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My eyes fluttered open, blinking to adjust to the light. "The princess finally woke up." I heard Chad's voice beside me, frowning. I lay on the cold floor. "Where's Alex?" I asked before turning to face Chad who was tied up. My eyes widened in horror. I tried to move my arms and legs, but i couldn't either. "Please explain" I cried.

I heard another voice behind me and a slight chuckle. "I can."

My eyes finally adjusted to the light as I looked up to see Alex and Shawna standing side by side. My brain clicked as I glared at the both of them.

"Alex! How could you? You're in on this too?"

"Sorry, Your Highness," Alex shrugged dismissively. "Hate to let you find out this way."

"Why? Why did you do it? Why are you in league with the enemy?!" Chad demanded.

"I'm not in league with anyone. I'm just taking my lover's side and supporting her," Alex said as he wrap an arm around Shawna's waist, earning a kiss on the cheek from her. "I'm on the winning team, buddy."

"How... How could you...?"

"How could I? Why don't you ask your parents why?"

So saying, he increased the brightness of the room with a remote, and it revealed my royal family sitting at the far end of the room.

"Father..... Mother..." I glared at Alex. "Stupid faggot. Always knew you were going to end up nothing more than a peice of cow manure. Hah. Nice to know you're dating someone that looks as if she's in her 80's, so caught up in her hopeless dreams that she aged quicker than she should've. Tell me, darling, how did that feel?" I smiled sweetly yet devilishly.

Alex walked up to me and smacked me before sending me flying with a harsh kick to the stomach. My sister whined and rolled over to me. "You listen here, you're the faggot, Mister I'm-in-love-with-my-guy-best-friend. Don't ever insult my love. Or..." He made his face towards Chad and gently rubbed a knife again his cheek. "You can see him get brutally murdered."

I stiffened and looked away speechless. "Not much of a talker now huh?" Alex smirked.

I glared up at him. "Power hungry people never win. Oh, you just wait," I faced my parents. "Father. What are they talking about?"

"Yeah, Your Majesty," Alex said mockingly. "Why don't you tell them what your family really does while they're running the country?"


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