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Police Car

This is a sequel to my first pasta Crime Scene. I recommend reading it first.

A black wind hollowed in the stormy night as a little girl ran away from the building that destroyed her life.

"Mom, dad and that cop were eaten by that thing..."

She had tears in her eyes but she knew she couldn't stop running or she would end up like them. The streets were dark and all lights were off. She couldn't see a thing but she kept running.

Suddenly in the distance she saw lights getting closer.

"A car!"

She started screaming and waving her arms and as the car got closer she could see that it was a police car. The car stopped next to her and the cop that was driving asked:

"What are you doing out here little girl? It's late and raining!"

"You've got to help me! There was a thing in my house and it killed my parents and the a cop came and..."

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! What are you talking about? What thing?."

"It entered my house while I was sleeping. Mommy and daddy and a cop are dead. Please, you have to help me or it will get me too!"

The driver talked with his partner for a while and then said:

"Look sweetie, I'm going to drop my partner at your house and then take you to the station so we can talk more. Is that OK?"

The girl nodded and entered the car. While stopping at her house she didn't dare to look at it, but she felt that the thing was watching her, waiting for the moment to take her as well. He and the cop (whose name was Mike and his partner was Ray) continued to keep riding through the streets until they reached a trail that passed through a small forest in the edge of the city. Things were going great until the car stopped for no reason.

"Damn thing!" said Mike "You stay here while I go see what's wrong."

She was sitting in the car waiting and looked out the window. The forest was quiet and dark. Big pine trees reached the skies and their leaves balanced in the wind. Everything was quiet... and then something heavy fell on the hood of the car. She closed her eyes and when she opened them she froze due what she saw: lying in the hood there was the half eaten corpse of Ray with his lifeless eyes staring right at her.

Mike took out his gun and shouted:

"Stay there! The one that did these must be close!"

Mike walked away from the car and into the forest. Suddenly, the type of fear that she had inside of the cabinet of her bathroom stroke her again: Claustrophobia. She started to sweat and breathe very fast. The roof of the car suddenly looked way too shallow and the car seemed tighter. She wanted to leave the car but she was too scared to do it with that thing out there. Outside the trees seemed to get bigger and close on top of her. The sweating continued and she started to breath even faster. Ray's eyes seemed to stare into her soul

BAM! BAM! She heard two shouts and one scream. She started to cry and closed her eyes. She could hear heavy footsteps, getting louder as they approached the car. She could sense someone looking at her through the window. The front door opened. She opened her eyes and she saw... a cop. But it wasn't Mike, it was another cop.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm a cop don't you see? Name's Mark. Don't worry about Mike; he took my car and we will continue on this one."

"But it is broken!"

To her surprise the engine started and Mark started to drive. But he wasn't driving on the trail, he turned left to the middle of the trees. They rode for an a while but then he stopped.

"What happened?"

"It is time for my dessert."

She looked at Mark's face and it turned into a demon like shape in front of her. The last thing she saw was that evil smile.


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