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"Somewhere there was a tiny heart. No one knew where the heart came from, but it was such a tiny, tiny little heart. The tiny heart's beat began to slow down, more and more and more. And no matter how it tried, it couldn't get back to its normal beat. "Please...I don't want to die...How can I stay alive?" As the heart beat slowed down more and more to a stop, its last thoughts were:
"I will make people come to me, come within me, and let them give me my life back..."

The first ALICE was a young and pretty little soul
Face as fair and cheeks as rosy, she was loved by all
She had men and women answering to her every beck and call
Everyone except one girl who wished for her downfall
This little ALICE was ignorant as can be
When her face was carved out alive no one could hear her screams
As she lay there on the ground, unable to hear, speak or see
Those who loved her now think she was just one of their dreams

The second ALICE was a man of immense height and strength
Taller than the tallest trees, he has limbs so long and thin
A gentle giant so he was, a man with a voice so sweet a length
He walked about among the people without causing a din
This little ALICE did not live for very long
Walked into the forest, he was lost within the trees
Caught between the brambles, he try to sought help with a song
Sang until he starved to death, and forever left to freeze

The third ALICE was a boy who mourns his family's death
He wore a black suit everyday completed with a tie
Anyone who spoke of his folks would suffer all his wrath
For he never knew the life he led was really a big lie
This little ALICE found the truth eventually
That his folks have abandoned him for he brought them misfortune
Unable to face this horrible fact, his mind went awry
With a distorted grin from ear to ear, he was now the child of no one's boone

Meanwhile a woman dressed purely in white
Walked past where she found a face without a skin
Discovered clothes that were the darkest of the night
And a frame so skinny and lithe

The fourth ALICE was a traveller who has the gift of creation
Searching for the perfect piece to make her latest treat
Pity that she had a flair for making abominations
Stumbling into this place, she knew she found the greatest feat
With a faceless head housing a distorted mind
And a body adorned a lovely suit
She put them altogether and whispered an ancient spell...

Soon a creature oh so fearful rose up from the ash
She kissed him in the forehead and thus was dubbed "The Slender Man"!

  • Wakes up in a white pasture field belonging to a couple
  • Takes them to an Immortal's home, who in turn was informed by an Ever-Being agreeing to send them to the Hymanjalai as soon as he returns
  • While making themselves at home, a Samakh follower reveals to his leader of Wallie and Serene's arrival
  • A Seer predicts an upcoming war that will end all wars, confirmed by the burning sensation of Wallie and Serene's lesions
  • Made ready preparations for war, with the return of old friends from other continents to war it out with the Samakh followers
  • A porthole opened to resurrect Samakh, in which Wallie and Serene decided to jump in to fight head-on with the enemy
  • Samakh, in spirit form, needs a new body and the soul of a child to come back to the world to exact his terror and wrath and Wallie and Serene fit the category
  • Decides to give what Samakh wants: overloads him with every powerful fiber of their being, in which Samakh couldn't stand it and explodes, defeating the followers with its nuclear-like blast
  • Wallie and Serene were found in an almost near-death state and nursed carefully back to health
  • A celebration of peace and to honour Wallie and Serene was held, and the lesions were turned into tattoos of the butterfly wings using magic
  • Ever-Being takes the duo to see Hymanjalai at the Iceberg Territory
  • Hymanjalai in Polar Bear form requests a gift of someone's life for safe passage of only one person
  • Both volunteered and refused the other to sacrifice their life but the Hymanjalai raised its paw and struck both of them
  • Wakes up naked in a park surrounded by police and medics
  • Reunited with the family in a psychiatric hospital because no one believed their crazy story of traveling through dimensions and being the Prophesied Ones, leading them to be sent for psychiatric rehab
  • The medics cannot understand and explain how Wallie's left arm was severed, the butterfly tattoo on their backs and the fact that they have aged physically and mentally for 5 years even though they have only been missing from Earth for a year
  • The psychiatric doctors come to a plausible conclusion of Wallie and Serene involved in human and sex trafficking and had concocted an imaginary world due to trauma, and that their physical growth is due to an unknown diet
  • Wallie and Serene couldn't bother to convince people anymore and pretended to agree with the deduction
  • Serene returns to her family for a while, only to move in with Wallie because she cannot stand her parents' religious regime
  • Wallie, Serene and Wallie's fiance started a new life in the suburbs and lived happily ever after

  • Found in a green house by the owner and taken in temporarily
  • Passed from one Wiseman to another before settling under the care of an Immortal group to wait for the return of the Ever-Being
  • Wallie discovered a picture of the Immortals with 2 of the members missing
  • One of the member secretly reveals that they are the wives of the two leading Immortals of their group who went missing during the Ancient War and presumed dead, leading to the downhill of their morale
  • Wallie and Serene receive recurring dreams of the missing members pleading for help
  • See this as a sign and convinced the group to search for them
  • Went to the place they were last seen and get pulled by a force
  • Finds themselves in a hot and humid dark red world and went through many obstacles, including getting roasted by the heat, attacked by a squid-like spider monster at sea, getting lost in the forest and having more intense dreams of the two members
  • Treks through a rocky road to find the first missing member who claims to be a fugitive of the Samakh followers
  • They are led to the hideout and into a trap, revealing that she actually converted to a follower as she blames the group for not rescuing her and leaving her to die, and that the other missing member is held in a contraption using her powers to send dreams to Wallie and Serene to lure them there
  • The first missing member killed the leader of the Samakh followers and assumed leadership, using Wallie and Serene's power to open the path to invade the entire Red continent and wage war
  • The leading Immortal have no choice but to kill his wife in the process
  • The other wife used all her strength combined with Wallie and Serene to close the pathway, turning her into crystallized form with slim chance of revival
  • Wallie and Serene again becomes the blame for all this as they are handed to the Ever-Beings to meet the Hymanjalai
  • Hymanjalai in phoenix form requests a higher price of gift for safe passage because of their knowledge of their destiny
  • Wallie and Serene offered one of their eye each to be replaced with the phoenix's eyes before passing through

  • Wakes up in a Royal Garden and discovered by Wiseman's 3 assistants
  • Just in time for the dethroning of the old ruler and finding a new rule and, again, viewed their arrival as a good sign
  • Their way of ruling is to find a pure-blooded Ima'asen amongst all the mixed blood, betrothed to a pure Onuji and rule for at least a century
  • Wallie and Serene asked to help locate a new ruler with their powers
  • Gets to know the people of the castle and the person going to be betrothed to the new ruler
  • In this world, because women are scarce due to a plague that affects only women, some men are blessed with hermaphroditic features, which is what the betrothed's condition was
  • Many mixed feelings involved, including the betrothed's dissatisfaction of the whole thing
  • The hunt for new ruler took them all the way to the outbacks where Wallie and Serene's butterfly lesions reacted in burning sensation at the sight of a peasant's son
  • Taken to the castle to be trained as a ruler and developed a love-hate relationship with the betrothed
  • Wallie and Serene worked alongside with the Royal Advisor to help with the training while at the same time, helped resolved feelings between the peasant's son and the betrothed and the Royal Advisor and the General
  • The old ruler's brother disagree with the system and wants the throne all to himself, thus declare war with the peasant's son
  • The enemy joins forces with still loyal followers of Samakh to overthrow the peasant's son, while the peasant's son fought alongside the royal army and Wallie and Serene
  • The inner powers that the peasant's son had never really used awakened and defeated the enemy
  • Celebrates victory with a coronation and a double wedding
  • The new ruler's friend, who is a Seer, and the Wiseman take Wallie and Serene to an Ever-Being to see Hymanjalai
  • Hymanjalai in monkey form requests gift for safe passage
  • Serene offers her last baby tooth and passes through

  • Wakes up in a well and rescued by a florist who owns the well
  • Florist is good friends with a dancer, a scholar and a tailor because of one thing in common: they have the same first names
  • An announcement made by the royal advisor that a study of genealogy revealed the four women of noble birthright and called in to become the King's lady-in-waiting to bear him children due to the Queen's ailing condition
  • Wallie and Serene ordered to come along as well to be his lucky charm and mascot while he is in a civil cold war with a neighbouring kingdom in exchange for a meeting with an Ever-Being to the Hymanjalai
  • Has a special seat on the floor on either side of the King's throne
  • Wallie and Serene discovers a clue along with the main maids of the castle leading to a possible hidden ancient treasure within the castle
  • Goes together with the florist, dancer and tailor and the maids to treasure-hunt
  • Wallie also secrely discovers the scholar planning a rebellion with the people of the castle, buying their loyalty to take down the King and Queen and name herself the first Female King to end the chauvinistic reign
  • The treasure-hunt reveals a Puzzle Chamber where they have to piece the puzzle together to find the location of the treasure
  • The location reveals a tomb where the last living Prince of the royal family was buried alive with the treasure and his journal revealing his knowledge of infanticide within the royal family and dark Samakh magic in order to let the throne forever belong to the King and Queen
  • Wallie and Serene, along with the scholar and her loyal subjects, overthrew the King and Queen and signed a peace treaty with the neighbour kingdom, naming the scholar the Female King
  • Scholar fulfills the King's promise and sends the Wiseman to take them to the Ever-Being to meet Hymanjalai
  • Hymanjalai in leopard form request gift for safe passage
  • Serene offers her hair and they pass through

  • Both wake up in a grand posh bed and dressed in very beautiful clothes
  • Find themselves in some sort of dream world that calms the soul and both Ima'asen and Onuji (humans) live together in peace and harmony
  • Meets an archer elf and Wallie immediately takes a liking to him despite knowing she is already engaged
  • Led to a castle where resides the Human King and his Nymph Queen
  • Allowed to make themselves at home while they request their Wiseman to contact the Ever-Being for a meeting with the Hymanjalai
  • Surprised to feel a burning sensation on their backs but were assured they are alright
  • While Serene makes friends with the people around, the love relationship between Wallie and the archer elf blossomed
  • Elf hinted Wallie to check out the Forgotten Library after learning Wallie's love for reading
  • Wallie and Serene discovers in the Ancient Section a dusty scroll that prophesied two people from another dimension entering this dimension to save it from a resurrecting evil
  • As soon as they read it, the burning sensation increased, revealing a lesion on their back the shape of butterfly wings
  • A half-breed lured by a Samakh follower with promises of riches kidnapped the girls with the help of some remnants
  • About to be sacrificed for Samakh's resurrection when the King sent his troops and those willing to help on an all-out rescue mission
  • As Wallie and Serene were nursed back to health, Wallie realized the dire situation and knows she will put everyone in danger with her presence and that her love with the elf can never be
  • The elf understands her plight and gives her a parting gift
  • Wiseman passes Wallie and Serene to Ever-Being to be taken to the fields
  • Hymanjalai in snake form request gift for safe passage
  • Wallie offers her hair and passes through

  • Discovers they are falling into sea
  • Struggles to reach the surface but faints out of suffocation, but wakes up to meet a school of mermaids
  • Able to breathe underwater because they were rescued by the mermaid princess and given magic gills to survive
  • Discovers the mermaid princess is engaged secretly with a human prince under her parents' approval but the prince's father, angered by this, locks the prince in a tower, forbidding them to wed
  • Wallie feels for the princess and decides to persuade the King in exchange for the princess's help to locate an Ever-Being to take them home
  • Meets the King who is in the body of a little girl and finds out that it is a custom in this continent to have Wisemen combine body and soul of whichever spouse dies and the body becomes younger as they grow older
  • King disagrees of relationship because he blames merpeople for his wife's death
  • Will only agree if Wallie and Serene can convince his sister in the neighbour country to return him his Crystal Diamond, the source of their country's prosperity
  • Wallie and Serene meets with the prince and the prince tells her to give his royal ring to the princess if all else fails
  • Wallie's quest becomes a chain of favours: King's Crystal for the prince and princess's marriage; King's sister's childhood crush for the diamond; childhood crush's heart for the relationship; a dinner for a heart; stop a harassment for a dinner; a family heirloom for a halt in harassment; stop another harassment for the family heirloom; a love returned for a halt in harassment; brother made apprentice for a love returned; a lost love for apprenticeship; and a son returned for a reconciled love
  • A few people tagging along in Wallie and Serene's quest
  • Fulfills everyone's favours and the King reluctantly allows the wedding to proceed
  • Princess lends them sea creatures to take them to an Ever-Being who leads them to the Bayou
  • Hymanjalai in dolphin form request gift for safe passage
  • Serene offers her ankle lace and passes through

  • Wakes up in a sooty fireplace of a blacksmith and discovered by the son
  • Sees it as a good sign as they are approaching the Day of Leaving
  • Day of Leaving is where humans born with other worldly powers are sent to a special school to be trained as Ever-Beings
  • Those chosen are the blacksmith's son, a tailor's daughter, a cattle-breeder's son, a weapons-maker's daughter and a village idiot's son (who is actually very smart in contrast of his father)
  • Wallie and Serene follows them to the school and are asked to stay until the teachers can get in touch with an Ever-Being
  • Serene shows signs of affection to village idiot's son even though she knows he is the tailor's daughter's boyfriend
  • The novice Ever-Beings gets bored of lessons and want a quick way out
  • A mystery student hints on a game called 'ChildRaiser' that grants the winner any wish they desire
  • Follows instruction and plays the game, with many obstacles including the test of souls and inner demons which Wallie and Serene soon discovers
  • One by one as the game progresses, the players ended up missing
  • Wallie regains consciousness to find everyone entangled in a sticky web dead and mutilated while Serene stands below in a trance covered in blood
  • The game's main goal is to find the person with the worst inner demons and discovers Serene's pent-up bottled frustration because of her life raised by radically religious parents
  • Teachers come in the nick of time to rescue everyone before Serene can kill Wallie
  • Serene has to be confined in the Cleansing Chamber to rid her of her inner demons
  • Families come to collect their children's bodies and again blamed Wallie and Serene for the misfortune
  • After Serene's cured, taken to an Ever-Being to meet Hymanjalai at the Isle
  • Hymanjalai in half-husky-half-wolf dog form cannot allow Serene to pass because her soul is branded with spiritual chains of a murderer (the DEMONANGEL)
  • Wallie begs for Serene and Hymanjalai tears off Wallie's left arm whole, claiming that this is an equivalent price to pass through
  • Before passing through, Serene asks if she could call Wallie "Mother" and Wallie agrees

  • Wakes up on the shores of a beach
  • Discovered by a Wiseman and his eldest nephew (the Chief's son) who just came back from hunting
  • Taken to their village and welcomed warmly at first
  • Been mistaken as sacrificial lambs to alleviate them from their long-standing famine by the overzealous Chief
  • Rescued by the Chief's sons and became fugitives
  • Eldest son believes it is caused by remnants of Samakh that resides underground, causing the famine and hates the Chief for blindly sacrificing their eldest sister
  • Youngest son claims to have recurring dreams of 7 princess fairies warning them of a coming flood and to find a legendary flower to cure the famine
  • Wallie and Serene believes the youngest son and convinces the eldest son to build a raft
  • The flood really comes and the team went through many obstacles before entering the realm of Ima'asen
  • Meets the 7 princess fairies and were confirmed of the eldest son's suspicion of Samakh remnants causing the famine
  • Eldest son falls in love with youngest princess and aims to please
  • Cause of remnants running free is the disappearance of the High Being and her garden of legendary flowers
  • Ventures to the realm of the remnants to rescue the High Being, who is held captive by the strongest remnant of all
  • After rescue, High Being appears in Wallie and Serene's dream to thank them and allows them to take the seed of the flower to be planted across the land
  • Eldest son chooses to stay in Ima'asen to be with the princess he loves
  • The rest returns with the flower seeds to cure the famine
  • The Wiseman offers to take Wallie and Serene to a Ever-Being to take them to meet Hymanjalai in the Ancient Vineyards
  • Hymanjalai in Kangaroo form request a gift for safe passage
  • Wallie gives her mother's wedding ring and passes through

  • Lured by a talking stray dog to the Black Continent, told to bring Serene along
  • Enters the Black Continent, meets with a strange team of a giant, an elf, a dwarf and a humanimal
  • Ventures with them to send a mystery child named Xana back to her clan
  • Going through many obstacles, including marshes, cliffs, skeleton pines and ruins
  • Meets a High Being frozen in suspended animation in a huge crystal
  • Talks to High Being in a dream
  • In the Earth Dimension, people start to notice Wallie and Serene's disappearance
  • Meanwhile Wallie & team reach the Hanging Bridge, meets a Keeper who will only let people pass if they give him an unsolvable riddle
  • Wallie and Serene succeed in giving him an unsolvable riddle
  • Creatures called Falah-Teks hovering around the team as they cross the bridge and snatched Wallie and Serene when they targeted Xana
  • In captivity, learns about the true nature of Xana: she is born from a Death Messenger creature
  • Xana is a child created as a deal to allow a young girl 10 more years for her dying father
  • Abandoned because she is born out of wedlock and half Ima'asen (Other Worldly Beings)
  • Team comes led by Xana's mother to return Xana to the Falah-Teks in exchange for Wallie and Serene
  • Xana speaks for the first time, delivering a death message to her mother and her village
  • Plague hit and killed everyone in the village
  • Xana's mother, before she died, blamed Wallie & Serene for bringing this calamity to them
  • After consultation, the giant and elf volunteered to take Wallie and Serene to see an Ever Being so she can send them to see the Hymanjalai on the mountaintops
  • Hymanjalai in cat form request a gift for safe passage
  • Wallie gives her anniversary necklace as a gift
  • Passes through

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