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For most couples, the day their child is born is one of the happiest days of their life. That can't be said for me and my husband. Our daughter's tombstone wouldn't have years or even days engraved upon it, as she died in my arms a mere few hours after coming into the world.

The doctors couldn't understand what had happened. Our baby had been completely healthy when she was born, perfect even . . . To everyone else, at least. To my husband and I, she had been a hideous thing. The wisps of blond hair and common blue eyes, traits neither of us had desired in a child. No, this child would not do.

And while the doctors had no idea what had brought about her sudden passing, we did. You'd be surprised how easy it is to end the life of a baby and leave no signs of it having been killed, especially if you are as practiced at is as my husband and I. We'd just have to try again, as we have many times before. And we'd keep trying until we finally had the perfect child.

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