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If you got to read this, it means I successfully escaped from wherever I was.

Day 1;

I don't know how I got here. I don't know where I am.

I'm panicking. I'm trapped in a cube, a grayish shiny cube. There is not a way out of here. I don't see any holes nor doors. Oh my Dear Lord, don't let me die here, please...

Day 2;

I feel hungry and thirsty. For now, I am still under control of my sanity. But for how long? Writing here relieves my stress. I guess it's time to tell myself what I found here, since I have no one to tell.

When I first woke up, I was looking at a blinding spotlight on the roof. When I got up, I looked around to see nothing but grayish walls. Four walls, I'm stuck on a fucking box. After recovering from my initial shock, I looked around. I found a desk with nothing on it besides some paper sheets and two pens. I also found a bed with a beaten up but clean mattress. It's creepy in here. It's claustrophobic, very claustrophobic. By now, I don't have anything to do besides writing here. I'm panicking, my stomach isn't feeling well, because I'm scared and because I don't eat for two days. I should get some sleep now.

Day 3;

Today, very fortunately and odd, I found a piece of meat and a glass of water near my bed. I wonder how it got here. I ate and drank like an animal. That relieved my stress, for now. I'm still scared and confused, I don't know where I am. I don't know WHO I am. However, it seems that my state of shock is passing already, as I made some discoveries; the walls, the roof and the floor is fluffy. And there is a small, shiny metal plate that reads "CEILING #32". That's very weird, I wonder why it is like this. God, where am I?

Day 4;

I woke up falling from my bed today. I don't know what time it is. I don't know what day or month or year it is. I feel dizzy. I feel very uncomfortable, I don't remember where I come from. It's so lonely in here! I think I'm losing my mind. The lights here never turn off, they're always on, so I never know what time it is. The temperature here is rather cold.

I feel like being observed. My stomach hurts once again, I'm scared about this place. I want to get out of here!

Day 5;

I'm losing my mind. I can't sleep well anymore. I am once again hungry and thirsty, I never saw food again for now.

God, I gotta do something else besides writing here and sleeping. But there's nothing to do! No one to talk! WHERE THE FUCK AM I? HELP ME!

Day 6;

Today, I found a glass of water, no food. I drank it all. This relieved the pain in my stomach, and my overall mind. I don't feel so insane now. I think I'm going to jog. I lost about 18 pounds already. I have to workout now, otherwise my body will really get sick.

Just finished the workout. I feel exhausted. Really exhausted. I can't do this anymore, my body won't handle it. I'm going to get some sleep now.

Day 7;

I didn't sleep last night (or day). I had a nightmare which I do not remember, but I woke up in a state of shock. Fuck.

I feel awful. I'm sweat, but there's no way I could be, because the temperature here is so cold! I'm considering about drinking my own sweat. At the end, that might become precious.

I'm thinking about suicide right now. I figured out why everything here is fluffy. So I don't kill myself. Whoever built this is a fucking genius. But this really sucks. Even my desk is fluffy, I don't know how can I write here!

Day 8;

Yesterday, the lights turned off. Everything got dark. Pitch black, I couldn't see anything. Actually, I thought I saw something moving through that pitch black background. I am scared right now.

I am also starving, it's been 4 days since my last eating. I lost more than 40 pounds already. Luckily, the water keeps coming. Seems like I won't be dead for now.

Day 9;

I'm losing my sanity. I woke up and I saw a shadow behind me. When I looked back, there was nothing but the fluffy grayish wall. Fuck, I want to die. I'm scared and sick, both physically and mentally. What did I do to deserve this!

Day 10;

I am alive for ten days now, what an achievement. I wish I wasn't. I want to die. I completely lost my mind.

I don't feel my stomach anymore, I think it just became a void . I lost about 57 pounds by now.

I cry everytime I look at the walls, I am scared and sad. I only want to go home!

Day 11;

The lights were turned off again while I was sleeping. I think my mind is playing tricks on me, I saw white eyes on the same pitch black ambient. I probably passed out when I sought it, because I woke up in the floor, with the lights already on. But not everything (just the majority) is awful. Today I got another piece of meat and water, and a "friend". A tiny yet precious ball. I named it "Buddy". I will sleep with him from now on, he relieves my stress. I felt attachment for something for the very first time (since I remember, which is almost nothing). I'm going to sleep with my Buddy now.

Day 12;

I'm feeling rather happy by having someone to play and talk with. Buddy is being very helpful. I love him, even though he doesn't answers what I ask or say to him. I don't feel lonely anymore, this got better. I'm not even thinking of suicide anymore.

Day 13;

I made the best discovery since I got here. I was playing with Buddy and I accidentally threw him to hard into a wall (it was fluffy, so I suppose he didn't feel pain), and a part of the wall fell, like it was a plate. It revealed a vent. If only I had a screwdriver, I could find a way out! This is more than awesome.

Day 14;

I don't feel that insane anymore since Buddy arrived. Yet, I keep seeing that shadow. I don't know how that thing/person makes it inside here. The vent is still screwed in, so that couldn't be it. Speaking of the vent, the chances that I get to even see a screwdriver are more than just very low. It's impossible. So I'm trying to unlock it myself, with my hands. It's a very slow work, but it's giving results. It took me about 5 hours to take the first screw out, but it worked. I'm really looking forward to it.

Day 15;

I took another screw off. It took longer this time, I'm weak. The water didn't arrive, my throat is totally dry. I don't know if I'm going to make it out alive. I'm starting to lose my sanity again.

I feel more attached than ever to Buddy, I'm taking him with me. I wish myself luck.

Day 16;

I can't take another screw off, I feel too weak. It's like someone has been watching me, and saw me trying to open the vent. But I can't stop now, that I'm so close from the promised freedom. I'm taking my paper sheets with me, so I can prove to someone I actually got out.

I stink. I didn't take a shower for 15 days already, nor I changed my clothing. It gets fairly annoying, you see.

Day 17;

I took the third screw out, finally! I'm this close from escaping! I'm trying to take the 4th screw out, but it isn't being any easy. I feel painful, I don't drink for 6 days already, I don't know how I made it.

The lights turned off yesterday, once again. Now I could see a complete, creepy face. It had two eyes with no pupils. The mouth was opened in an inhuman size. It was bald. I screamed. I got under my mattress, and I could see the creature was looking at me. I am fucking creeped out. I want to get the hell out of this place.

Buddy is helping me, I never felt so attached to him.

Day 18;

I'm barely dead, physically and mentally. I am exhausted, and dry. I was forced to drink the sweat I saved. It rehydrated me, but for how long?

I'm almost taking the 4th screw out. It's being very painful. I lost more than 75 pounds already. I'm very weak. I can barely walk. But I won't give up. Not now, that I'm so close.

Day 19;

I made it! I fucking made it! I'm out of here. I'm taking Buddy with me. I'm taking my paper sheets with me. I won't miss this fucking box.

I'm writing this inside the vent already. It's getting dark in here, I don't know how long this is. I can see that creature's face when I look back, it is awfully disturbing. But the creature does nothing, it just stands there, looking with that awful face. Dear God, I don't wish this to anyone. I'm getting out of here, I'm barely dead but I'm getting out of here!

The next part of the text was unreadable.

The officers found a dead, dry body holding paper sheets (showcased on the text that is upside) and a red ball, on a strange vent that led to a hospital. The vent didn't lead to nowhere if you went down, it was incomplete. However, if you looked at it for about 5 minutes, you would be able to see white eyes that came from the bottom of the vent. No one ever knew what that was. This was found in 2003, on [redacted].

No one identified the victim. It was never proven how he actually died. The case was abandoned.


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