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Anime Couples by BlackKnightGargie

Winterfell came to me in a bright sunny day
Where innocence ran rampant
And dreams were those that held a child’s mind together
He proclaimed his love and devotion to me
In a way an unadulterated boy would
And I was taken by his sincerity
And promised my heart to him

Longsilver appeared to me not in a blaze of glory
Nor as a knight in shining armour
But as quiet as the calm of the river
Yet as gentle as the summer’s breeze
Aided me when I was lost
In a world so different as mine
Became my guidance and my eyes
Though our journey together was sudden and brief
And lost within the sands of time

Clairvoyance swept past my defenses
When Winterfell’s promise reneged
Childish and innocent, yet full of life
Clung to me like a boy would a sister
Admired me like a child would to a hero
Blossomed within my heart like a flower would to the sun
But our two hearts were not meant to be as one
As the truth struck fear to his innocence
A careless word
And he was nevermore

Treelocks appeared without warning
The years that passed since my loss of Winterfell’s heart
A hearsay among my brethren
Of his wonting heart for my own
My mind awry, my soul astray
I gave in to the hearsay and accepted him
But hearsay was all it was, a hearsay
His mind yearned for me
But his heart did not

Blueblood was a sight to behold
Made my heart a-flutter and my breath quicken
My chest would clench tight at his presence
To the point where a day without seeing him
Felt like an eternity of pain
He did not see me coming
As I professed my love for him
We became the subject of ridicule
And our thoughts were never expressed
And one memoir later
He became the one that got away

Allsouls did not possess
The humor most people have
His solemnness intrigued me
And I made it my mission
To extract even the slightest bit of mirth
From his stoic lips
The day he burst out laughing over my demise
Was the day he set my passion on fire
But it was a day too late
As he belonged to another
Still I bared my soul to him
In hopes that he would trade her for me
But my love was not returned
And my heart was never the same

Matron was an eccentric soul
Who moved to his own beat
And answered to no man
His fiery passion was infectious
And my heart went out to him before
The reigns of my mind could stop me
His flaws were invisible to me
And his downsides were nothing to me
Everything about him was a delight to my eyes
Until the day a maternal advice
Cleared the fog away
The truth hurts even though I knew
It existed all along
He was a child in a man’s body
Who could never be my own
As our bond was severed
So did my heart

Months went by
Bringing in the years
My heart fleeted from time to time
From Devonshire, who is like a brother to me
To infatuations beyond my reach
Like Baelfire, Gamesport, Overture and Illusion
From Seashell, a man who belonged to another
To pretty faces like Yorker, Rushmore and Kellenstone
Some came to me of their own fleeting
Like Evenlight, an eccentric soul like Matron
And Applejack, an outcast with a gentle soul
And a close call of a brother named Jingleton
Almost blossomed in my own volition
But in the end, all were not the right fit
Of the puzzle which is my heart and soul

Until one day
After many hardships and pain
Of my love being devoured by loneliness
And my life in a home and a parent
I call hell
Jesselton fell from the family tree of Jingleton
Onto my wonting lap
He filled the void in my life
And fitted the puzzle of my heart
He showered me with kindness and love
And fought my demons with a burning passion
He broke the walls of my prison
And pulled my soul out of the treacherous muck
He sacrificed his everything
To make me his own
And freed me from the thorns of darkness
To bring me into the wings of light

3 years have passed
With a precious diamond we created
Between us
And I will remain in this blissful warmth
For eternity and a day

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