the boy up in the birthing position. “It’s OK, I’m righ here. It’s gonna be OK.”

“Ish baby ‘onna ‘ie…?”

“No, our baby’s not gonna die. It’s getting ready to come out and meet us. It’s time, Dennie. Time for our baby to be born.”

“Baby comin’…?”

“Yes, baby’s coming, Dennie. Now when you feel another pain like this, I want you to push, like you’re trying to go to the toilet for doozie. Can you do that?”

“But I ‘un wanna doozie…”

“Yes, I know, but it’s the only way to get out baby out, OK? Can you do that for me, please?”

“M’kay…” Dennie nodded.

“Good. I love you so much, Dennie.”

“I ‘ov you too…Aahnn…!!”

“That’s it, push! Push!”

Straining against Tommy’s hand that held his, Dennie pushed down as hard as he could. He looked almost worried that he might actually make a doozie, but Tommy encouraged him, telling him not to hold back as the boy pushed along with the contractions.

“That’s it! That’s very good! The baby’s head is coming out! You’re doing great!”

“Pain…!! P-P-Pain…!!”

“I know it hurts, honey, hang in there. I’m right here,” Tommy reassured as he coaxed Dennie to let his hand go so he could catch the baby. “OK, try breathing like me, OK, honey? Copy me. Don’t push for a moment, just breathe like me.”

Dennie whimpered as he tried to copy Tommy’s panting, at the same time trying to resist the urge to push as the baby’s head crowned further. At the very last moment, he couldn’t hold back and gave in to the pushing, yelping out as he did when the head finally popped out.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have done that,” Tommy said as he wiped Dennie’s tears and sweat with the back of his palm. “You could’ve tore down there. It’s OK. It’s fully out now. You wanna feel the head, honey?”

Tentatively, Dennie reached down to touch the baby’s head. His fingers brushed past the baby’s face and he gasped, flinching back in both surprise and a little fear.

“It’s OK, it’s OK, it’s just our baby. It’s OK, don’t be scared. You can start pushing again now. I’m right here.”

Dennie nodded and waited for another contraction to come and pushed. Tommy coached and cheered him on as he tried to help ease the baby out. The young boy whimpered when he could feel the baby shift to let the shoulders out, but other than that, unless Tommy told him so, he didn’t stop pushing.

“One last push, honey, one last push!”

Dennie let out an agonized cry as he pushed down one last time, the baby finally sliding out of his womb. A bit of massaging and clapping on the baby’s back and it soon cried out its first breath.

“It’s a Neo-boy!” Tommy announced excitedly. “A lovely Neo-boy! Oh, honey, you did great!”

“P…Pain…” Dennie whimpered.

“I know it hurt, but it’s all over now.”

“No…P-P-Pain…Still…Still pain…”

“W…What…?” Tommy’s eyes widened as he looked down between Dennie’s legs to see another head crowning almost as quickly as the first baby left the boy’s womb. Blushing hard, he looked back up at Dennie in disbelief.

“T…Twins…? You’re having twins…?”

“W-Whut ish ‘at…?”

“You have two babies! Oh my god, you have two babies, honey, and No. #2 is coming out!”

“No~~No, no, no~~!! I ‘un wanna~~!! No, not ‘gin~~!!!”

“It’s OK, it’s OK, honey. It’s just the same thing, but it’s gonna be quicker. Don’t worry, I’m right here.”

“I kin duwwit~!! No~!! I ‘un wanna~~!!!”

“Shh, shh, shh~” Tommy hushed him as he kissed his forehead and cheeks, holding him close as he tried to calm him down. “It’s gonna be OK, honey. If you do this for me, I won’t ask you for anything else. I promise. And…And I’ll give you your favourite rainbow lollipop. You haven’t eaten that in a while, right? I’ll get it for you, I promise.”

“Nngghh… ‘Oo po’mise…?”

“Cross my heart, honey. Now push for me, OK? I love you.”

Dennie nodded with a sob as he pushed along with the contractions, each seemed to go on top of the other with not much breaks in between as his body was rather eager to get the baby out. Again, Tommy tried to get Dennie to pant through the crowning process, but Dennie still couldn’t resist pushing at the last minute, earning him probably another tear. Not that it mattered now that the baby was halfway there.

“That’s it, honey. You’re almost there! Give it a couple more pushes!”

Dennie whimpered as he obeyed, feeling the baby shift for the shoulders again. Without waiting for the contraction, he tried to push that one final time to get the baby out, but not much progress.

“You have to wait for the pain to come, honey. Just one last push and it’ll be all over, I promise.”

Dennie shook his head, getting impatient and tired, but his body complied as it waited for that final contraction that finally eased the baby out into the world with that one last push.

“It’s an Earth-girl! Wow, this is rare…” Tommy said as he helped the baby to breathe, which was true, since usually when fraternal twins were born, they were either both Neo or both Earthian, not one of each.

“Ish…Ish bad…?” Dennie asked worriedly, panting as he leaned back, cold sweat littered his face and body, soaking through his shirt.

“No, no, it’s OK. Don’t worry. It just doesn’t happen that often, but it’s OK. No big deal.”

“C…Can I have…my lolly now…?”

“Sure, after you get cleaned up and have a good rest, I promise,” Tommy chuckled as he handed the twins to Dennie. “But now, our babies need their Mommy’s milk.:

“Ilk…?” Dennie asked, a little confused and a whole lotta tired.

“Milk, honey. It’s milk,” Tommy corrected. “Here, hold them like so, careful,” he put the babies in each of Dennie’s arms, “Don’t drop them now. Here, lemme get that,” he undid Dennie’s shirt and nursing bra, “and bring them close to your nipples. That’s it.”

“Ish ‘eird…” Dennie giggled. “An’ tikkles…”

“You’ll get used to it. Be thankful it doesn’t get sore now, coz it will when our babies want to feed more.”

“They cute…So cute…”

“Yeah, they’re so beautiful, just like you. You did a great job, honey, I’m so proud of you,” Tommy kissed Dennie deeply and stroke his hair. “Just relax, OK? I’ll take care of the rest.”

Tommy helped to push both afterbirths out of Dennie and sutured and cleaned him up before helping him to the guestroom to lie down so that he could change the sheets of the bed they were on just now during the birth. He was grateful for his younger years watching his midwife mother delivering babies to have the basic know-how, and being a certified doctor (albeit the profession), all the better. By the time he was done, Dennie was fast asleep and so were the twins in his arms.

Gently, he removed the babies from Dennie’s embrace and put them in the Moses basket next to the young boy. He couldn’t tell whether or not his twins might inherit SOA from their mother, but right now, it didn’t matter. He would love them all the same, and he would cross the hurdle when it comes.

“Hello, my little twins,” he whispered as he stroke the twins’ cheeks. “You’re a bit of a surprise, but welcome to the world, sweeties. I think I’m gonna name you…George,” he tapped his Neo-son’s nose, “and Georgina,” he then tapped his Earth-daughter’s nose, “and whatever your mother can think of for your names when he wakes up will be your middle names.”

Tommy turned to watch Dennie sleeping peacefully, tired out from the day’s ordeal, but still as beautiful as the first day they met. He knew there would be trials and tribulations ahead, especially if one day their relationship and their children were made public, but he knew too that it will be worth all the risk.

“I love you, Dennie,” Tommy kissed Dennie tenderly. “And I’ll protect this family no matter what.”

As if he heard him, Dennie smiled in his sleep.

Tia curled up against the dumpster, trying to keep warm despite the pouring rain. His hand unconsciously reached down to caress his swollen belly as he sighed, huddling even closer and trying to wrap himself with whatever rag he could find nearby.

Quietly, Tia sobbed as he thought about how he got himself into this mess. Young and pregnant, he had no business being out here in the streets, but there he was, dirty, penniless, homeless and plagued with backaches and sore feet, with nowhere else to go.

And him being mute didn’t help things along either.

All he knew was that if his father hadn’t met Fuzz, this wouldn’t have happened. His father was a single dad after his Neo-Mom dumped him for another man, and it was because his father himself was a philandering guy who loved to party and hang with lovers left and right, men and women, Neo and Earthian alike. All his years growing up, Tia had seen his father having on and off lovers, none of them really lasting more than 3 months, but they provided him and his father the basic necessities and additional comforts of life, and Tia was fine with that.

Then one day Fuzz came into the picture. Tia, 16 at the time, thought it was going to be another one of his father’s temp lovers again, but it seemed that it was serious. Fuzz, who was at least 5 years older than Tia, had hooked up with his father at an old college reunion party, and they seemed to have gotten engaged on the spot a few weeks later, almost Las Vegas style. They have yet to decide when to tie the knot, but it was obvious he was there to stay.

Fuzz treated Tia and his father right, playing his role of the man of the house as best as he could, and loved Tia like he was his own. But unfortunately, through time, Tia couldn’t help seeing Fuzz as more than just a soon-to-be-stepfather. In fact the thought of holding him tight, never letting him go, or the urge to kiss him deeply and taste his mouth inside out came to mind whenever Fuzz was a little too close to comfort. Thankfully because Tia was mute, he couldn’t blurt out his feelings to Fuzz even if he wanted to, so that little secret was kept inside him for the next few months.

When Tia ran into Fuzz and his father getting it on in the guestroom one day (and hastily dismissed and shooed away for it), it was the last straw. Tia’s heart broke as he knew his love could never be requited and he burst into silent tears in his room, crying his heart and soul out over a love that could never be.

Surprisingly, things turned out differently than he expected. Fuzz came to him an hour later after Tia cried himself to sleep and gave him a knowing smile, stroking his hair and asked just one question that proved their undoing:

“You want me, don’t you?”

From there, all the floodgates were open and all caution was thrown out the window as Tia let Fuzz claim him again and again. They will have secret rendezvous places to go to where they satisfied each other’s lust. In addition to picking him up from school, Fuzz would drive them to one of their secret places in the woods and they would go at it in the car like rabbits. At home, they would occasionally sneak a kiss or a quickie or two when Tia’s father wasn’t around or not looking, or Fuzz would pay midnight visits to Tia’s room to get on, but other than that, Tia’s father was none the wiser.

When Tia started having morning sickness and his period was late, he knew it was a matter of time before he started showing and his father would find out the affair. He tried hiding it for the first few months, keeping it away even from Fuzz himself, but when the food craving and the baby bump settled in, the cat was out of the bag. Tia refused to tell his father who knocked him up, and Fuzz wasn’t there to back him up (he was out on a business conference), and out of range and disappointment, his father called him a slut and kicked him out of the house, throwing everything he owned out the window and forbidding him to come home ever again. Tia had no choice but to pick up whatever he could carry and took to the streets.

Tia gasped as he felt something inside him pop and started leaking through his pants. Shaking his head in fear, he knew what just happened but didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Granted he had been feeling upset in the stomach and on his back for a while, but he assumed that he was just having another one of those gastric cramps from lack of eating. He didn’t realize they were contractions until one hit him really hard without the cushioning of the amniotic fluid, now that his water was broken.

Whimpering, he curled up on all fours, trying to bear through wave after wave of contractions as they got closer and closer and shorter and shorter. His breath became ragged as he tried to resist the urge to push, clawing and gripping hard at the dirt for something to anchor himself. He couldn’t give birth here, it was not right. He couldn’t have this baby here, now, in the middle of a dirty alley with nothing but filth and garbage at his feet and the heavy rain on his back. He couldn’t, he just couldn’t!

His eyes widened and his mouth let out a silent cry as he started feeling the baby descending down, squeezing its way through and trying to push through his opening that he tried so hard to curl shut. Being caught off guard, his body forced him to push down to expel the child, despite Tia shaking his head in defiance. Before he could stop himself, Tia had pushed enough to feel the baby crowning a little before it slipped back in.

Try as he might, Tia could no longer hold back the urge as another one came and made him push. His legs unconsciously uncurled and spread apart as he pushed again, the baby’s head crowning again before slipping back in, but not as much as before. Tia sobbed in agony as his trembling hands reached down to try and take off his pants when suddenly a warm hand touched his cold face.

“Tia? Tia, is that you?”

Tia looked up, trying to focus his blurred eyes from the tears and the rain to see who the owner of the voice was. The hand came again to wipe the rain and tears off his eyes and face and he soon saw that it was Fuzz, looking down at him with concern and worry.

“Tia? Tia, it’s me, Fuzz,” Fuzz’s familiar voice rang in his wanton ears as he pushed the young boy’s wet matted hair off his face. “It’s me, Tia. Are you OK? Is the baby OK?”

As if on cue, another contraction came and Tia gave in to the pushing, gripping onto Fuzz’s wrist as he pushed down hard, his mute voice make a sort of gagging sound as he felt the head descended even more. Fuzz looked at Tia’s partially downed pants and got the picture.

“You can’t give birth here,” Fuzz said as he draped his trench coat over Tia and carried him bridal style. “Try to hold it in, OK? I’m taking you to the hospital. It’s just around the corner. Don’t push, OK?”

Tia gave him an “I’ll try” look before allowing himself to be manhandled by Fuzz. As another contraction hit, he tried to hold back the urge to push, though his body managed to somehow sneak a small one or two as he was carried by Fuzz all the way to the nearest hospital. By the time they were there, the head was almost fully out.

“Looks like your baby can’t wait, boy,” the midwife in duty said as Fuzz lay Tia on the maternity bed. “Are you his family, young man?”

“I’m his fiancé,” Fuzz announced, taking Tia’s hand and gave a reassuring squeeze as he smiled down at the slightly surprised young boy.

“Well then, there’s no time to waste now,: the midwife shrugged and got ready. “The head is almost fully out. Keep pushing, boy. You’ve got a bit of tear, but there’s no undoing it till then. Go with your body and don’t fight it.”

Tia no longer planned to anymore as he gave in to the next urge to push. Fuzz helped sit him up to the proper birthing position ad Tia pushed down as hard as he could. He didn’t care if he was gagging and grunting like someone choking on a chicken bone; he just wanted this ordeal to be over.

“The shoulder’s coming nicely, keep pushing, boy!”

Tia gripped hard onto Fuzz’s shirt with his free hand, pushing down whenever his body told him to, gagged whimpers and whines escaping his lips as he tried his best to bring his baby out into the world.

“You’re doing great, Tia,” Fuzz cheered him on as he kissed his tears away. “I’m right here with you, Tia. I’m right here.”

“You’re almost there, boy! Give me one last big push!”

Taking a deep breath, Tia pushed down with all his might, freeing the baby’s shoulders out of him and letting it slide out into the midwife’s arms.

“There you go, little poppit! You’ve got a beautiful Earthian boy! Ten fingers, ten toes, and oh, what good lungs you have, poppit!”

Tia smiled through his tears of joy and relief as the midwife put the squalling baby into his arms to initiate skin-on-skin contact. Despite his squatting days in the street with almost barely enough food for himself, the baby looked healthy as a horse and surprisingly plenty of baby fat. Fuzz beamed proudly as he kissed Tia’s forehead over and over again.

“Oh, you did so well, Tia,” Fuzz said between kisses. “You did so well. I missed you so, so much. Thank God I’ve finally found you.”

Tia leaned up and kissed him back on the lips, crying a little at how happy and relieved he was to see him.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys, but it looks like your fiancé and baby is due for a wash,” the midwife said as she gently took the baby from Tia’s arms. “You’ll have them both back in no time, I promise.”

“I’ll be there when you’re ready, Tia,” Fuzz promised as he allowed Tia to be wheeled away to have the afterbirth removed, bathed in long awaited warm water and soap, and dressed in fresh hospital clothes. By the time they were done with him, he was lying down in a nicely warmed ward with clean, comfortable sheets, a cozy blanket over him and soft pillows under him.

Tia somehow slept through the entire process, so tired out from the ordeal, and when he woke up, he saw Fuzz cradling their son, cooing and whispering loving words to him. Tia let out a small sound to catch his attention.

“Oh, hey, Tia,” Fuzz said as he brought their son to him. “Here’s our baby. Isn’t he beautiful?”

Tia reached out to take their baby into his arms. He had a bit of a peach fuzz on his little head like his, but he looked just like Fuzz through and through.

He looks just like you, Tia signed, glad to have finally being able to use sign languages after such a long time.

“He’s got your hair though,” Fuzz said. “And your eyes.”

Where’s Papa?

Fuzz shook his head. “I dumped him. When I came home from the conference that day and heard what your father did, I threw away our engagement ring and left him, and I’ve been looking for you ever since. Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant? Why did you hide it from me?”

I didn’t want to get you into trouble, Tia replied after some hesitation. You were engaged to Papa, and he seemed like he loved you so much. I didn’t mean to…

“I could’ve protected you. I could’ve taken responsibility, or at least cover for you. We could’ve run away together. Do you know how hard and long I’ve searched for you?”

I’m sorry… Tia sobbed as he looked down, cuddling their baby close.

“It’s over now,” Fuzz sighed and hugged him. “I’ve finally found you, and I’ll never let you go. I love you, Tia. Please don’t do this again.”

Tia nodded as he kissed Fuzz, trying to convey how sorry he was. Fuzz returned the kiss and ran his fingers through the younger boy’s hair, whispering sweet nothings in between kisses until the need for air separated them.

“You decided on a name yet?”

Tia shook his head and pointed at Fuzz, wanting him to name him.

“Hmm…I think we should name him Vivian. It’s a universal name. I think it suits him.”

Tia smiled and nodded in agreement.

“I meant what I said when I told the midwife I’m your fiancé,” Fuzz said as he took Tia’s hand. “Will you marry me?”

Tia’s wider smile and tears of joy was all the answer he needed.

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