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A while ago, when I was brushing my hair, I gave a short glance into the mirror. And then I saw it. It was in the corner of my eye, but disappeared as soon as I blinked. Now it's haunting me. It gives me nightmares, but everything that happens in the nightmare, happens in reality.

Yesterday, I had a dream of my friend, dead. His eyes were ripped out of his head, his skin was torn from his bones, and what was left of his bones were crushed to pieces. I hoped it wouldn't happen, but today, when I went to school, I saw police cars around his house and I caught a glimpse of his sobbing parents.

In my next dream, I saw it. It's a dark figure that leaves a trail of sand behind the path it glides across. The same one I found during that morning in my room, and the same one that was in my friend's house.

I hate it. It has different names. Some call him the Sandman, some call him the Slender Man and some don't call it anything.

Whoever sees him disappears in one day, and left in their place is a pile of sand, that is equal to the body weight of that person. Though sometimes, it leaves an object that will give you eternal life. I wonder if you could be so lucky to receive one of those objects. Remember, they can be anything...


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