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Chapter 11: A Social Networking Site

Kiri: “Now the only fire I burn is for the trash pit. The wind keeps blowing it out. I am tired of lighting it.”

Timoti: “I could tell you the legend of ‘Tuku Tuzu’ over a game of chess. The story may help keep you out of trouble.”

Orama: “A bad memory guards my heart, but keeps me from winning what I want most, a Singing Stone from Scavenger Fields.”

Emobi: “I can help you find the love you seek. But first, I must repair the broken things. And I am not a quick fixer.”

Rarahu let me know that some of the tribe wanted to meet me. I wanted to get to know all of the villagers, and the best way to do that is some quality one-on-one time. Meeting Kiri, Timoti, Emobi and Orama was great! Each of them gave me a gift. It felt like my birthday and speed-dating wrapped into one. I hope they liked me.

Goal cut

There was more to the village? All of it amazing! The Village Harbour is like a resort spot. It’s twice as nice as the brochure for Meet Your Mate!


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