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I had a strange dream a few weeks back...

(It's a little bit fuzzy, but I know it well enough. Oh, and before anyone says this is not very scary, THIS IS A TRUE DREAM I HAD. So the dream won't be directly creepy.)

I was having this dream, it was in third person, but I was thinking for myself. I was in my English class room, the only people in the room were me and the teacher. I raised my hand as she was giving a lecture to tell her that the Mayans were wrong, and that the world was not going to end in 2012. 

But when I tried to say that, I said it supposedly backwards, though I do not know if my mind was actually saying it backwards or if I was spouting complete rubbish. I was taken aback when I heard myself say this and was very confused. 

My teacher said cautiously, "What?" 

I responded by trying to say it again, this time saying the sentence correctly. 

After I said this, there was an agonizingly long moment of me and her just staring at each other blankly. Then, my teacher out of nowhere started yelling things backwards at me... no, not yelling, slowly getting louder, like turning up the sound on a speaker.

Then I woke up.

I had no idea what she said or if it was actually backwards. But when I told my teacher about the dream she said that she had a similar dream when she was a child. Expect they were talking about a different thing and the roles were reversed. 

This is the first time anything like this has happened to me... I not sure what to think.


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