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You're a 17 year old girl living in the 17th century. You're a doctor, or just have a talent for healing others. Lastly, you have a brother named Malicious, and has turned into a vmapire, and you must swear to secrecy to never tell.

You awake to find it's a cold, and foggy day. The sun is nowhere in sight, and it doesn't seem to annoy you at all. You get off the floor (you decided to sleep there for some reason) and go over to make breakfast. Then you realize you can't cook! You practically burn everything!!

While you decide what to do or make for breakfast (without burning anything), you're instantly stopped, because SOMEONE JUST BURST INTO YOUR HOUSE! You look to see who it is, and you notice it's a girl, and she's bleeding badly. You ARE a talented healer, so of course you handle it. After all you are the only reliable doctor in this village!

You clean her wound, and wrap bandages around her arm. You tighten it to put pressure on it, and stop the bleeding. You ask her how she cut herself, she replies, "I was chopping up some carrots, when I let my eyes wander...then I cut myself deeply. I feel like such a ditz." You snicker, "I could've guessed that way before I asked you"

Finally, she gets up when you've finished, thanks you and then leaves. You smile at her, and pick up a flower and think, 'So beautiful.. so carefree.. if only I were like that...' Meanwhile, in the distant woods, there is a massacre taking place. One man emotionlessly slaughters many men, one after another. When he thinks he is finished, he sheathes his sword, and carries on as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, one man survived and stabbed him in his side from behind. Angered, the man turns around, pulls the sword out, and uses it to kill the one who dared to hurt him. He suddenly realizes that the pain is too powerful to tolerate. Desperate, he wanders toward the village, holding his bleeding side, and panting heavily. Back at home, you pick the flower from its roots, and smell it, but are suddenly stopped when you notice a man approaching you. He's panting and bleeding heavily. You stare each other down for a minute, then the man collapses in your arms. You're thinking, 'Ugh.. you're way too heavy pal!'

Well time passes, and you treated him, and he looks like he'll make a full recovery. He's still sleeping however, and you've been gazing at him for quite some time now. When you first looked in his eyes, you observed they were icy blue, and now that you have a better look, you realize his hair is naturally white. He has a scar torn across his left eye, and it bothers you with curiosity as to how he received something like that. You decide Malicious, your brother, isn't going to show, so you begin to make dinner without him. You manage to cook the entire meal, until you hear someone say, "Why am I still alive, wench?" You reply, "Fate has given you another chance, idiot." You turn to notice that the man has awakened, and seems to be fine. You say, "I see you've made a full recovery. Are you hungry?"

He just snarls at you and turns his head, trying to ignore you. You place a plate of food by his side and sit on the bed with him. Just then, your brother walks in and is looking rather confused. He finally questions, "Taymos...? Is that you?" Taymos looks up to respond to Malicious and is just as startled as him. Apparently, the two know each other. You say, "Malicious, I gave Taymos your food. I hope this does not bother you." Malicious shakes his head and smiles. He does not seem to have heard you. Instead of replying to you, he begins to speak to Taymos, he says, "I see now. You obviously were having trouble getting with a girl, so you went after Madiera! Hahaha, I can't say I'm proud, but then again, you're just as skilled as me now!" You want to say something, then decide against it, thinking, '...Forget it.. I don't have time to play with these children. Besides, it's rather late...'

You go to sleep afterwards, and you begin to dream. You dream of Taymos and his alluring features. You don't know why exactly, but you are very interested in him.

The next day, you wake up from your bed and you feel strangely happier than usual. It's another sunny day, and you decided it's best to wake up early. You walk passed your brother's room, and spot his coffin and hear his loud snoring. You giggle and think, 'What a goofy vampire.' With that, you reach the living room, and see Taymos fast asleep. He has a little drool going but you don't care. Not in the least. He looks rather peaceful, and peace is worthy of having to pay the embarassing price of...well...drooling.

You decide to wake him up and ask him if he'll stay a little longer just so you can observe his recovery. (As if!) You sit beside him, brush his hair out of his face, and then he awakes instantly. You say, "Ah! So you are alive!" He looks a little irritated and replies, "Go away." You take it humorously and say, "Anyways, how are you feeling?"

You tell him that you want him to stay a little longer so you could observe him, in case he may need more medical attention. He snickers and says, "Forget it. I'm leaving." and he begins to make his way to the door. His attitude drives you mad and you shove him back down to the couch. He looks annoyed at you, but your look seems to be intimidating him. You announce, "If it is death you pursue, then leave! But if it life you desire, you will stay with me. You get up and begin to walk away, but turn around and say, "You WILL be staying here, you can count on it." You think, 'My that went well!'

A few weeks pass and you and Taymos seem to be getting along a little better than before. Then months go by, then you reach a year and Taymos still hasn't made any action to leave. All in all, it doesn't bother you, and you actually enjoy his company. With your brother being a vampire, you barely ever get to see him, only at night, that is. Alright, you awake to find the house empty. You do your daily routine, but keeping Taymos in mind. He's never gone this long... You decide to shrug it off and go chop more firewood. You're thinking, '*Sigh* Where's Taymos? Did he leave...or is he coming back?'

As you chop wood, you grow tired just after the first three, and there's still plenty more to go. Malicious usually does this work, but lately he's been needing to feed. It's okay though, you understand, although you may not accept it. You try to pull the axe from the tree stump, but it won't budge. 'Come on!' you think. Then from the forest arises Taymos. His face looks serious and a bit sympathetic. He asks, "May I?" You hesitate at first, but hand him the axe. He walks toward the pile of logs and raises the axe high above his head. In a split second, he slashes the logs clean through, and they're cut perfectly. Not only that, but you noticed his attack cut through the ground as well. You ask with a gentle smile, "Ah, is that how all swordsmen are, or is it just you?"

He replies that it's just him, and you got him to smile! That warms you, but his next actions startle, almost frighten you. He shoves you against the wall a bit rough and begins to lean in. Taymos has never behaved romantically around you before. It's just all too strange for you. He leans in and kisses you gently, but with a fiery passion. Surprised, you react by letting him have his way with you, then you shove him aside softly, but giving him the idea. You announce, "We can't do this." He looks a little annoyed at you and replies, "What do you mean 'we can't do this'...?" You turn red and exclaim, "YOU KNEW WHERE THAT WAS LEADING! That's sinful in God's eyes if we aren't married!" Hiding his red cheeks, he turns to face the woods and responds, "I-I...don't know what you're talking about." It's obvious he's lying. You demand marriage, but he just tries to ignore it. You walk away and mutter, "Whatever.. there's always someone better..."

After you say what you needed to, you go inside, leaving the white-haired assassin dumbfounded. As you enter your house, you feel his icy-blue eyes beaming into your back. You slam the door behind you loudly and stand there for a second. You then advance toward your brother's room. His door is open, so you willingly waltz on in and shut the door behind you, and close the blinds (you want to talk to Malicious, but it's much too bright). Afterwards, you knock on his coffin, and it bursts open the second you do. You see Malicious's disturbed face glowering at you. You glare back and begin to speak, "MALICIOUS! It's time you awoke! As your little sister, I command you to beat up Taymos!" He looks tired at you, very silently. He yawns and stretches then rises from the coffin. He opens the door and jump back as soon as he observes it's daylight. Shocked, he hollers, "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING AWAKING ME AT THIS HOUR!?" You reply with serious eyes, "This is what you get for ignoring me. I am in need of your help brother, and this you cannot turn your back to."

After hearing you out, Malicous sighs deeply. He explains calmly, "You know I'd love to beat people up for no apparent reason but I cannot walk into the daylight willingly. Maybe you haven't noticed, but I am a vampire and there are many things forbidden for me to do." You feel like stamping your foot and pouncing on him for denying your request. You begin to think, 'Ugh, Taymos didn't really do anything wrong. Maybe I'm just being immature.' A little upset, but understanding, you leave your brother and walk out his door. The first thing you see is Taymos lying on your wooden floor, his arms folded behind his head, his eyes shut. You walk over to his side and look at him, it shockingly doesn't seem to bother him. A little relieved, you decide to bring up a conversation. "Ya know, when I was little, I used to like an older boy named Thomas. He was so sweet, so I grew confidence to ask him if he would take my hand in marriage every time I saw him. I finally got the courage to ask, but I supposed my proposal annoyed him, so he never came over to play with me anymore. Funny, I never told this to anyone before..." You lay down beside him, imitating his pose, and look up at the ceiling. Suddenly, you hear a loud snoring sound and realize he's been asleep the entire time! You're thinking, 'WHY THAT NO GO PIECE OF CRUD! HOW DARE HE!'

Angry, you casually walk over to one of your candles. You light it, and walk back to Taymos. You let the wax melt for a minute, then you tilt the candle and the hot wax pours on to Taymos's chest. He awakes instantly and jumps, cursing as he does it. You argue with each other for a little while, but you notice you're both enjoying it. Eventually, you end up smiling after your feud and just decide to talk for awhile. A few hours passed and all you really talked about was...well...whatever you wanted to know. Some questions of yours he was really open to, but others he kept enclosed to. "...Madiera? I was thinking about your proposal, and it freaked me out because a man is supposed to propose, not a woman..." Embarassed, you laugh unsteadily and retort, " of us was going to do it sooner or later!" He doesn't reply and looks at you strangely. Even more embarassed than you were before, you decide to keep your mouth shut. Taymos finally speaks, "So...did you want us to get married?" You answer hesitatantly, "Umm...well...I stand by what I said. I think..."

Taymos listens to you very carefully. He looks deeply in your eyes, making you feel a little uneasy. He then says, "Time." Confused, you ask, "Time?" Taymos hesitates a moment, then explains, "I think we need more time. We're obviously too young." A little disappointed, you walk over to the kitchen and pick up a tray of food. On it is mash potatoes and chicken roast. You sit back down to Taymos and you begin to eat, then you say, "Duck." He asks, "Duck?" and you explain by throwing food in his face. You grin as he wipes it off his face bitterly, "You should've ducked" and with that you go outside. You think, 'He had it coming.. it's his attitude that keeps asking for it.'

Well a few more weeks pass, and you and Taymos haven't spoke much to each other. Although it's a little awkward, you can deal with it. Also, you've been noticing Taymos hasn't been home lately, and that's bothering you the most. Once you caught him training with his sword deep in the forest, but after that, you can't find him. This makes you feel lonely. A little sad, but mostly lonely.

Night eventually arrives, but Taymos hasn't. It begins to worry you a little more than it did in the afternoon. He's been gone for 3 hours now. Malicious awakes from his coffin and he looks dead-tired. He waves at you and tells you he's going out to feed and he'll be back shortly. You nod, and watch him walk out the door. Deep down inside, you really respect your brother Malicious. You're glad he's your big brother, although he's become a vampire. He protects you, and for that you are grateful.

Another hour passes rapidly, and you decide to just go to sleep (although it's 8 o'clock). You dress into a black night gown and check yourself in a mirror. Hey! You gotta admit, you look VERY good! In time, you flip the covers over and begin to crawl into bed when your door bursts open. You turn to see what caused it, and you find Taymos standing there, breathing heavily. Shocked, but relieved he's okay, you just stare at him. He moves over to you and kneels down next to you, reaching into his back pocket. A little hesitant, he begins to speak, "Madiera, will you..." he then opens a little black box, containing a diamond ring, "marry me?" and you can hardly breath after that. Tears begin appearing as you exclaim, "Yes! Yes I will marry you Taymos!"

Now you two live happily in each other's company, and of course your brother is freeloading off of you! One day, Taymos announces that he has to go somewhere and won't be back until the sunset is at its reddest color. You nod, agreeing to it and watch him walk out the door. You decide to rest until his return. You dream about that night Taymos proposed. It was so sweet.
You awake shortly to see Malicious standing over you. He says he's going out again, and you nod quietly. Before he walks out, you grab his sleeve and ask what time it is. Malicious announces, "It's 9 o'clock. You get your rest alright? Taymos told me to tell you that he went out again." Relieved, you thank him and he leaves. You nod off to sleep again, only to be awakened by a soft, deep voice. It says, "Madiera, we mustn't sleep all day now." Your eyes flutter as you look around. It's night, and it's very cold. You notice you're tied to a stake, and it's on top of an unfamiliar roof. You begin to panic, trying to break free. The voice says, "Now, now. Try not to hurt yourself." As you try to break free, you reply, "Please, let me go! Please!"

After you speak, the voice lets out a hysterical laugh. It says, "Now why would I do that? Taymos would never come if I did that." Frantic, you try to locate the person who tied you up, but the night is much too dark and the only things you can see are the bright stars. "Where are you!?" you yell. In your mind, you were pleading, 'Please don't come, Taymos. I don't want you hurt...'

At least five minutes of complete silence passes, and the voice speaks up again. It says, "My, my. It doesn't look like he's going to show. Maybe if your blood is spilled, he'll come." He then begins to snicker amongst himself. You reply, "STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU BASTARD!!" He laughs even louder before and responds, "Tsk tsk .. using such foul language. You have sinned, my dear child, you must be punished." You glare as you think..'... Don't you even dare...'

Just then the sun begins to rise again and it suddenly stops. The sky is a blood red and the sun is a dark shade of orange. You look at it, a little stunned and yet frightened at the same time. You can now see everything around you, as well as the one who kidnapped you. You notice he has tall, spiky, raven hair, crimson eyes, and two black stripes stretching across his cheeks. You continue to glare with hatred at him, all the while worrying about Taymos.

As you look at him, you notice he has huge bat-like wings, and he's holding a fairly large sword. Grinning, he walks up to you and stabs you with his sword in your side. The pain is almost indurable, and you cry out loudly. He then continues attacking you by making deep gashes on your entire body. The blood flows uncontrollably, and you almost pass out. He then kicks you in your stomach, and you cough out more blood instantly. You feel everything growing faint, tears filling your eyes, but you refuse to give in to him. 'Someone, anyone, HELP MEEE!! PLEASE GOD SPARE ME!'

BEFORE THIS: Taymos was working for a devil by the name of Daemon. Taymos approved of slaughtering men he was told, so he never complained, but he never wanted to tell you either. After he married you, he decided to rebel against Daemon and quit his job as an assassin. Daemon, of course, had no intention of allowing this, so Taymos was forced to kill him. That's why he left you and told you he'd be back when the sunset is at its reddest. Daemon managed to flee Taymos before the final blow was struck, and stole you, knowing you were Taymos's only weakness. THAT'S WHY YOU'RE KIDNAPPED. ALSO... Taymos is just now running towards you as fast as possible, but many of Daemon's minions are getting in the way.

BACK TO YOU: You try very hard to look into the eyes of your kidnapper, but it pains you greatly. He laughs maniacally at your wounded body and grasps your jaw gently. He turns your head side to side then punches it. He exclaims, "Ha. This is the wife of Taymos? He must have been desperate." Angered, you remain stubborn as ever and try to speak. You say,"Coward.. are you that weak that you have to tie up your opponents just to win?" He frowns at your attitude and raises his sword yet again, but stops as soon as someone calls, "DAEMON!!" You both turn to look and you see Taymos standing there. You say, "Don't worry about me..."

Taymos looks at you and you can tell he's grieving already. Just seeing you like that tore his heart apart. Angered, he begins to attack Daemon and calls out to you, ``HANG IN THERE, MADIERA!! JUST HANG ON!`` He continues to attack Daemon and wounds him gravely almost every time he swings his sword. Eventually Daemon falls to the floor and can't get up. Taymos raises his sword to kill Daemon once and for all but you call out with as much energy you have left, "Don't..." Taymos turns his attention toward you immediately and walks over to you. He places his hand on your bloody cheek and you say, "Taymos...I'm...dying." His eyes widen and tears begin to form in his ice blue eyes. He tells you, "No! You can't. Not yet! Don't go." You smile and reply, "I'll...wait...for you...forever..." And with that, you pass away and leave Taymos in tears. He embraces your body tightly calling for you to return, but you don't.

Taymos is very sad to see you die in his arms, so he feels that the only thing left to do is avenge your death. He walks over to Daemon and raises the sword once again and cries, "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MADIERA! SEE YOU IN HELL!" And with that he lunges the sword forward, but Daemon stops him with a sudden attack. Daemon had launched his claws into Taymos. Daemon announces, "I know you want to live and I do as well. In order for us to go on, we need a pact. You will receive my eternal life and my powers. How about it Taymos?" Taymos, unaware of what to do, declines at first, but accepts once persuaded. Daemon launches himself into Taymos's body and Taymos regains his life yet again. He then cuts you down and holds you tightly in his arms. He says, "I will bring you back. No matter what."

Once you passed on, you were left in eternal darkness. Then you awake instantly and notice you're back on top of the roof where you died. The entire building has become old and there's no one in sight. You think, 'What happened to this place?'

You look at yourself and observe you're see through. Your eyes widen and you just realized you're a ghost. You float down to the ground, and land on a bridge above a river. In front of you is forest, and behind you is a large mansion and an entire village behind you. 'I wonder what happened to this village...'

Since you're a ghost, you decide to walk through the door instead of opening it. Once inside, everything is dusty and moldy. The building looks like it hasn't been lived in for years. As you tour the mansion, you see someone walk down the hall. You chase after her, and turn her around. She looks as you and she looks like she has been beaten to the point where she should be dead. Blood is dripping down her face, she looks very cross, and her clothes are torn and have blood all over them. You notice she's see through as well.. meaning she's a ghost like you! You gasp, 'What could've happened to her?'

She then grabs you around your neck and pins you to the wall. She speaks nonsense, "You left me! You promise you'd come back! I was waiting..." You struggle to break free from her grasp, but it fails you. Then a bright, ice blue light swarms around you and it instantly slams the ghost girl away from you. She then disintegrates and forms a red orb and falls to the ground.

Although startled, you like what just happened. Now that you're a ghost, you have powers. You continue down the hall, thinking of Taymos, then a sudden great pain overtakes you and kneel down clenching your teeth, and grasping your side. You remove your hand, and you notice there's blood on it. The pain leaves and you get up. You feel weird. 'Can I bleed now that I'm a spirit...or am I reliving my death because I have unfinished business?'

Just then you hear someone speaking. You turn around to see who it is, and to your surprise, it's Malicious, but he's not alone. He's walking beside a girl with dirty blonde hair, tied up in two pig tails, wearing stylish sunglasses, in a green skirt and green shirt, with high heels. Her bangs are rather long as well. You look at her disprovingly, she reminds you of a whore. You walk up to Malicious, but the only thing you say is nonsense just like the ghost before you, "I missed you." Startled, they turn around and stare at you and you say something else uncontrollably, "I'm sorry." Malicious says, "Madiera, is this what Taymos has done to you?" You want to say, "No! Not at all! I'm sorry, it was all my fault." but you can't help but end up saying, `"I love you." Malicious looks at you pitifully, and asks, "What are you saying?" Just then someone announces, "Get away from her Malicious. She doesn't concern you." You all turn to see Taymos standing behind Malicious and the girl. You then black out. You start dreaming of you died...and how it all happened...

You awake again, but you've somehow wandered off into another room. There standing before you is a little girl in a cute dress, but she's crying. In front of you is a HUGE demon creature, and he's devouring all the ghosts. Behind the girl stands Taymos, Malicious, that woman, and a new man with spiky hair, sunglasses, and a long, dark coat. You suddenly are lifted into the air and you feel your aura come again. Then you summon a demon that resembles a woman. Somehow knowing what to do, you command it to attack the huge demon. It obeys and wipes the demon out, turning it into another orb. Taymos runs after you calling, "Madiera!!" You reach out to him, but see yourself fading and everything goes black again. You dream of seeing Taymos reaching out to you, and you reaching out to him, then before you touch he disappears...

You awake, the house is quiet again, and you roam about it once again. You find Taymos sitting alone in a room. He has his head buried in his hands, and he's sitting on a bed. You walk over to him and touch him. You can't find words right now. You just want to hold him. You can tell he's in emotional pain

You realize you can now say and do whatever you want with control. For some reason, being around Taymos lets you do whatever you desire. He gets up instantly as soon as he lays eyes on you and you can tell he's in shock. He walks up to you and reaches to touch your cheek, but his hand goes straight through you. You smile and say, "It's alright."

It doesn't help him feel any better. Ashamed, he turns his back to you and sits back down saying, "Ah yes.. I killed you." This surprises you, and makes you feel ashamed. You think, 'It was all my fault. I caused this pain, this sadness...'

You approach him and stand in front of him. You raise his chin, astonishingly, so that he can look at you. He looks deeply into your eyes with grief. You say, "It's okay, it really is." he asks, "Do you feel pain?" you decline, "What about food? Are you hungry?" you decline, "Are you cold?" and you decline again. Just then, two females walk in on your conversation. You recognize that one was the whore-like girl who you saw with Malicious, and the other was the cute little girl with the huge demon. You decide to talk to Taymos later, and you walk through the wall. You think, 'I'll pay him a visit later, he's obviously tied up now.' with a sad look on your face

You reach a room that's draped with your favorite color from head to toe. You fall in a state of awe and decide to rest there, but you soon realize you cannot sleep. At least half an hour elapses, and you go out to find Taymos. As you walk out of the room, your aura swarms around you again and you feel yourself being pulled away. You try whatever you can to escape, thinking, 'I will NOT leave Taymos! not now, not ever!'

You wind up in a familiar surrounding. You're on top of the roof top again, and the stake on which you died tied up to is standing tall beside you. You look around and notice that Malicious, Taymos, that one woman Malicious was with, and a man with a long, black coat, spiky hair, and dark sunglasses. Taymos is holding your body, which hasn't decayed at all, Malicious is watching over you (the spirit-you), and the man is chanting something unusual from a book. You feel yourself being pulled toward your body, and you allow it. Eventually, a white light swarms around you and thrusts you back into your body. You then black out. All you can think of is wanting to see Taymos, i just want to be there for him.

You awake and sure enough, you see Taymos sleeping, his arms wrapped around you. His hair is in his beautiful face again, so you brush it out of the way. He wakes instantly and finds you looking into his blue eyes. He smiles, very widely, and embraces you tighter than before. You hug back and think, 'I'm back! At last, I'm back! No more suffering, no more!'

You and Taymos have been reunited at long last, and nothing will ever tear you two apart! You will remain loyal to your husband, and will always be there to hold him when he feels sad. It is a love that can never be broken.


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