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The days passed by so slow
Without seeing you
Day after day
My life seems more and more
My heart ached so much

I miss you
I wanted to see you
But I can only see you from afar
I wanted to hug you
But I can’t
There is a barrier between us

One day
I saw you sitting alone
I sat beside you
You were crying
I wanted to cheer you up
But I can only watch

A lady came to you
She gave you a shoulder to cry on
And whispers to you
To let go
He will never come back

After some times
The two of you left
A picture fell out of your hand
I went to grab it

I saw the person in the picture
Tears began to rush down my face
I wanted to tell you
But I know
I will never have the chance.

‘I’m sorry.’

(Written by Christina Jong)


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