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Hmm...Let's see...How should I put it in a delicate way as to not show that I'm too enthusiastic and love-spasmed about a Yautja in my quarters...Hmm...

Ah, yes, I know! Maybe the situation is that I've discovered him coming out of the bushes of a park (the nearest forest-like place he could find) all mangled and hurt and stuff coz he was discovered by the feds and was taken to do experiments in their evil lab. I could be one of the interns there who don't actually know what the feds were doing, so never knew his existence. I was just talking a walk before going on my way back home from work when I found him. I didn't recognize him but he recognizes me, so a feeling for a need to kill ensured. He slashes me good a few times but not enough to kill me coz he's too weak out of constant experimental torture. I might figure that I'd just dump him there and let him die, but my conscience got the best of me. So hence, he's in my home hiding out! XD

Since my job is working under the feds, I get paid well, and I value my privacy, so I would say my house is definitely somewhere far in the interiors, maybe a little country place with a little modernization in it. I kinda like peace and tranquility with no one to bother me, not even from work where I can just ignore the calls. He may feel a little angry and hostile at me at first, continuously vowing to himself that someday, when he gets better he will kill me, but that might not happen...

Anywho, maybe I might encourage him to wear human clothing, but let him keep his mesh on if he wants. Maybe just some big ol' T-Shirt and jeans who used to belong to my brother or my pregnant sister-in-law or my used-to-be-obese dad...? I mean, he's bigger, taller and meaner than those guys put together, I'm sure it would at least fit right? I'd rather that he keeps his mask on for the first few weeks just to keep his horrible angry face away from me, then let him take it off as he wishes for the rest of the times, that way I might try to get used to his crab-like face.

Definitely not gonna let him out in the daytime at first coz he's gonna freak out the entire neighbourhood and invite unwanted 'guests'. Maybe I might let him out at night. The rest of the time, if I'm at work, he stays home like a good dog. Well, maybe not a good dog coz he might escape occasionally and I would end up finding him somewhere out there and then I have to bring him back home secretly without alerting the neighbours...Maybe then when I'm comfortable with it I might take out in the open during daytime and show him around the place, preventing the feds from finding him. Definitely would get him a huge trenchcoat that has collars big enough to be pulled up to cover most of his face and a hat to go with it. Almost like Dick Tracy or those oldies spy style. Funny~!

Food? Hmm...Maybe I'll just let him what I eat: steak, instant noodles, take out, catering, those really expensive tasty take-outs and catering I order with the hunkabaloo cash working as a fed. I mean beggers can't be chosers right? Maybe he might reject the notion at first, and I leave him with his thoughts and his share of food, but as soon as he sees (and thinks) I'm not looking, he'll stomach it down anyway.

TV is a must in my life, so if he wanna join me watching, sure, no big. I might even let him watch my fav anime (like Fushigi Yuugi, Midori no Hibi, Kyou Kara Maou) and TV shows (like CSI, Monk, Angel), maybe even a few of my fav reality shows like Amazing Race or Fear Factor to show him the human way of proving themselves, and earn a 'hunt' (cash) in the process. Let him see that there is more to it than proving your manhood by hunting. Also, he can learn to speak human language in the process of watching TV. Another source of entertainment to keep him home while I'm at work trying to hide the fact that a Yautja has kinda invaded my home!

Oh, he's definitely gonna use his own share of bathing gel and stuff! I ain't sharing with him! Not for the first few moments anyway. Even if we have a kindamorethanafriend relationship, the bathing together issue is off...Maybe until I get used to him seeing me naked. I've seen worser stuff in porn, so if he walks around naked, I wouldn't mind. I might oogle for a while at how big his 'member' is, but after that, it's old news. Bed, huh? Maybe the first few moments, I'd ask him to sleep at the couch, and then slowly and eventually let him to sleep on an extra mattress beside my bed, just to keep an eye on him so that he won't wander off and get himself caught by the feds. I have long hair myself, so I might be intrigued to ask him to teach me how to braid mine. I would take it off during work but as soon as I get home I would put up a cute face like this :3 and ask him to braid it for me again.

Ooh, hunting! Cool! Maybe a lil hunting lessons won't hurt. Maybe on weekends, I'd be out with my guy friends and I would bring the Yautja along, lying to them that he came from the Amazons or something and it was his culture to wear a mask during hunting games...Make him sound like he's an eccentric so that my guy friends won't be suspicious. We might go off to hunt deer or take him fishing where he can show off by spearing the fish straight out of the water or shoot with an arrow at a deer that is about a few miles away. Maybe I might teach him how to play video games, like Counter Strike or Half-Life or Fatal Frame 1&2 or Kingdom Hearts. Games that needs more patience. Yeah, that'll teach him. Reading? Maybe I'll teach him to read and write, and teach him to pronounce the words a little better from the ones he learnt through TV. But first I have to teach him to hold a pen without him breaking it. He's so damn strong... *dreamy tone* I most likely would read to him comic books coz that's pretty much what I have! XD Nah, I'd share with him some literature, like Harry Potter and LOTR, showing them that humans have a mind that is nothing similar to a prey he think we are. I might take him out to swimming, most likely might suggest swimming naked~!! Nga ha ha ha~!!! Naughty thoughts. Ooh, maybe I can teach him to play badminton! That's my one time fav game. I just hope he doesn't find the game of keeping the shuttle from falling to the floor silly.

Holidays? Hmm...Maybe I can teach him about Valentine and Christmas. Tell him the history and the meaning of the holiday. I might even teach him Chinese New Year (I'm Chinese), but of coz I wouldn't expect a red packet from him. I'm kinda good at making things, so maybe on Valentine's Day or Christmas I'll make him a gift. A necklace maybe, out of seashells, I'm good at that. Or maybe I can sew him a plushie of himself. That'll be cool.

Driving???? Nooooooooooo Waaaaaaaaaaay~!!!!! No one uses my car except me! I dun wan him to go around crashing people's houses and making roadkill out of em. I bet he's be very pleased to find that cars could be a good weapon to gain good game. I hate to see that. But I might teach him to drive. He can learn to drive, but if he's taking my car for a spin, outta question!

Oh yeah, the attraction. The best part of the whole scenario. Well, let's see...OK, maybe in this scene, I have grown to slowly fall in love with the charismatic Yautja, especially when there are some scenes showing that he saved me from harm, but he constantly have in his mind that he would kill me one day and played along with my human fiesta and everything, denying the fact that he actually find it very interesting and that he's enjoying it. When he was sure that he was fully healed and ready to leave me and find a way to get back to his planet for good, he decided there and then that he would kill me and leave no evidence of his existence in my place. He gets up one night, moves towards me while I'm sleeping and brandishes his wrist blades. I wake up with a start and asks him with tears in my eyes and a tremble in my voice, "Am I finally worthy your prey now?"

He will then hesitate to kill, trying to find the true feelings he had for me locked deep down inside him, and lowers the blade. I tentatively reach over and touch the hand that had the blade and brought it to my jugular, tears falling freely in my eyes, and said, "Then kill me. Kill me if I am worthy of your prey..."

He will whisper, "No..." and put away his blade, then hugs me passionately. Soon, all clothes fly and bedding ensured~!!! Nga ha ha ha~!!!! Naughty, hot and saucy!


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