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"Good to see you, Your Highnesses," a male flight attendant helped us to our seats. "Your parents are sending paramilitary troops right now to the Drake Manor to weed out the usurpers as we speak. Fasten your seatbelts. We'll be leaving shortly."

I nodded a thank you and sat down, fastening my seatbelt. Stephanie followed suite. As soon as the jet was in the air, she finally spoke to me.

"Why did Mommy and Daddy never told me about you? Why have I never heard of having a big brother? They didn't even have any pictures of you at home."

"They probably did it to hide the fact that i was in hiding. You could've easily spit it out or something, then i would be in danger. How old are you, girl?" I said, grabbing a chocolate off the candy shelf

"8 years old," she replied, looking longingly at it. I smiled and helped her take one.

"Guess Shawna was right about one thing: Mommy and Daddy had you 10 years after I left."

Stephanie did a mental calculation. "You're 23?"

"Yeah, old enough to drive and drink, preferably not at the same time."

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Haha, no, I don't, but... To be honest, I prefer a boyfriend."

The girl stared at me awkwardly and just nodded in approval and understandence. Kids, always the best to come out too. I called over the male flight attendant. "May I borrow a phone?"

He nodded and handed me his. "Of course Your Highness, no need to ask."

I grabbed the phone and began to dial  Chad's phone

My heart skipped a beat when I hear the ringing tone, though when the phone was answered, it was not Chad's voice.


"Dad?" It was my foster father. "Dad, why are you on Chad's phone? Where's Chad?"

"Desmond? Desmond, thank God it's you. Are you OK? Where are you?"

"I'm on the family jet back to England. It's a long story but I'm all good. I'm even with Stephanie. Where's Chad? Is he OK?"

"Oh, son... We... We're at the hospital right now... Chad... Chad's hurt real bad..."


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