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Chapter 17: Spirit Quest

All things considered, finding this drum should’ve been a cake walk. But the Forbidden Village turned out to be haunted by the ghosts of fallen villagers. I want to help these ghosts find peace.

I needed to put the urns left behind by the ghosts with the others. The ghosts’ urns were never place on the proper altar. I helped the ghosts find peace by moving their urns to the right spot. Now they will let me take the drum.

It was back to my new gig as a drum delivery service. I got the drum. It was right where the Chief said it’d be (minus the ghosts).

This was the fun part. I made the Chief’s day, reuniting him with his drum. He’s so happy that he’s throwing the first luau since the curse to celebrate.

I have never been one to miss a party. The luau is in full swing. This tribe sure knows how to party!


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