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I lived in a not very well known city since it never had that many interesting events nor was it the prettiest or the city that had the best restaurants so it was as I said not very popular. In this city I lived with my husband and everything seemed to be going perfectly. Well everything was going perfectly. The only problem at that time was I thought we lived to far from everyone since we were at least 200 ft away from our first neighbor but besides that everything was great.

One day we were thinking of the idea of a pet or a child we knew we weren't going to get ether for a while but we were just thinking about it. We didn't have enough money to support ether of those so we decided to wait on both. The day when I first saw her he went to work first since I had to work a night shift and he had to work at the office during the afternoon so I would have to walk to work since he took the car. It was around 5:30 P.M. when I left to go to work. It was oddly foggy out for our city but I also seem to remember seeing no cars drive by then I saw her.

She was at least 5 ft 7in and had long dark brown hair. She wore an extremely odd yet beautiful style black dress with red rose design on it. She also wore a necklace with a decaying four leaf clover it was almost completely black and the stem was missing. She also carried a black umbrella like the umbrellas people normally bring to funerals. She just stood there looking at the ground.

I stopped and walked slowly towards her and I was nervous and I thought there was something off about her and I wasn't sure what it was. As I approached her the turned cold and the animals that were out were dead silent. She looked at me with a cold stare her face was beautiful and emotionless she then looked back down out the ground. "A squirrel has died today its tail was ripped off and its legs crushed its eyes had even popped out and one was crushed yet no one seems to care.

Yet it has a beauty isn't it?" she said then took a step closer. "Perhaps it's because it's just a soulless animal that no one cares to shed a tear. I shall make your death have a purpose." she said almost whispering this time. A second after that she curtsied then said " Hello madam, do you know what you fear most and what you should truly fear?".

I was unnerved I had no Idea what to do but I decided to say something and leave. "No I don't and I have to go to work." I said softly walking away from the woman. I was slightly disturbed then I looked back yet she had disappeared I went back to walking to work but the fog started to get worse. I heard tapping and I started to walk faster then I heard the tapping get louder as if the person was right behind me. I turned around yet no one was there. I sighed then a car was right in front of me the man driving kept yelling at me but I was in shock I walked away scared but thinking it's just terrible day.

I finally got to work and saw my best friend Lilly. " Hi Lilly how have you been?" I said with a smile but still shaken up. She looked at me and smiled "I've been good how are you and your husband?" she said walking over to the meals for her table. "We're ok I've had better days though." I said walking towards the door out of the kitchen. I lied since I didn't feel like answering questions.

I was told to go to my table so I walked then saw my friend's new table it was that woman she had only ordered a water and she was talking to Lilly then when Lilly had turned her back the woman glared at her. She then smiled as she turned her head to me and she left a dollar even though water is free then walked to me it started to get colder as she got closer she then whispered " She is such a good girl what a shame." and walked away.

I then walked home it was night and I could of swore someone was watching me yet I ignored the feeling since I couldn't see anyone. I still couldn't help but think about her. I thought of her and got chills but I the end I decided to think she was crazy or trying to bother me. Later I got in my house and told my husband about it and we sat down together "I saw the creepiest woman today."

I said leaning on him. "Really, what was she like?" he asked with a smile. "She was beautiful yet the the way she spoke and the things she spoke about were disturbing she even showed up at my job. I also almost got hit by a car I had a rough day." I said now getting goose bumps. "Well I'm glad you're okay. Why don't we relax and get some sleep?" he said comforting me." "Okay" I said with a smile and hugged him.

Later during that night I had heard what sounded like high heels walking outside our door. "Do you hear that?" I asked my husband rolling over to face him. "No what do you hear?" he asked waking up a bit. "I hear what sounds like high heels walking closer to our room.". "Alright I'll go check it out" he said as he grabbed baseball bat we kept in our room. "Be careful." I said worried he might get hurt. "I will be." he said about to open the door.

He left for a few minutes then he yelled "Nobody is out here.". I was relieved and decided to fall asleep. I heard him lay down as I started to drift. When I finally fell asleep my dream slowly twisted into a nightmare. It started off just me at work nothing interesting then I spotted the woman and she slowly walks towards me. Her high heels kept making a tapping noise which started to get unnerving as she got closer. "Will you weep for the death of your beloved?" she said coldly.

I just stared at her horrified at what she was talking about then I started saying "This is only a dream you can't hurt me.". She smiled then whispered "Madam I can hurt you." she grabbed my arm then slashed it with her sharp nails. Then she laughed as I bled her laugh was the distorted and horrifying. I then woke up and realized my arm was bleeding and I screamed.

My husband jumped up horrified and confused then looked around the room then at me. He saw I was bleeding then asked "What happened?" he then said "I'm going to get something to stop the bleeding." he said rushing out the door.

I waited for him to get bandages as I held my stinging arm as the warm blood flowed through the cracks in between my fingers. He came back with rubbing alcohol and bandages. "I don't know how this happened." I said breaking the silence. " Well that should stop the bleeding. I don't know what could of caused this." he said. "I just want to go back to sleep." I whispered to him. He nodded and laid back down.

I woke up and looked at my husband. He smiled and said "Good morning.". "Well you have to go to work early today so let's get going." I told him while I opened the door. "Oh alright." he said with a smile. We did everything normally we had breakfast and then he got dressed in his work clothes. "Got everything you need honey." I said hugging him. "Yeah I everything love you." he said rushing. "I love you too dear." I said giving him a quick hug then I told him "Be careful ok.". He nodded then ran out the door.

I watched him get in the car then leave but right before he left in the distance I thought I saw that woman smiling and standing there. I sat down and watched TV then the TV turned off by itself and refused to come back on. I started to worry since I had seen that woman thinking she might have done something to the car or him. Then there was a soft knocking on the door then it slowly creaked open.

Then suddenly it felt like the room was pulsing after that it turned and I heard the tapping of high heels. I started to run as I heard the tapping slowly coming close. Soon I started to hear humming as the tapping got louder and started to speed up. I ran till I found a closet to hide in upstairs and when I opened the closet to find my husband colorless, impaled, his leg bones broken out of his skin with chunks of muscle stuck on the bone, and an expression of horror on his face. I gagged from the sight about to vomit but found it odd that with all these wounds there was no blood.

I felt someone behind me then I heard the woman whisper in my ear"Now weep madam.". I pushed her away as she laughed and I couldn't control my tears I was crying so much I could barely see then I said softly "W-What are you?". She smiled and said "Madam my name is Clover and I always hated people I was alive before you all existed it was beautiful yet humans destroy nature which makes me unhappy but you didn't ask that.

You want to know what I am well I am the beauty of nature and death.". She pulled out a maggots from her dress then said "That squirrel kept this alive so your husband will keep more alive along with other creatures death can equal life madam but you humans don't like that idea. Isn't it beautiful madam?" she said rubbing the tears off my face. "Why are you doing this to me?" I said pushing her hand away.

She smacked me across the face her nails leaving cuts and then proceeded to choke me then said "Madam I do this because it's fun and you all deserve this.". She laughed as I tried to escape her grip finally I got her off me then I grabbed the bat and hit her with all of my strength and a blood was on the bat yet she was perfectly fine then I hear her giggle as if it had just tickled her.

I ran away as I heard her whisper "I know what you fear most and I promise you will suffer miss.". I then heard what sounded like my husband whispering "Why didn't you help me.". It started to get darker and seemed like the hallway was neverending. The hallway started pulsating and I fell down when I looked up everything was normal the TV was even gone then the phone rang. I got a call saying my husband died gruesomely in a car accident. I sat on the couch and cried and after about I decided to call Lilly since I needed someone to talk yet the response I got once someone answered was "Why?" then the phone hung up.

I had nightmares of that same "Why?" that my friend had said the one nightmare that haunted me the longest started out with me walking down a long hallway. The stench of rotten flesh was lingering in the air. Then after a minute I started to hear someone whispering "Why?".

Soon it stopped then I hear bones cracking and it was coming closer. My heart was pounding faster as the cracking noise got louder. I then saw what was making that horrible noise it was my decaying husband walking he looked worse his skin was missing chunks revealing bone, some skin was still hanging from his body, and an eye was missing. I woke up screaming then I looked around I realized it was a nightmare and tried to get some sleep.

Three days later the police then came to my house to ask me questions because my friend had been missing for three days. They asked me a few questions and I answered them honestly except a few but that's because I don't think they'd believe me. They left and I waved as they left and decided that I can't do this anymore I wanted to die. I sat on the couch for 15 minutes. I then went and bought rope and then drove home hoping to end the suffering of everyone I know since she got has taken the two people most important in my life.

I got everything ready as I knotted the rope and grabbed a chair. I stood there for a moment then put the rope around my neck. "God please save me from her." I whispered the kicked the chair but then I heard the rope snap. I went to see what had happened and it turned out someone cut the rope I then heard that tapping again. I was furious and screamed at the top of my lungs "You Bitch!". She walked up to me and then said calmly " Madam you will die but I would prefer if you suffered first. She then smiled and walked away.

She is still watching me I know because I see her eyes staring through all the reflective objects I own. Now mirrors have become a hell all I see is the horrified faces of my friend and husband now I no longer have anymore mirrors. Once in a while I will see my friend and I will run after her but she will be long gone still saying "Why?". I wish someone could help me but I'm a lost cause. Please heed my warning and run if you see her and pray to your god that she doesn't follow you.


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