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I must've overslept because when I woke up, the moon was high in the sky and the time on my phone read 7.30pm. Holy shit, was I asleep that long? Why didn't anyone wake me up? Did I miss dinner? I got off the bed as quickly as my body could catch up with the adrenaline and stepped out of my room.

"Hello? Hello~! Anyone?"

Silence. Complete silence. And not the comfortable kind. This was not right. I have a bad feeling about this...

"Alex! Father! Guards!" My eyes slowly adjusted to the drakness of the castle. I walked along the hallway, stumbling over something i could not recall. I reached up to grab onto someting and felt a doorknob. I knocked furiously at the door. "Excuse me??!!"

I swung open the door, immediately, i recognized, this was Chad's room.

I looked around frantically. Chad was not in his bed, nor was he hooked onto the hospital equipment. Where could he be? Shit, has someone from Drake family gotten to him? "Chad? Chad?! Chad, where are you?!" Suddenly my hand was yanked and I was pulled into the en-suite bathroom of Chad's room.

"Shh! Dude! Keep it down!"

"Um.... Chad? What are you doing out bed and what the hell is go---" He interrupted me. "Bro, I said shut up!" He hissed quietly at me and covered my mouth. "They're here. Be as quiet as you can be. Do you want to die?!"

I shook my head, glad he was OK, but now worried for both our lives. "So where is everyone else? When did they come? My parents? Alex?"

"I dunno about Alex," Chad admitted. "I just heard a bunch of loud shouting and gunshots and I quickly unplugged myself and hid under the bed first. I barely managed to dodge the search, but I was lucky they gave up quickly and left the room. I was about to go find you when I heard you come in. Of course I thought whoever it is has doubled back to check here again, but I was relieved it was you."

"I knew it. Alex was right; Shawna is behind this. She's still at large and still after the throne..."

"Woah, dude, wait, who's Shawna? Who's Alex? What's going on here?"

I sighed and finally told him everything that had happened since I took that plane Claire sent me into. It wasn't the ideal time, but it was better than nothing, and Chad needed to be up to speed. "....yeah so that's the gist of it."

"Bro... you put yourself in so much danger to come bring me here... why? Why did you do it. You're a prince, man, you could've died. You're crazy, man! But why?"

I shrugged and lost my eye contact with him. "You're a close friend and I thought they'd get to you..." It was true, but not completely.

I felt Chad's stern stare on me. 5 minutes passed and he broke the silence. "Bro, I know you. You were always great at holding eye contact. I know you. When you look away, it's like your way of admitting it's a lie or partly true, which is why you can't maintain eye contact. It's like you feel guilty for doing so. Bro... tell me."

"I... I'm not lying, not... really..." I shook my head, trying to get rid of the thoughts that plagued my mind. "Anyway is this really the time? We need to go find both my real parents and my foster parents, and my sister, and Alex. Oh god, I wonder what happened--"

A pair of strong hands grabbed my face and made me face Chad's. I gasped. I've never seen Chad so serious before.

"No, you are not getting out of this. I know you have something to say, and if you don't say it now and one of us don't make it out of this alive, we are going to regret it for the rest of our lives, maybe even in the afterlife if BOTH of us don't make it. So spit it out!"

"I LOVE YOU, OK?!" I finally blurted it out. "I did this all for you because I am fucking in love with you and I didn't even realize I actually HAVE feelings for you until I knew you were hurt or you were gonna die or that I'm gonna die! I love you more than a friend, more than a bro! And it makes me sick inside that you might not feel the same way for me, so I don't want to admit it! You happy now?!"

Chad stiffened, but soon his grip on me grew weak. His face was expressionless, too hard to tell if he loved me back or not, and it was killing me. I heard him sigh. Was it relief? Happiness? Sadness? Regret? "Chad.."

"Bro, Shut up."

"E-errr... I-I'm sorry, I didn't think that yo---"

He placed his finger on my lips, interrupting me. "No, seriously, shut up! I'll get back to that later, but I think I hear something and I need you to be quiet."

I stiffened up at his finger on my lip and perked my ears, trying to listen. There was definitely footsteps coming in, slow and deliberate ones, as if the person is trying to be cautious and quiet.

"Arm yourself," Chad whispered so silently I almost couldn't hear him. "On the count of three, we pounce."

I nodded and looked around. There was a broom right to my left. It wasn't the best, but it'll have to do. Chad armed himself with a toilet plunger, then used his fingers to do the countdown. Once he hit one, we both let out a battle cry and ran out of the bathroom, tackling whoever it was that entered the room, piling onto him and whack him for all its worth with our lame-ass "weapons".

Before I smacked the man's face with my amazing and creative broom, i stopped and pushed Chad off of him. "Alex?"

"Sup bro~" He said somewhat weakly. I grabbed his arms and pulled him into the bathroom. "Alex please, you seem to know everything. What exactly is going on?"

"By the way, nice to finally meet you, heard so much about you," Alex grinned at Chad before turning to me. "As I feared, it was Shawna. One of the hired help betrayed us. He was a mole for her and disabled all the security in this castle and paved the way for Shawna to attack. I barely managed to get your foster parents to safety in one of our safe houses, but they've got your royal parents and your sister."

"Shit! We really gotta save them! Where are they headed?" I said worriedly.

"I'm trying to crack the mole into telling us right now. So far, he's not budging."

"Fine, then we kill him if he doesn't. I bet he has a family to get to now? Right? Imma go march in there myself." I reached her his gun.

"Huh, I didn't want to seem too mean but why not? Here, follow me, guys." Alex said before walking out the room.


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