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We made our way towards the end of the hallway  and made a left into a room. There tied up to a chair, was a man, he looked fairly old, around 40? He has to have a family by now.

"Dude, are you sure you wanna do this? Threaten death and everything?" Chad whispered to my ear. "What if he doesn't care if he lives or dies? What if he doesn't have a family? What if he has nothing to lose?"

"Then I have nothing to lose as well if I kill him, wouldn't I?" I glared at Chad. "He betrayed my family and sold them out to the enemy. That is considered treason."

"Yes, but you are not the King, you don't get to decide who lives and who dies. And you're the last person I would think to have blood on their hands. That is not the King, or the Prince, I expected you to be. You're better than that."

I hesitated, lowering the gun, not sure what to do.

"I'll just threaten him... Chad. Not actually kill him.. you know.. give him a good scare? Maybe we will.. plus.. how else will I get my family back? Or my sister?"

Chad sighed. "You're the prince, you decide, I'm not gonna choose for you." He disapproved sadly.

"Erm..." Now I was really uncertain of what to decide to do. I gripped onto the gun and tossed it over to Alex.

"Pah! Bloody weak prince who don't have the guts to get his hands dirty," the man sneered as he spat at the floor. "No wonder this country is in shambles. The king can't even raise his son right, let a bunch of pansy commoners turn him into a big ol' softy."

Before I could say anything, Chad suddenly pushed past me and grabbed the old man by the collar. "You listen here, you old fogey! He may not have been raised the royal way, but he is a way better fucking human being than you who probably sold off the royal family to the enemy for probably a bit of cash! He could've ignored my advice and exercise his right as a royal and killed you, right here and now! It takes guts to look someone who sent their whole family to their death straight in the eye and not put a bullet between them! You practically sentenced his family to death and he is considering to spare your life, which is way more than I can do if I were in his shoes, so DON'T you DARE call him weak!"

"Wow, your mate is a spitfire, I'll give him that," Alex whispered to me. I was speechless. I've seen Chad pissed, but never THAT pissed before.

"Alex shushh..." It was kinda awkward for me to see him this mad. I approached the tied up man. "You know you are really pathetic. How would you like it if I imprisoned you for life. You'll be ditching your family forever and honestly if i do it in secret, they won't even know and think you were some d*ckhead that left them for another. Now no, wouldn't that be lovely."

"I ain't got no family! Your family killed mine when I was just a kid because they didn't like the way they tried to speak their mind! I ain't got anything to lose! So throw me anywhere you want! Throw me in the gulag for all I care! Your family is not fit to rule this country! I'd rather take my chances with your cousin!"

"Oh yeah? And how can you be sure you won't be treated fairly when my cousin takes over the throne? Do you think she'll let you live once the crown is on her head?" I crossed my arms.

"Like I said, I'd rather take my chances than serve your family. My parents never stood a chance against your grandfather when he was in rule, and your father is starting to become a chip off the old block as well! Good riddance to bad rubbish!" He spat onto my face this time

I was pissed, but I held back at trying to smack him right then and there. Instead, I broke out into a creepy laughter, where as even Alex and Chad aeemed confused and weirded out. "You don't know them! Ahahah. Most of the people they used that i encountered were killed after! We're practically giving you that chance to love and here you are, perfering to die in their hands. Says a lot about you. You disgust me. That's probably why your family was killed!"

"Don't you DARE talk about my family like that! Don't you DARE!!" The man struggled against his binds. "They spoke the truth, and your grandfather couldn't handle the truth and killed them for it. Go ask your precious father what exactly happened! I'm not saying another word!!"

"Why you..." I lost my cool and was ready to give the guy a good sock on the face when Alex grabbed my wrist and shook his head.

"Forget it. It's not worth it. It's clear where his allegiance lies. We're going nowhere with him," Alex said as he led me out of the room, leaving the guy to laugh maniacally at us.

"Ask your precious Daddy! See what he has to say about his father killing my family just because they didn't agree with who your father married! Go ask him! Hahahahahahahaha!!!"

Alex glared at the man one last time before slamming the door, locking it, his muffled laughter still can be heard behind the door.

I was absolutely furious, i wanted to go back at smack that guy so hard, he'll regret everything he had said. Chad oatted my back realizing so. "Ey bro, you a'ight?"

I nodded and was simply dragged back to Chad's room by both of them. "I have to find my family... guys... cmon let's go.."

The shook their head. "You ain't going anywhere, princess." Chad chuckled. Always with the jokes. Alex looked at Chad dead straight in the eyes. "You aren't either."

"Wait, what?" Chad was taken by surprise.

"Both of your safety are my concerns," Alex said, hands on his hips. "Shawna is after you, Your Highness, and you, Chad, are her means to an end, a collateral that Shawna will see fit to use to gain leverage. I'll go look for leads and bring your family back. You stay here and be safe."

"Now wait just a minute--"

Before I could say something, I felt a sharp thwack on my forehead, and before everything went black, I could hear Chad's cry at my name and then his groan as well...


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