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He would never hurt her, she's his mother after all.

But she, since she was diagnosed, can't remember.

She didn't remember he's her only son.

She didn't remember how much he cared for her since she was diagnosed.

She didn't remember that tonight is her son's wife birthday.

She didn't remember that he told her he'll come visit after the party.

She didn't remember he had a spare key.

Her body froze when she heard a knocking at her door. She took a knife to defend herself from this intrusion and ran into her room once she heard the key slide into the lock. She hid as the door opened.

"Mom? Where are you?" his voice sounds concerned. The lights in the house were out. She didn't remember to pay the bills.

'Who is this man?' she thought to herself, hiding in her bedroom closet with a steak knife, 'Why is he here? Why does he want to hurt me?' her voice in her head panicked and her breath became short.

She didn't remember that he'll come visit after the party.

Her sons steps grew closer and closer as he wen't up the stairs. She didn't remember how much he loves her.

He entered his mother's room, scanning it in search for her. 'Where is she?' he thought to himself and sighed. Her heart beat faster now, she didn't remember his face that she kissed so many times.

His eyes finally landed on her, he could see his mom cowering through the closet shutters. Her heart skipped a beat as if it tried to muffle it's own sound.

"What are you doing there?" he approached the closet door chuckling at the absurdity of this situation.

As soon that he opened the door, like a cornered animal instinct, she stabbed him in the shin. He screamed and fell to the ground. She didn't remember how her son's pain sound like. "Stop! What are you doing?" he screamed but she didn't remember his voice. Her knife plunged into his neck, blood sprayed all over her as she twisted the knife. His pleads drowned into bloody gurgle as he fell to the ground, painting the once white carpet. She didn't remember her son's blood. In her head her son drowned into a blurry mess.

She didn't remember where she hid the body. She swore to the cops she didn't remember where she hid it. She grieved over her son but after a while she didn't remember the cops. She didn't remember the body. She didn't remember that night.

She didn't remember there was a son.

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