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Right when he left, a doctor came in with his clipboard. "Hey Doc.. is there anyway possibly to move in onto an airplane to make aay in a different hospital?"

The doctor nodded, reading from his clipboard. "I assume you'd want to take him to your castle hospital. I'll get the nurses prepared, you highness." A huge grin appeared upon his face.

I blinked in surprise. "How did you...?"

"I was already briefed by the situation with your guard Alex while you were on your way here. Besides I used to be your family doctor, remember? I've got all your medical records here with me."

It took me a while before I recognize him. "Dr. Orville! Yes, I remember now. You're not just our family doctor, you're our castle family physician before you helped me escape! It's been so long! You haven't aged a day!"

I shook his hand happily and he chuckled, "I'm surprised you still remember, given that you haven't seen me since you went to high school."

"Guess I'm just too old for lollipops now," I chuckled as well.

"Do you plan on coming back with us, Doctor?" I asked.

"Well what kind of question is that?! You want to take this boy here to your castle, I couldn't just let you take him without a proper doctor on board." The doctor playfully rolled his eyes. "Now let's get going! You need to be at the castle as fast as possible!" The said just as the nurses came in disconnecting cables and connecting them to a portable one, however having the same attributes.

I smiled happily as we carried Chad out and called Alex over. "Mom and dad are in the plane" Alex nodded. "Safely, now for you three."


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