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As I sleep I wonder is it there? Or is it my imagination wondering again? The noises the thoughts the images it can't be real.

James "Having those dreams again?". 
John "Yeah it has been happening a lot". 
As I walk in the halls I feel as if I'm being watched. An eerie feeling like someone wants to harm me. I tell myself nothing is there its all in your head. But is it really? There I go talking to myself in my head my friends always bringing me back to reality. James "John you have to quit dosing off" I look to the floor and walk to my class. Those eyes my fellow students thinking I'm a freak. But I'm not I seem to be the only one thinking. They listen to their parents constantly telling them its not real. Misleading If you ask me they should investigate. I slowly pace to my desk. They just stare until the teacher tells them to focus. It seems as if I'm alone in my head James being my only friend. I focus on my work just thinking to myself about the conflict I went through. The horror the chills running through my spine. Its almost to hard to forget. The bell rings jolting me away from my paradise, my head. I decide to not take the bus and walk home. 
Big mistake. 
I begin walking, I hear footsteps perfectly staying hidden in mine. But I notice the footsteps of another person. Or so I thought. I turn around but there is nothing there. I continue walking there they go again those footsteps. I stop walking and begin dashing for my house. Then the footsteps get faster. I hear the icy breath against my neck as I run. I scream for help but no one can hear me. A sharp pain against my neck a slash from nails not human nails the thing's nails. I turn there it is the thing. Staring at me with those black eyes as if staring right into my very soul.

Those fangs yellow disgusting,dreadful he was just grinning. A psychotic smile. Its fur black as night with something attached to its back. A child deformed into its back. The child's eyes red skin pale as snow and hair as golden as the sun. My heart racing I almost pissed myself at the sight. Adrenaline kicked in and i was running as fast as I have ever ran in my life. Thinking God please don't let me die today. Then the footsteps stop. I'm no rushing to my front door. My mother coming to comfort me. My mother began asking me whats wrong, are you okay. I tell what I had just experienced. She replies saying you are seeing things. Its all in your head. Attempting to assure me everything is all right. But I knew it wasn't. I ran to my room yelling at my mother, Telling her to lock all the doors and close the blinds. At that moment I knew my mother thought I was insane. Just like all the kids at school.

I had wished James was there to comfort me. I called he believed me and came to my house bringing his baseball bat. He had asked where I saw the thing. I explained to him I couldn't remember. His mother had called him home for dinner. I felt alone with my father being dead since I was a child. My mother thinking I'm insane. I felt afraid the only place I knew to go to was my head. My mind went crazy all these things images, my mind seemed to create scary images I couldn't sleep. Whenever I closed my eyes those images came making me unable to sleep. I looked out the window and saw a figure. It seemed to get closer and closer. I was frozen I wanted to flee but I couldn't. It was the thing it was back. This time it spoke in a demonic voice saying he was toying with me. He also explained he wanted me to play his "game" he told me how he would feed off my fear. He told me how I was weak which made me an easy target. I felt my neck realizing this wasn't a nightmare. This was my new reality.

He began slashing softly at my face just enough to make me bleed slightly. He was licking his lips as if my fear was a buffet for him. I felt as if i was out of my body only wandering in a lonely place. My mind but i couldn't help but watch what he did to me. He then left because he had heard my mother coming up the steps. As the thing left I saw that wretched child on his back laughing as he hopped away. My mother looking at me I explained what had happens. She had said there was nothing on me. I told her about my neck and she looked and nothing was there. I was shocked but it seemed so real. I began doubting my sanity was it slowly slipping away. My mother took me to a therapist. Like that would work she tried treating me as if I was special which didn't work. I felt this as being a waste of my time. 
I went to James house hoping to clear my mind. He told me he had believed me he said he saw the scratches on my face and my neck. I was questioning my mother was she hiding something from me? Was she protecting me from myself? I went to the house watching out my window waiting for him to come back. There It was that thing. Shooting fear into my heart. I became more angry at my mother. This thing was convincing me my mother was my enemy. So manipulative, so convincing I doubted my own mother. I slipped silently in to my kitchen the thing following me. I grabbed the sharpest knife I could find. I began heading towards my mother's room.

Step by step up each stair it seemed as if seconds were hours. My heart racing. The thing behind me I paced nearer and nearer. I was so close I was opening my mother's door. She lay there sleeping so peaceful. I began reaching for her throat. But I thought this is my mother. Would she ever hurt me? The thing chanting me on trying to get me to do it. But why didn't he kill me when he had the chance? That child on his back staring at me. I didn't know what to do the pressure was so intense. I began reaching the knife closer to my mother's throat. I thought one slash she would bleed to death. But what about the evidence. What if this is just a dream. I mean I'm a freak right all the kids said so. Ha I am I'm a freak unliked why should I care if my mother dies or not. I thought and thought yes I would do it. The thing licking its lips again in excitement. I was about to slash her throat when my mother woke up. To the sight of my knife inches from her throat. She used her hands to block her throat. I ended up slashing her hand. The thing vanished.

I looked back to see if he was there. No he was gone. My mother punched the back of my head knocking me out cold. I seemed to be out for an hour or so. I woke up in a police cell. My mother crying. To think she would feel bad for me when I was about to take her life. I saw a loose pipe between my bed and the wall. I tugged at it it eventually came out and I began bringing it to my neck. The thing appeared chanting for me to do it. To take my life. I saw James he was there screaming saying I was trying to kill myself. Police Officers tried opening my cell. But I was to quick and slashed my throat. Oh my blood gushing from my neck. I felt at rest no more being called a freak. Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. All I remember is the thing laughing. Wow I regret taking my life because now I'm forever with the thing. I was on his back next to that child. Another voice that will never speak. A lost case a freak. Was it worth it my mind being the end of me. Was the thing really there? Or is this all just another dream?


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