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The Introduction - 21st of March 2007

Braiden and I were at about the age of 10 and we lived near a farm. I remember the farmers, Mr Jacobs and his wife, and how they ran it with only the help from their son, Brandon. Every day after school we would pay him a visit and stay for some cookies. We never had any more than two. We didn’t want to be selfish. Mr Jacobs was a little psycho. He kept going into one of his barns. I don’t know why he has it. There weren’t any animals in there. But one time I heard him talking to a woman in an aggressive way. She screamed and then she suddenly stopped. That was odd but I was always too scared to go in there.

Our Grim Discovery - 14th of April 2007

Anyway, one day we were walking home from school, we went to his house but we couldn’t find him. We heard the cries and sobs of Brandon. We rushed over to him. He was holding his dad in his arms. He looked at me with tears in his eyes. “Help me…” he blurted out. Mr Jacobs’ arm was loosely hanging over Brandon’s shoulder, holding an old hand mirror. Now, I remember waiting in the hospital for news on Mr Jacobs. Our parents had to look for us everywhere because we didn’t tell them where we were going.

The Aftermath - 22nd of April 2007

The next week we heard of Brandon’s news. His father had died from dangerous chemicals reaching his bloodstream. He apparently died only hours later. Brandon’s mother had to look after him from then on. We no longer went to his place unless on a special occasion. My sister, Ashley, who’s current whereabouts are unknown (that’s another story) tells me to always watch out for their chemicals so that the same doesn’t happen to me. I promised that I would always be there for her. That made her always feel that she could trust me not to get hurt. And I promised to make sure I keep my brother safe too. But I couldn't keep it...


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