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Baby Monitor

David arrived home to a darkened house. It was now a little past midnight, and David knew better than to expect his wife, Laura, to wait up. As he walked down the hall, past his 14-month-old son Isaac's room, he could hear muffled sounds on the other side of the door. Isaac had been horrible at sleeping through the night since he was born, and David dreaded another sleepless night...

As David crawled into bed, he listened with a weary smile as Isaac formed his little words in the baby monitor. He has just learned how to say several new words and would delight himself for hours pronouncing them.

David was almost asleep when Isaac's last word suddenly caught his attention.


“That's odd,” thought David. Most of Isaac's words up to this point had been simple things like “kitty” or “mommy”. “Maybe he heard it on one of Laura’s cooking shows,” David told himself, laying back down to sleep.


David sprang back awake. It wasn't so much the word itself, but the way it had been said. The “c” had been drawn out over several seconds. Isaac had never done anything like that, and it sent a chill down David's spine.


That was the last straw for David. He shook Laura awake and pointed to the monitor, gasping as he said “Where did he learn those things!?”.

Laura stared at the baby monitor for several seconds, heard the words, and turned white as a sheet.

“You were complaining about not getting any sleep because of Isaac...” Laura whispered.

“...which is why I dropped him off at your mom's house for the night.”

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