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Chapter 18: Luau Time

There was Timoti! I thought that a kiss would be a fair trade for a party drum. I tried to steal a kiss, but Timoti is playing hard to get.

I’d do whatever it took to impress Timoti. At first, drinking the volcano water was like gargling with lava, but it turned out to be rather good.

It was Limbo time! How low did I go? Let’s just say that my athletic prowess shined through again on the limbo pole—meaning I didn’t break any bones. Good times!

Talk about getting raked across the coals…Timoti wanted me to walk across hot coals—for fun! That’s right, I walked across fire! I am a fire-walker! I can’t believe I just did that. Walking across hot coals is something I never would have had the courage to try back in the city.

It was time to make my move again. Timoti and I shared our first kiss. It was life changing. I never want to kiss anyone else again. No doubt about it, I’m in love—and I’m getting in deep!

I awoke with a clear head. A sound sleep was just what I needed. I dreamt I was back in the city—at work in an office job. Then the dream changed and I was locked in a cage at a zoo, then drowning in a rich man’s aquarium. It was a nightmare! My life is here now.


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