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Chapter 13: Full Court Press

That was it! I gave that Hugh Bailey character a piece of my mind. I confronted him about his behaviour, attitude and selfishness. It was a total waste of energy and time. He is hopeless. I need to be surrounded by positivity right now.

I needed to tell the Professor what was going on and where he could find me. I feel bad leaving Rhinehart alone with these people, but he doesn’t seem to mind taking care of them. He must be an incredibly patient person. I told him where he can find me. Let’s hope he keeps that info to himself.

It was time to move on. I had bigger and better things on the horizon. The hut that the villagers gave me looks just like one of the pictures from Club Meet Your Mate. I should’ve moved here a long time ago. This is the coolest house I’ve ever seen. Much less owned!


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