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I had a dream one night, of a girl with long black hair and black eyes. She was walking down a long road, with her head ducked down as if she was sad. It was the middle of the night and nobody but the girl was to be seen.

Then, a man appeared in a long brown cloak. It was weird, it looked like he didn't have eyes. Mysteria asked the man who he is, and he replied: "I'm a follower."

Mysteria started running, as the man was slowly but surely following her. She turned a corner, and eventually came to and alleyway filled with black cats. If you looked at her, you'd see her black eyes slowly going red and her skin turning to white.

Soon, she got back to her house. It was a large, dark mansion with blood red roses growing in the garden. The mansion was on a massive hill.

As she opened the cold, black gate, her frown slowly turned to a smile. An evil, menacing smile. She let out a laugh, as her red eyes bled, and she then let out a blood curdling scream, and leaped out in front of my eyes.

This scared me.

I shot out of bed and found a note on the floor.

Mysteria is coming to get you.


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