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These are extracts from my Great Uncle's diary from when he was 13.
August 21st, 1962:

Today I visited the cherry tree on the hill. Lisa and I carved our names in the tree. I think Pa saw us, so I'm staying at her house tonight. I have that feeling...what do you call it....

Love! Yes, I love Lisa, but I don't think she loves me in the same way.

August 22nd, 1962: Pa didn't see us, but he beat me for not coming home. I am not supposed to see Lisa for a month, but I will find a way. I can see the tree on top of the hill. It seems to...haunt me. I can't stop thinking about it, I think i'm just going crazy from missing Lisa, but Pa doesn't know Lisa. I will invite her over for supper, maybe Pa will let me.

August 24th, 1962: Pa let us have supper together. He really likes Lisa, too much I could say, but Pa isn't like that. Lisa is staying over tonight, but Pa insists on her staying in his room, while he sleeps in the dining room. I find it eerie, as we have a bed in my room, Albeit its nice of Pa to let her stay!

August 25th, 1962: The police were at my house today after Lisa's parents were awoken by a knock on the door to find a beaten, bruised and naked Lisa whimpering at their front door! She she was raped by Pa. I had that feeling of love, but my mind is telling me to get revenge for Lisa, so when Pa is sleeping, I'm going to bash his head in with a mallet.

This is the first 3 pages that he wrote on. I'm flicking through the diary to find some more. I will update this when I can, but now, I have to visit my Great Uncle in prison.


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