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Chapter 12: Hot Times

As the honoured guest, I was asked to choose a date for the festival. I thought I should pick someone that I really like. For all I know going on a date here could mean that I wake up married. I hope my date likes me…I mean, likes me likes me.

I didn’t want Timoti to get bored, so I improvised. We got a chance to play with each other a little. Playing with Timoti is fun!

From the way the Chief and Huhana greeted me, it seems like hugging would be a mild greeting here. I didn’t want Timoti to think that I was being too forward. After hugging my date, I realized that I need physical contact with others just as much as food for survival.

I never wanted the date to end. I wondered if Timoti was ready to take it to the next level. We cuddled together. You know, I’ve been grooming my orangutan alone for so long that I almost forgot what it was like to cuddle a date.


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