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Sleep Aid

I have problems sleeping. I always have. Some nights I find myself staring at the ceiling for hours before I can drift off. The only thing that helps me fall asleep is the T.V. I turned it on to a boring channel and lowered the volume so that it’s no louder than a faint whisper. It doesn’t help me doze off immediately, but if it’s not on I can’t sleep at all.

I don’t even watch the T.V. during the day time anymore, I’m too busy. It’s strictly a sleep aid. Since the first night I set it to a low volume and dimmed the brightness way down, I haven’t messed with the settings since. I just turn it on when I get into bed and off when I wake up.

Tonight is just one of those nights where I can’t fall asleep even with the help of the T.V. I’ve been tossing and turning for hours just trying to hold my eyes shut and let the dull whispers of the T.V. lull me to sleep, but it’s not working. I don’t have work tomorrow so I decided I would flip through the channels and find something good to watch. 

When I grabbed the remote, I accidentally pressed the power button and the T.V. clicked off. The only problem was, the faint whispers still filled my ear. My eyes grew wide and cut through the darkness of my room. I slowly turned my gaze from the T.V. to the vent directly above my bed. It was then I realized the whispers were coming from there.

Written by: Sage



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