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I put my brain in motion. If my sister was held captive like me, she would probably be in two possible places: the same area where I was held prisoner, or in one of the rooms of the manor. I had to make sure which first. I scouted the area, checking for anything that would give me a way back in without being detected. As I kept to the shadows, I searched the perimeter, and soon noticed there was some kind of grating covered in vines that led all the way up to a window which I assumed could be the attic. That would have to be my best bet and work my way down from there. Rubbing my hands together, I started climbing up the grating, praying to the gods of all religion that I don't slip and fall, or get seen by anyone

I held on tight just as I made it to the window and poked my head into it. Seeing three figures, luckily the window was pretty high up so i had a low chance of being seen.

"Where do you want us to put  this brat?" He said as he shoved the girl onto the floor.

'So she lied! They just barely got her!' I thought assuming that was her.

A woman responded with, "One of the rooms in the manor, I want her as far away from the boy as long as possible." Just as she said that I lost my grip and fell down, catching myself on a vine before serioisly hurting myself. I youched the floor and ran towards the manor, hopefully, they heard nothing.

"What was that?"

I held my breath, hugging the walls as I pressed against a dark corner of the manor so that they couldn't see me. I could hear the window open and one of them looking out to scan the area. As luck would have it, a random cat just so happen to walk past the area I almost fell, then I heard a snort.

"It's just Fluffers, the chef's cat. Now where we're we..." I couldn't hear anything anymore as whoever it was has closed the window.

"Thanks, Fluffers," I whispered at the cat, who gave me an unconcerned look before walking off.

I sighed to myself just as i found the entrance, oddly enough, it wasn't even guarded, it seemed like a ghost house. So empty. I stuck in and hide behind a large statue of a bear. It hid my whole body from head to toe and stayed quiet, just as a man walked in, gripping the wrist of a weak and fragile looking girl. He walked past all the door and then made a right at the end of the little hallway, but even so, I decided to wait and see when this guard would leave to make my rescue.

I could hear the girl whimper in protest and my heart ached for her, but I couldn't risk getting caught, not when I'm this close to saving her. I hear the sound of the door locked and the guard stepping away from the door, then heard him talking to another man in a thick Irish dialect before leaving. I peeked out from behind the bear to see the man being spoken to planted a chair opposite the door of the room my sister was locked in and sat his ass down, then took out his phone to play as he guarded the door. "Ugh, just great," I groaned to myself. "Now what am I supposed to do?"

An idea popped in my head and i grinned. I quietly made my way back outside, spotting the other man, who was currently wearing a head guard suit, making his way along the bushes. I silently followed, remembering what Chad had thought me during the times he learned all about combat. A spot in the neck, if squished hard enough, could knock him out.

I ran up behind the man and as quickly as I could, gripped his neck, wrapping my other hand over his mouth and pressed down on said spot and surprisingly it worked! I sighed in relief as i striped him from his uniform and put it over my clothes. A perfect fint. Finally, I grabbed his hat and adjusted it to my head, just barely hiding the top part of my face.

"Can't believe that worked. Thanks, Chad, for your obsession with military movies," I whispered to myself as I made my way back upstairs to where my sister was held captive. Taking a deep breath, I mustered as much confidence as I could and walked towards the door. The man guarding the door looked up to see me.

"Stay put, lady's got some questions for this lass," I put on my best Irish accent that I picked up from the guy and from the plane crew before and unlocked the door with the keys he kept in his pocket. Thankfully the guard bought it and went back to his phone. Internally sighing in relief, I entered the room as calmly as I could and closed the door behind me.

The girl began to whimper and cry, slowly moving back at each step i tool to get closer to her. 'What the hell did they do to her?!' I thought, but I figured, I might as well act like that man.

"Stop your whining, brat!" I grabbed her arm and lifted her up. "We have more questions for you and if you don't answer them! I'll kill you right now!"

She whined as i dragged her outside, acting like i thought the man would. The guard nodded and waved goodbye just as i made the corner. I should tell her who i truely am... but to avoid bringing attention to us, I'll tell her once we're a good distance from here.

She tried to struggle free but I held onto her tight, though hopefully not too tight that I might hurt her. I made a show of making my way to the leader, but instead of turning upstairs, I made a sharp turn to the garage area. Making sure that there was no one around, I quickly rushed in and locked the garage door, barricading it for good measure.

"What...? What are you doing...?" The girl asked, confused at my actions. I quickly turned to her and took off my hat to show her my face.

"It's OK. Don't worry. You may not know me, but I'm your big brother Sheridan, and I'm getting you out of here." Though I couldn't help but smile. It's been so long since I used my real name.

The girl stared up at me weirdly. "I don't? Have a brother?" She said, throwing me off. Her features were so similar to mother's... she had to be.. unless they never told her about me... I cleared my throat in embarrassment, before putting my hat back on and dragging her back outside. I reared my way towards the entrance and found a car, with the engine on. I turned to the girl and pushed her into the passenger seat, making my own way to the driver's seat. I'm getting out of this place, and going back to my country.


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