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My wife and I; we just got married.
We decided it was time to start a family,

and she wanted to have a baby.
Nine months pass and we have a baby, Rose.
"She's amazing." my wife whispered to me.
But she wouldn't stop crying.
Banging thighs on the table, screaming,
crying, keeping my wife up at night.
I couldn't let her be like this.
The next night, it was more peaceful.
"Honey." My wife said to me at 2 AM.
"Why is Rose not crying? I mean, she always
does at this time of night"
"I don't know. She's probably sleeping, it's alright"
Next morning, I awoke to a scream.
Our child was not in her crib, a note
that said "it's better" in fine print was found in her bed.
I think we'll be much happier, our baby
buried in the yard.


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