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His jaw dropped wide and then was immediately shut. "Ay man, no lies. C'mon, I'm serious."

"And so am I. The Drake family is after me for two reasons. They want to give the throne to my cousin, their first child and if they get me and get rid of me... they can do that. Secondly, I am worth a lot and my parents would do anything and everything for me, meaning, they can ruin their lives. And other more reasons... I tried to forget about it and it worked but..."

"Hold up, hold up," Chad held his hands. "You mean to say that you're actually a Prince and your family is having some kind of civil war, and you never told me?? Dude, not cool!"

"It was for your own good!" I cried. "The less people know about me, the better. It kept me safe from the Drake family all these years! I had to be separated from my parents, not knowing if they're alive or dead. The parents I live with right now are not even my real parents, but they were paid well to look after me and keep me safe. They were right... I shouldn't have moved out... It was a matter of time before my past catches up to me..."

Chad smacked my back, hard. "Cheer up, brah! You made it is far, oh and don't forget, you owe me big time!" I rubbed my back, wincing at the pain. "And bro, like, you gotta win! No friend of mine is gonna lose to anyone!" Chad said excitedly. Man, I swear, this kid is always in good spirits.

"Thanks, bro, you're the best," I smiled at him gratefully.

"But I still get to sock you in the face if anything terrible happens to me."

"Aaaaand the cheeky Chad is back," I rolled my eyes, laughing at his silliness.

"So since the Drake family send these goons over to get you, suffice to say they know where you are and where you're hiding. What do we do now?"

"One thing's for sure," the lady returned, interrupting our conversation. "You can't stay here. We will have to get you to a safe house."

"Well.... What if I go back to my real father, to my kingdom, back at central England? I mean, there I can be protected by multiple guards, and keep it a secret, cause after all, the last place they'd expect me to go is back to my dangerous zone? Right?"

"No, that's the first place they'll look, and will keep looking again," the lady replied as she scanned the area through the blinds. "And they've been expecting you to go back coz all eyes are on your real family right now."

"Well, bummer then," Chad scratched his chin awkwardly. "So where is the safe house?"

"Well, Desmond is right about one thing. The last place they'd expect you to go is back to the danger zone, so we are going to the place they'll look the least: Northern Ireland."

"Northern Ireland? You... You mean... Drake family territory?"

"Duuude~~" Chad exclaimed. "That's crazy~~ Right into the lion's den? You're insane, lady!"

"The name's Claire, by the way," the lady raised a brow at Chad's outburst.

I began to slowly shiver with fear. What if they see or catch me there? Crap... we'll both be dead. "If it's the only safe place.... then... Let's do it!"

Chad stared at me wide eyes, his jaw dropped. "Bro, you're crazy, man! You can get killed there!!"

"You dont have to come, Chad."

"I never said I wouldn't go!!" He exclaimed

"Is there going to be a problem between you two?" Claire crossed her arms. "Because this situation is critical as it is, I don't want to have to babysit someone else who can't hold their own."

"Bro, seriously, this is above and beyond what we're gonna do now," I turned to Chad pleadingly. "If you wanna back out, now's the time."

"I told you, Bros for life, remember?" Chad frowned. "I'm already deep to my knees in this mess, I am not going to be left behind on a cliffhanger. I'm seeing it through till the end. So stop trying to ditch me, OK? Which reminds me," he turned to Claire. "You never answered his question: Where's Earl?"


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