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“So, how’s our haul for today?”

IllusionEvenstar, Akari-Jaganashi, KittyMembrane, Sapphire-Cat and Heaven56 were all gathered in the living room, checking out their candy they got for their trick or treating.

“Not too bad,” Akari replied, pushing the ski-mask above his head and putting his fake machete away. Apparently for this Halloween, he decided to dress up as Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th. “I’ve got almost full in my Jack-O-Lantern treat bag, though I dunno why Ho-Hos seems to be the rage this year.”

“At least you got Ho-Hos,” Kitty replied as she adjusted the cape of her Dracula-mummy hybrid costume. “I seem to be getting a LOT of toffee candies, and I think I got a toffee apple as well.”

“I got me quite a bit of chocolate,” Sapphire said as she took off her Guy Fawkes mask that complimented her V for Vendetta costume. “Wanna trade?”

“I wanna!” Illusion exclaimed, raising her hand and making her already super short midriff shirt of her sexy gargoyle costume ride up her boobs. “I got too much lollipops and chewing gum. I need me some cocoa!”

“Speaking of cocoa,” Heaven said as she lowered the hood of her Death Eater costume, “where are the rest of the gang? Why aren’t they joining us for trick-or-treating?”

“Yami had to attend a family gathering this time,” Akari stated. “Some old relatives that she didn’t even know existed came for the Halloween and they’re having some sort of welcoming party. She did send me a picture of her in her sexy witch costume though.”

He held up his phone to show the girls her picture in his WhatsApp.

“Ooh~ Nice and sexy~!” Illusion cooed. “Well, I heard that T3munitu is sick. Too much eggnog while she was preparing for her own Halloween party at home.”

“Ouch!” Kitty winced. “That is so gonna leave a bad hangover for her. You’re buddies with Hine. Have you heard anything from her?”

“Not really,” Heaven shrugged. “She said she would come, but then she didn’t show. She’s prolly having her own happy trick-or-treating with her boyfriend.”

“Figures,” Illusion chuckled. “Well then, since we’ve done all our trick-and-treating, what else shall we do?”

“I dunno,” Kitty shrugged. “We’re at your house, Akari. You should decide what we need to do.”

“How about some candy-eating contest?” Akari suggested, an expectant beam on his face.

“We don’t have your bottomless pit of a stomach, Akari,” Sapphire grimaced. “The last time we tried that we almost had sugar overdose, remember?”

“At least I won,” Akari grinned proudly. “How about a movie marathon?”

“You know I’m not into horror movies, Akari,” Heaven groaned. “The last movie marathon gave me nightmares.”

“Wuss,” Akari snorted. “More trick-and-treating?”

“Too tired,” Illusion moaned.

“Ghost story around the candlelight?”

“Done that last year,” Kitty replied.

“Try to summon Bloody Mary?”

“Nuh-uh. We are NOT trying that,” Sapphire retorted.

“Then what DO you girls wanna do? I’m all out.”

A brief silence ensued as the gang thought about it. The silence was pretty thick that you could almost hear the gears in their heads turning.

“I know!” Illusion finally broke the ice. “Let’s go on a treasure hunt!”

“Treasure hunt?” Heaven raised a brow. “A treasure hunt for what?”

Illusion happily pointed upwards.

“Upstairs?” Kitty asked.

“Nope, even higher.”

Akari thought for a bit before widening his eyes, “No way! My attic?”

“Yup! We’ll tread through that dusty, cobwebbed place and look for something that we think is the most valuable thing. The one with the best item wins!”

“I dunno,” Sapphire hesitated. “I don’t do well with dirt and spider-infested places.”

“Aww, c’mon! It’ll be fun! Besides, do you guys have any other ideas to kill the time?”

The exchanged glances between them answered her question.

“Oh well, what have we got to lose but one night, right?” Kitty shrugged as she gave in to the idea.

“I’m in,” Akari raised his hand.

“Me too,” Heaven nodded.

“What the heck,” Sapphire sighed. “I’m in too.”


“Alright, everyone. Let’s see what we’ve got!”

Everyone gathered at the middle of the attic with their items that they’ve found during their impromptu treasure hunt. As Akari tweaked the attic light to make the place brighter, they placed their find on the floor in plain view.

“OMG, I can’t believe I have SO much junk here in the attic,” Akari returned to the group and put down his find amongst the others. “So I found me a porcelain carousel music box. Looks pretty old, but it’s also quite pretty. What did you find?”

“I found an old Raggety Anne doll,” Kitty replied, earning a few flinches from everyone in the room. “Though I’m sure it’s a normal Raggety Anne, not the one that’s in Annabelle.”

“It better not be,” Sapphire said as she showed her find. “Mine is an old rocking horse. This thing must be like, a gajillion years old or something.”

“I’d like to think that looks like something my great-great-great grandparents used to play with as kids,” Heaven noted. “I found myself an old-looking mirror. Pretty antique, judging by the design. Prolly almost like the mirror they used in the Harry Potter movies and no,” she stopped Akari from saying anything, “we are NOT summoning Bloody Mary with it.”

“Well, I found ourselves an old board game,” Illusion replied as she opened the box. “And look, they still have their pieces and dices and everything!”

“A board game?” Kitty looked at the cover. “What kind of board game?”

“Says here, it’s called Descent,” Sapphire stole a look at the box cover as well, reading the name printed in some kind of old-school font.

“It’s even got an instruction manual,” Illusion said as she whipped out a small booklet from the box.

“What does it say, nee-san?” Akari asked.

“Here. I’m too lazy to read it out loud,” Illusion replied as she brought the booklet closer to the light for everyone to read:

“Descent” is a board game that will make you question your reality as you immerse yourself into the narrative features of its gameplay. All you need to do is roll the dice, recite the password “Speak, friend and lead me to temptation” and you will be transported into a world where you will encounter your deepest, darkest desires.

Caution: Do not play alone, do not play in a graveyard, only play during Halloween and always offer a candy at the end of the game.

“That’s it?” Heaven raised a brow. “That’s the entire instruction?”

“It is after just one whole page,” Illusion waved the thin booklet at the air to prove her point.

“This game sounds kinda interesting,” Kitty said as she studied the board, which consists of only a picture of a big black universe within a circle and five paths that lead towards the picture. “Let’s give it a shot.”

“I thought we were supposed to be comparing our find and see who is the winner,” Heaven reminded them.

“It’s clear that nee-san is the winner,” Akari shrugged. “I mean, it got us all talking about it.”

“Are you sure we should do this?” Sapphire looked unsure. “What if it’s dangerous? The board itself kinda reminds me of Jumanji.”

“C’mon, don’t be such a scaredy cat,” Akari chuckled at the pun. “It’s not like this day can’t get any worse as it is.”

“Yeah, it might just be nothing anyways,” Illusion said as she set up the pieces and took out the dices. “Besides, it’s just a stupid board game. Now who wants to go first?”

“I do!” Kitty took the dices from Illusion’s hand and rolled it, reciting the password. One by one, they rolled their dices and got their turn: Illusion was first, Akari was second, Kitty was third, Sapphire was fourth and Heaven was last. The pieces on the board seemed to know instinctively their players’ turn as they suddenly settled themselves on their platform and moved according to who goes first, and one by one, they slid down the paths and disappeared into the universe circle.

Without warning, the attic lights went out and the gang soon disappeared into darkness.


“Ugh… Where am I…?”

Illusion sat up and found herself lying inside a space pod. The metal was cold to the touch and when she reached up to try and get up, she was met with the touch of frozen glass.

“What the hell…?? Hey, hey, lemme out! Lemme out!”

Subject has awakened. Initiate pod release.

A loud hiss was heard as the glass lid of her space pod opened, small pockets of steam coming out of the side. That’s when Illusion realized that she was completely naked save for a small towel that barely served as her loincloth.

Blushing, she looked around trying to look for something to cover her top at least when another hiss was heard from behind her. There, at the door, stood two figures almost as tall as the door itself. They were obscured by the shadows, but once they entered, Illusion saw that the one on the right was some sort of robot that kinda reminded her of Ultron that she saw in the latest Avengers 2 trailer when her husband showed her the other day, and the one on the left was an alien that looked almost like a cross between Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect and Predator. She pretty much had a lady boner upon seeing the two walking towards her.

“It seems that our subject has recuperated from her stasis,” the robot noted. Illusion could’ve sworn that the robot had a sort of English accent.

“Indeed,” the alien agreed, though Illusion couldn’t pick up any accent from it. “Maybe now she has more energy to continue to entertain us.”

“Of course. Shall we bring out the restrainers again?”

“The what…?”

Illusion’s startled question was answered when a huge number of tentacle-like robotic arms came out of the ceiling at the robot’s mental orders. They picked her up with ease and tore off the thread-bare towel that covered her nether regions and spread her body in full view for the robot and the alien to see. Before she knew it, she found herself staring at the alien’s very well-endowed (complete with ridges) member and the robot’s vibrating spike that suspiciously shaped almost like the huge dildos she’d seen in porn.

“W-Woah…H-Hold up now,” Illusion blushed even harder as she struggled in her restraints, though in truth, she’s not really trying. “W-Whatever happened about not having sex on the first date here?”

“Again with the witty banter,” the alien said as he probed his thick member against her wet hole. “You weren’t this hesitant when you did this with us the first dozen times.”

“I…I did…?” Illusion’s breath hitched as she could feel the robot’s spike rubbing against her ass.

“The subject seems to portray a little lack of cognitive memory,” the robot commented. “Have we overloaded her too much on our last physical encounter?”

“She looks more than ready to me,” the alien purred, speaking as if she weren’t there.

“Then shall we proceed?”

“We shall.”

Illusion gasped as both the robot and the alien entered her through either side, the alien’s manhood thrust deep into her womb while the robot’s spike thrust even deeper into her ass. She literally orgasmed at the moment of their entry—surprising herself at how fast she was able to get off by just that—and as the alien, its cold metallic servos gripping at her breasts, and the robot, its claws holding onto her hips for leverage, moved in almost synchronized rhythm, she knew this was not going to be the last orgasm anytime soon.


“Wake up, Akari.”

Akari winced and blinked his eyes open. His vision slowly cleared and the first thing he saw was his belly stuck up almost as high as 9-month pregnant woman having twins would. He looked almost like he had 5 helpings of an all-you-can-eat buffet, and he could feel that there was some kind of aftertaste still in his mouth, tasting almost like a bagel. He was also quite naked and almost felt like he was semi-erected.

“Giving up so soon, sweetie? You know you still have plenty of room for more.”

Akari turned to see the owner of the voice and saw that it was Yami sitting next to him, dressed in red and black lingerie with a small tray of desserts on her lap and holding a forkful of cake in one hand. Akari blushed a little at the sight.

“Y-Yami…? Sweetie, what are you doing here…?”

She smiled deviously and stuffed the forkful of cake into his mouth.

“Now, now. Less talk, more eating. And look who I brought for you.”

Akari turned weakly to look at the direction Yami was pointing at, though his gut was making it a little hard for him to see. The curtains of the canopy bed parted aside to reveal a rather muscular man coming in, also sporting a gut just like him, but not as big as he was, and just enough fat at the right places on his limbs. Not only that, he was also pretty well-hung for a man with the chubs.

“W-What… Who is this?”

“Your treat, of course. Happy Halloween, sweetie. Now relax, open wide and let us take real good care of you.”

So saying, as Yami stuffed another forkful of cake into Akari’s mouth, the muscular man climbed up the bed and started stroking him, dipping his hand into some nice whipped cream, licked them all up before inserting his cream-filled fingers into Akari’s ass, stretching and preparing him for his grand entrance. Knowing that he was loose enough, the man probed his large member against Akari’s hole before pushing it in, earning a groan of pleasure from the younger man at the same time he was fed with another piece of dessert from the tray.

As his new chubby lover pounded into him, Yami took the rest of the whipped cream and poured it over Akari’s erected member and started giving him one of the best damn blowjobs he had ever felt in a long time. It wasn’t before long when Akari finally lost control and came into Yami’s mouth while he felt himself being filled to the brim with the man’s powerful warm seed. Yami swallowed every last drop, licked her lips and hummed in delight while she straddled him and pushed herself down onto his still erected member while the man continued pounding into him, not nearly as done as he had expected.

If this was heaven, he was glad to be dead and living in it now.


“Hello~? Hello, is anybody out there~?”

Kitty found herself wandering in the midst of a dense and dark forest, with trees as tall as skyscrapers and were gnarly and spindly, like something out of a horror film. The occasional owl hoots caught her off guard, but other than that, there was not a single soul in sight, not even the sound of crickets that often hung about in big forests like this.

“Guys, it’s not funny! C’mon out! Where are you~?!”

Suddenly she had a cold chill running down her spine, like she was being watched. She looked around to see who it was but she couldn’t make out anything in the pitch black darkness before her. She could’ve sworn she heard some slithering going on somewhere but she couldn’t tell from which direction it was coming from.

“Guys? Is that you? It’s not funny, guys~! C’mon, we gotta go ho—”

Her words were caught mid-sentence when she suddenly bumped against something. At first she thought she hit a tree, but it felt soft to the touch. As her eyes tried to adjust to the dark, she looked up and saw someone who was all too familiar.


Without warning, she felt something wrapped around her waist and carried up towards Slenderman’s face. He was exactly as the internet described him: tall, full-on black attire with a tie to boot, and a completely white, blank face. Literally.

“W-Woah… Y-You’re actually pretty intimidating…up close…” Kitty could barely hide her blush when she stared right at his face, though the darkness helped.

Slenderman didn’t say a word. His tentacles started to appear out of his back in huge tendrils—like fast-growing vines—as he used his long, slender fingers to peel off Kitty’s costume bit by bit, beginning with the Dracula cape, then the bandages of her mummy costume, layer by layer, as the tentacle that carried her maintained with his “eye” level. Before she knew it, she was already completely bare naked in plain view for the monster to see.

“W-What are you…going to do to me…?”

Still no word of reply from Slenderman. His action spoke louder than words as his smaller tentacles started looming towards her and wrapped around her breasts, one of them even went downward to give her womanhood a much needed petting. Kitty gasped in surprise and pleasure as the tentacles had their way with her, touching and rubbing and holding her in places she never even thought existed, and that was before he lowered her down towards his crotch and shoving her deep onto his monster-size cock. And all the while, the tentacles never missed a beat, still paying attention to the spots that made her go crazy.

As she screamed from her orgasm over and over again, she could see from the corner of her eyes a few more figures that were of the same built as Slenderman coming close towards her, and they all loomed over her with wicked smiles on their faces. In the back of her pleasure-filled mind, she knew she recognized them, especially the one with colourful polka dots and the one with the huge trench coat.

“Looks like you found something very delectable, brother. Can we join in?”

Kitty lost it the moment the one with the trench coat reached his bony hand over to tweak her nipple. It was going to be a long night.


“Ouch! What the…?”

Sapphire woke up to the sting on her arm. Her vision adjusted to the dimness of the room and she realized she was being held up against the wall in restraints and being posed like she was crucified. What’s more, she was completely nude from head to toe and was weirdly painted on with some kind of white and black body paint.

“Hey!” Sapphire tugged at her restraints. “Hey! Where the hell am I? What is this? Lemme go!”

“Oh, where is the fun in that, little kitty cat?”

Sapphire looked around for the sound of the voice, but she could only make out a dark figure within the shadows, or a slightly illuminated silhouette, to be exact. All she could tell was that the voice sounded slightly like New Orleans accent.

“Who are you? What are you doing to me? Where am I?”

“So many questions. So many doubts and suspicions. Why don’t you just keep quiet and try to enjoy this?”

Sapphire squinted her eyes to see the stranger producing a straw doll that had purple yarn for hair and a small bundle of yarn for a tail. Somehow it kind of reminded her of herself, like a miniature straw doll of herself. The figure extended his free hand and pulled out the pin that was stuck to the doll’s right hand, and she flinched, feeling another sting, as if there was something on her hand that was being pulled out. He then produced a small strip of tape with his free hand and proceeded to tape it across the straw doll’s neck. She gasped as she realized she could feel it on her neck too and when she tried to speak, no sound came out.

“That’s much better,” the stranger purred as he held up the doll before her face, still hidden within the shadows so that she could not see his face. “Now for the main event.”

The stranger then produced a cotton bud out of thin air and proceeded to start tickling the straw doll’s top, specifically where Saph’s nipple might be, and it immediately reflected on her actual body as she gasped in surprise.

“Fascinating, isn’t it, what voodoo can do to you? You didn’t think that all it can do is inflicting pain and suffering, did you?” the stranger purred as he flicked the cotton bud at the same area, making Sapphire arched and gasped at the feeling of her nipples being teased like that. In fact, it actually made her have a mini-orgasm from that touch.

“So soon? And I thought I could have a bit more fun with you,” the figure chuckled.

He then materialized one of those pill-shaped vibrators and turned it on before he started tracing it along the straw doll’s body, alternating between the top where her breasts would be, the middle where her belly button would be, and the bottom where her womanhood would be. Sapphire let out wordless scream after scream as whatever was done to the doll was reflected on her twice as much, making her literally orgasm hard from the stranger’s ministrations. Her back arched out so much, you’d swear it might snap any minute.

“Now the real fun begins.”

She had barely managed to recover from her aftershocks when she suddenly felt something enter her. She shakily looked up to see the stranger slowly pushing in the pill-sized vibrator into a hole that was already carved beforehand on the straw doll that seems to serve as its pussy of some sort, and the invisible intrusion into her body went deeper and deeper until she could feel it vibrating against her G-spot.

Once she felt the invisible force thrusting in and out of her, mirroring the motions the stranger did to her straw doll double, she knew it was going to be either the best or the worst night of her life.


“You’re late.”

Heaven blinked as she found herself standing inside a room holding a tray of food, and that she was dressed in nude apron attire. The owner of the voice was sitting on a couch looking at her with authoritative eyes.

“Uh, um, sorry,” Heaven stuttered a bit as she went forward with the tray towards the man and settled it on the coffee table. Instincts told her to just play along and deal with the situation later.

“Have you forgotten your manners? What are you supposed to call me?”

Looking at the no-nonsense expression on the man’s face and her nude apron attire, she put two and two together.

“S-Sorry, Master…” Heaven replied submissively as she tried to avoid eye contact. She could’ve sworn he looked almost like Prof. Snape, but only just. She knew it wasn’t him, but it made her blush all the same.

“Looks like someone needs to be taught a lesson about proper manners.”

Before Heaven could react, she found herself lying face-first on the coffee table, her bare bottom high up for his eyes to see. She felt his slightly calloused hand stroking her ass as he prepared her for what’s to come. She could almost feel herself getting wet just thinking about it.

“Please, Master. I’ll be good. D-Don’t punish me…” she whimpered, almost surprised at how natural it came out of her lips.

“No amount of begging is going to save you now, you whore,” the man replied as he used his free hand to grip at her hair and hold her down. “Now take your punishment like the naughty little slave you are.”

Without warning, she felt the first blow of the man’s palm on her ass, the smack echoed throughout the room. Heaven whimpered as blow after blow came down on her tender ass, alternating between cheeks and even in the middle in which she could feel it on her tailbone. After the 10th blow, she was already starting to lose count as she started sobbing both in pain and pleasure.

“Please, Master!” Heaven begged. “Please, I’ll be a good girl! Please stop!”

“Are you going to disrespect me ever again?”

“No…No, Master…!”

“Are you going to remember your manners and know who you’re speaking to?”

“Y-Yes, yes, Master…!”

“Are you truly sorry for what you did?”

“Yes, Master, yes! Please! Please forgive me!”

“Good. And just so you remember…”

The man landed a few more hard smacks to plow the message in before ending the punishment session. She twitched as she could feel his hands still stroking her ass, which was throbbing with pain right now and was sending tremors down to her nether regions, making her leak even more.

“Looks like someone seems to be enjoying their punishment more than she should.”

“N-Not true, Master…” Heaven shook her head, even though her womanhood betrayed her thoughts.

“Mmm, so warm. I wonder how it feels like to fuck a slave while the sting is still fresh.”

“Master, please, no…” Heaven begged, though her words don’t really carry any merit to what she really desired right now.

As if answering her true wishes, the man took out his member and shoved it deep into her, hitting her G-spot just right due her body position on the coffee table. Heaven gasped at the intrusion, her pussy instinctively clenching around the man’s cock.

“Mmh, yes. Looks like I was right. You do love your punishment, you slutty slave.”

“Y-Yes…Yes, Master, I’m your slutty slave…”

“You’re mine, you hear me? You are not to show yourself like this to anyone but me.”

“Y-Yes, Master…I belong only to you…”

The man continued to talk dirty at Heaven as he ravaged her again and again. He pummeled her hard and fast on the coffee table; their bodies so close you’d swear you need more than a crowbar to separate them. Their moans and groans of pleasure and the sound of the furniture giving way to their love-making replacing the previous smacking noises as it echoed throughout the room again in an instant. By the time they roared out their climaxes, cushions were all over the floor and the tray of food that Heaven had brought in was a huge pile of mess under the coffee table.

“Look what you did,” the man replied as he picked up the broken china, no doubt one of the plates from the tray Heaven was carrying earlier. “You have ruined my tea.”

“B-But Master, it was y…” her words were caught mid-sentence with another loud smack onto her ass.

“Seems like you haven’t learnt your lesson at all, have you? I’m going to have to punish you again to get my message across.”

One look at the devious smile on her master’s face, Heaven almost half-wished that this night would never end.


The sound of kids laughing outside and cars driving by woke the gang up. Kitty was the first to stir, followed by the others.

“Uuuggghhhh… What the… Where are we…?” Kitty groaned as she massaged her forehead.

“Nnnhhh…” Akari sat up slowly before looking around, taking his time. “I think…I think we’re back in the attic.”

“W-We’re back…?” Illusion rubbed her eyes to let it adjust to the light that streamed through the attic window. “W-When did we get back?”

“I dunno, but I feel like a missile just got shot up my ass,” Sapphire groaned, awake but not moving from her spot. “And I’m not sure if I can say it’s a good or bad way.”

“Well, I feel like I’ve just been split into two, but I love it,” Heaven also did not move from her spot, and her hand reached down to feel the phantom pain that still lingered on her ass.

“Oh, so…you guys really went to the other side, huh?” Illusion said as she blushed, the thought of being ravished by the alien and the robot still fresh in her mind.

“I dunno,” Akari checked himself. “We still have our clothes on. And I don’t feel any…leftover residue from our encounter, if you wanna put it mildly.”

“Aww…Then it was all just a dream?” Kitty pouted disappointedly. “None of it ever happened? We just fell asleep and the board game wasn’t for real?”

“I wouldn’t put it off as a dream just yet.”

Everyone turned at Heaven’s words as they looked at the board game. The pieces have returned but all lined up around the universe circle at the end of the path, and in the middle of the universe circle floated the most familiar line in an eerie font:


“Woah…” Akari breathed out. “So…what are we supposed to do now?”

“Remember the last line in the instruction manual?” Illusion reminded them. “Always offer a candy at the end of the game, if I’m not mistaken.”

“How are we gonna do that?” Kitty scratched her head.

“We’ll just have to find out,” Sapphire replied. “Anyone have candy on them? I got Reese’s Pieces.”

“I got a Mars bar,” Illusion said, taking it out of her pocket.

“I got a pack of M&Ms,” Akari noted.

“I got a packet of toffee candy,” Kitty replied.

“And I got jellybeans,” Heaven said. “Let’s see what happens when I put it on the board game.”

So saying, Heaven laid her bag of jellybeans onto the universe circle. After a few moments, the gang watched in awe as the bag of jellybeans slowly sank into the circle like as if it was being swallowed by quicksand. As the rest of the gang followed behind putting their candies onto the universe circle, they, too, sunk into it like quicksand and disappeared before their eyes. Another few moments later, the universe circle slowly turned black and became 2-D and the pieces flopped down like a lifeless doll, but not before it popped up another phrase with its eerie font:


“I guess…we won the game?” Illusion said as she stared at the board game.

“Was there even a game to begin with?” Akari raised a brow.

“I guess not.”

“I definitely know what I’m gonna do next Halloween,” Kitty grinned deviously.

“Ho yeah, definitely.” Heaven’s grin mirrored Kitty, her eyes already shining with expectation for the future.

Needless to say, it was exactly the same thought on everyone else’ mind.

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