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Chapter 1: Almost Paradise

I found a hatchet on the beach. I have a feeling I’ll need anything and everything that I can get my hands on to survive on this island. I picked it up. Of course, I get shipwrecked on my first exotic getaway. I knew I should’ve flown. It’s okay, at least I have my health—and a hatchet. What more could I possibly need? Note to self: sarcasm helps.

Waste note, want not. I combed the beach for anything else that may be useful…like a travel agent. Instead, I found a steamer trunk from my ship buried on the beach! That means there could be more things from the ship scattered around the island. Too bad this trunk isn’t big enough to ride out of here. My luck is probably empty, or worse, filled with poisonous snakes.
I put the trunk in my “camp”. It’s sort of the centerpiece of my furnishings right now. Actually it’s my only furnishing. The steamer trunk will have to wear many hats for the time being. It’s the only place I can store my stuff. What stuff? I need some stuff.

I know sea water is off limits, but I seem to remember hearing somewhere that the two basic items necessary to sustain life are coconut milk and…um…something else. Running water? Television? I can’t remember. Oh well, coconut milk was the important part. Coconuts aren’t half bad, actually, they’re pretty good. If only they grew on little bushes, instead of tall trees…or delivered on an extra-large pizza.

There was no reason to wait until I was hungry again to get more coconuts. It made more sense to gather some when I had the energy. Gathering my own food isn’t convenient as a quick trip to the grocery, but you can’t beat the price. I have coconuts in the steamer trunk for later when I get the craving for a snack. Perhaps I’ll open up a little coconut stand back home with any extra leftover. Wouldn’t that be nice…no boss, no deadlines, no schedule. I can see the neon sign blinking now—“Jessica’s Wild Nut Hut”.

I’ll need more resources, like wood, if I want to make it on this island. I finally used my hatchet to chop some wood—very empowering! I have to admit all this forced self-reliance is really doing wonders for my confidence. I am going to totally dominate at my next speed-dating event.

I put the “fire” in campfire. You know, dogs are great and all, but fire is truly man’s best friend. It’s easy to take making fire for granted. I feel like I just split the atom or something. Thank you, Prometheus! Mmm…regenerating liver and onions. Next, I find a way to control this weather.

It was a long and taxing day. No telling what will happen next, but I’m rested and ready for anything. Even though my mind was racing all night, my body has never been so tired. I slept like a baby…cried like one too.


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