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I’d always been a happy child, eager to learn about new things and willing to help anyone in need. I loved almost everyone; people literally thought I was “the kid from heaven”. That’s why my parents thought my behavior to be slightly unusual awhile after my 13th birthday.

A few months had passed since the day I turned 13, and my friends and family noticed my attitude towards things simple things started to change. For example, my mother forgot to pick up my mascara at the store which made me somewhat mad so I grunted and locked myself in my room that night. My friends didn’t mind it much, but my parents weren’t so sure. They shrugged it off as being “normal for kids my age” and let it go.

Time went by and my behavior started getting worse. I would slam doors, ignore pretty much everyone occasionally, and sneak out of the house to take long walks out who knows where. This is when I was only about 14. Eventually my parents caught me sneaking out and decided I didn’t get to have a phone until I learned to obey my parents rules. I’m an only child, so my parents are a lot more strict on what I can and can’t do in terms of leaving the house. Let’s just say I didn’t get my phone back for awhile.

By the age of 15 or 16, I became very manipulative and deceiving. I would find ways to get out of trouble while also tricking my parents into spoiling me although I didn’t deserve it. I got aggressive, violent, and scary to the point where my own parents were afraid of me. The house was always filled with constant screaming and yelling from all of the arguments I’d start with them.

One time, I even punched a hole straight through the wall which really raised hell. My parents decided they were fed up with me and to call over my Uncle who works as a Psychologist two towns over. Little did my parents know he was also a medium (meaning he is able to see/ communicate with spirits).

When my Uncle arrived at our house he talked to my parents about the situation for about 30 minutes to an hour, but I noticed every 5 minutes or so he would glance over at me with a worried look on his face. After they were done, my Uncle pulled me aside to our guest bedroom and closed the door behind us. I took a seat on the bed but he stood a distance away from me.

“So, did they tell you I’m crazy or something because I’m not,” I said a bit nervously. I hadn’t seen my Uncle for a long time and the looks he gave me were a bit unsettling.

He just stood there silent. Then he left the room hastily and brought back a vintage polaroid that I’m sure he brought himself because I’d never seen that anywhere in my house before.

“Oh you wanna take my mugshot or something now?”

“Hold still,” he said in a very serious but quiet and low voice almost as if he were trying not to be heard. I sat absolutely still while he took my picture. It started to print slowly and once it came out he waited very impatiently for the photo to develop. Once the photo developed, he stared at it for quite awhile nervously looking back and forth from me to the picture.

“Lemmie see it,” I said irritated.

He handed me the picture and at first I didn’t understand what the big deal was, until I saw it. It was hard to notice when you first glance over the picture, but as you look closely you can see it very clearly. In the picture it’s slightly blurry, but you can see a black human-like figure hanging on my back with its arms wrapped around my neck. It had no hair, and no clear facial features- or any features for that matter. I realized my hands started to tremble as I looked up at my Uncle in shock of what the picture had revealed.

“W-what is that right there?” I stuttered, pointing to the figure in the picture.

“It’s a demon,” my uncle said flatly.

“What k-kind of demon is it? Am I gonna get possessed or some shit?”

“Demons don’t possess, they only influence, you can’t get rid of these demons, but you can change the way that they influence you, but the truth is that they aren’t called demons, they’re called life.”

Credits to: savvylynnk



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