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Strange Homes

I just found out about this subreddit today. Figured this would be the best place to get something off my chest that happened about two years ago.

I was a real estate agent in South Florida. 22 years old and really just servicing small rental homes and apartments to make ends meet. Any time a deal would arise that could take minimal effort and pay out quickly, I would definitely do my best to find someone that would be interested in renting it.

One such deal came across my system. No pictures or information about the property, but the home was huge according to the dimensions provided. Literally a humongous three bedroom house going for the price of a cheap one bedroom apartment. I called the listing agent for more details and all I got back was, "send us anyone. We need it rented."

That was all I needed to hear and I set off to find a client for the home. I advertised all over the Internet for it and left my office phone number as a contact point for me. Since the home was so cheap, my cell phone had a tendency to get inundated with phone calls every time I advertised a property so low. Less than 24 hours later, I get a call on my personal cell phone line.

An older woman speaks, let's call her Susan for the time being.

"Hello, I am calling about the home for rent."

"Hi, uh yes the home is still available. Not that I mind, but how did you receive my personal cell phone number? I could have sworn that I only left my office line."

She completely ignored the question and says, "I am available tonight to see it, after dark. Can I meet you there?"

I had a lot of appointments that day and hated showing homes that I had not previously inspected, so I tried to reschedule. She insisted that I show her the house. She said she was serious about renting it, so I accepted.

I get to the home around 6:30, before our 7 PM appointment. The whole lot surrounding the home is pitch black. I get to the front door, open the Lockbox for the keys, and enter the home. Flip the light switch. Nothing. I can't see anything whatsoever. It's then that I switch on the flashlight application installed in my phone. The second I turned it on, I jumped.

There was somebody IN the home. A dark and waspy haired woman with a cane just sitting in the dark. I was so spooked, that I almost just ran out the door. The only thing that stopped me is that she said my name.


I was stunned. Frightened. Then I started to put the pieces together in my head.


She stood up relying heavily on the cane and extended a limp hand towards me,

"Nice to meet you, Andrew."

I shook her hand, "Pleasure to meet you as well, Susan. I thought we were scheduled for 7 PM. How did you get into the home?"

She ignored me and jumped straight into speaking about the home.

"This is a wonderful home, Andrew."

Let me remind you for a second that the home is pitch black except for the light from my phone's flashlight. I walked over to the next room and flipped a light switch. This time it worked and a small lamp turned on. I looked around the home.

By far the strangest home I had ever been inside. There were dead bugs scattered all throughout the house. Holes in the walls. Old flooring. But even stranger was that the home was almost completely furnished. Couch, TV set, dining room table, bed frame. Almost like someone had moved out and forgot most of their things. The place looked haunted. One thing I couldn't deny is that the home was huge.

"Yes, Susan, the home definitely has strong bones." I said, in an attempt to remain impartial to the house's odd setting.

At this point Susan starts walking around the home. Her cane buckling with her knees with every step she took. It was clear to me, as I had a family member that did a huge 100 mile MS bike run every year, that the woman had multiple sclerosis. Every room we entered, took about 15 minutes to cover. Susan seemed to be completely oblivious to the plethora of dead insects and admired the home at every turn. She was flicking light switches on and off. Checking faucets. Tapping things with her cane. It did take an excruciatingly long time to get around the home, coupled with the fact that I was still completely petrified of the manner in which I met this woman.

After about 90 minutes, she comes full circle and sits back on the living room couch. She invites me to sit next to her, but I refuse to touch anything in this bug infested home.

She finally says, "I want this home."

At this point it's past 8 o clock, and I have a wife and child at home waiting for me. So I say, "Great! I'll put the paperwork together in the morning and we can finalize everything tomorrow."

She says, " Okay. Let me just wait for my friend to pick me up before you go."

I sigh at first due to the exorbitant amount of time I have spent in this home, but I am quickly silenced. No more than 60 seconds later, a husky man walks in the front door. I didn't see any lights on in the driveway and didn't hear him pull up. I have no idea how he even knew we would be done at this exact moment, but he was there. Silent and stone faced. He grabbed her hand and guided her to the car outside. Then, without turning the headlights on in the pitch black driveway, he pulled out into the main road and took off.

When I say I quickly locked up, it's an understatement. I was so frightened to be in this house another second. I don't know what it was, but an overwhelming fear came over me. I could only compare it to being a young child and running upstairs from a dark basement as quickly as I could for fear of what might lurk down there. It was strange. I got in my car and went home.

The next day, I called Susan bright and early. I had committed to no longer dealing with the woman in the middle of the night. If I was going to do this deal, I would do it during the daylight hours. After a couple of rings, she picks up.


"Hello, Susan! This is Andrew. We spoke yesterday and I showed you the home last night. Were you ready to finalize this deal?
She paused for a second. Then, in a voice so cold that it gives me goosebumps to this day, said, "I don't know any Andrews and I didn't see any homes yesterday. Do NOT call me again."

I sat at my desk utterly befuddled. I was part upset that I wasted so much of my time and experienced the oddities of the night prior, but I was also part relieved that I wouldn't have to see that woman again.

I know this is a long post, but bare with me. This is the part when things got truly weird.

About a week later, I met a young couple. They were looking for a cheap home and had to move in quickly. They didn't even care how it looked, since the boyfriend was a contractor and had no problems renovating the place. I told them to swing by before work and they did. They said the house was pretty dirty, but that they could clean it and wanted to apply for it. I drew up paperwork for them and they were moving in a few days later.

The following weekend I went out with my wife and we were driving. She received a phone call from a weird number and opted to not pick it up. We went about our day. A few hours later I got a call from my mother, who lives in a completely different state. She told me that a woman named Susan called her cell phone asking for Andrew and said she was ready to move into a house.

I was shocked. I had no idea how this woman got my mothers phone number. Later on that night, I got a call from my father saying the same thing. At this point I am completely afraid. I get home and my wife decides to check her voicemail. Lo and behold, there was a voicemail from Susan, asking why I haven't called her back in regards to the home.

I have never been more disturbed in my entire life. I never responded to any of those calls.

by reddit user Aceyrc


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