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by reddit user dotasmurf768

I sipped my now cold coffee, just praying something interesting would happen. This is typical of most workdays, except today, it actually happened.

Its still fresh in my head, this man walked up, with the swagger of a millionaire and spoke to me in some unfamiliar language like I was supposed to know what the hell he was saying. I figured it was German or some other aggressive language, because that’s what it sounded like; so I notified my manager because I was not about to deal with this shit this early in the day… I simply don’t get paid enough.

After five minutes of my manager talking with his hands, people started getting frustrated and moving to other lanes. I nugged my manager letting him know how long this was dragging on and he signaled that he understood.

We lightly guided the man by the arm to our questioning room because we couldn’t get him to give us some form of identification. He struggled, as I would suspect most people would; this was the first time we had every used the room since I began working here… I was kind of excited.

My manager continued his arm flailing for another two minutes before I decided to step in and give it a try. I pulled out my driver’s license and pointed to it and then to him, hoping something would happen. He responded with an understanding face, and then his passport.

His passport seemed legit, only it was from some place called “Agertha” or something like that. We didn’t know what to make of it, but he stared at us, as serious as he could be, letting out the occasional mumble in this still-unidentified language.

Eventually we called in an officer of foreign affairs from the FBI, this thing got serious very quickly as we couldn’t find any answers and the TSA doesn’t fuck around.

He provided unidentified currency, photos from an unidentified land, and the fucked-up passport. This FBI guy was baffled, he had no clue what to do, so he eventually gave this man a map and after some more arm flailing, managed to ask him where he was from- geographically speaking.

This man looked at the map for a minute and then adamantly pointed to the middle of the Atlantic, maybe a little closer to Britain than the US, about adjacent to New Jersey.

This officer looked baffled, and after some phone calls he took the mans bag, something the man tried to fight, and then placed him in handcuffs and transported him to a nearby jail cell.

The FBI officer called in some more officers, detectives I’m assuming, and called in my manager and I. Apparently, our “real-time” eyewitness accounts were invaluable. We began to unpack the bag and found more ordinary objects from this unidentified land, such as postcards, a laptop with a brand no one had ever heard of, and some more photos.

These photos are what has been keeping me up for the past 20 hours. They were greyscale, polaroid-esque pictures. Their contents were of some unidentified land, from a large tower, a Birdseye view of the city if you will. The city was decimated, bodies everywhere, the photographer seemed to be the only living one in the area. These pictures continued for what must have been twenty photos; constantly following the location of the last picture, all leading to one obscure house in this city, until we go to the last one.

It was a picture of a man, looking at the camera hopelessly, hands chained to the wall, with something tied in between his teeth. He still had his business attire on, but was missing a button-up under his blazer. His skin was exposed, and we could see unattended cuts festering at his skin. The man looked to be on his last breathe.

After seeing this, the officers apparently rushed to the jail cell for questioning, but when they got there, they were told the man had never arrived. From this point forward, I can't attest to the validity of this story, as I have just heard through my manager what happened next.

Apparently, they ordered the police station to track down the squad car using GPS, but the car’s locater no longer existed. It hadn’t given off a signal in 13 minutes, and no one had heard from the two officers.

Its been 20 hours and there is still no word, as far as I’ve heard, on the location of this man, but I got way more than I bargained for at work yesterday.



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