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Oh, Skype...

Over the weekend, I checked my Skype for the first time in months.

I had a contact request, and I wasn't sure who it was. The username was something silly, like young_love_money. I added him so I could see his info, but I still couldn't figure anything out. He tried to call me on Skype later that day. I didn't anwer. He sent me about five messages. "Hi." "How are you?" "You there?"

"What's up?" "Hellooooo?". I got another call. And then another. And then another. He kept changing his username too.

I was getting calls about every 5 minutes. Then the messages started going angry and sexual. "I like sex. I'm gonna fuck you." "What the fuck?" "I want you to see my penis." More calls...more messages. I deleted him, but I kept getting calls. I couldn't figure out how to block him on my phone.

My boyfriend and I went to my dad's house to watch football with him and the other men in my family that night. I kept getting nasty messages, but no calls. My boyfriend told me to call it and see if anyone picked up.


My step brother scrambles for his phone, and stops the call. My call hangs up right as he ignores the call. He then goes upstairs and didn't come back down.

He is a 29 year old, 6'4", 260 pound manchild that still lives at home and doesn't work. He made me uncomfortable before because he has a temper, invades space, and constantly makes very inappropriate jokes at the strangest times. Now I'm extremely nervous, but I don't want to tell my dad about it because I don't want to strain his new marriage at all. I also know that no matter what, this guy's mom will baby him and act like he didn't do anything wrong. She's the reason he acts the way he does.

EDIT: A BIG BIG edit. I feel I should give some background on my dysfunctional family, and why I don't want to tell my dad or stepmom. I'll also answer some questions.

My boyfriend knows. I would rather not tell my father. I already know that nothing will be done. His mom will never ever confront him. My brother lives with them and has had several issues with him, and nothing has been done. Stepmom laughs and says "Hahaha, he's so silly. He's just giving you a hard time." Dad gets mad and says my brother is being too sensitive. It's things like refusing to reset the wireless router (which is kept in his room) so my brother can do his online college assignments because he doesn't want to stop his game.

Stepmom says that he has "emotional issues", and is incapable working because of his condition. The only condition that I can see that he actually has is ADD. The rest is because he is an only child that has always been babied and never told no. He knows he can get anything he wants from his mom, and has a hissy fit until he gets it. She brushes off everything he does. If I were to tell her about this, she would laugh and say that he was just joking with me because that's just his humor. My dad would be mad at me because he tries his hardest to not upset the woman he's with, even if it means upsetting his kids. We had issues with his last wife. She was pretty, but a drug addict and a cheater. He quit seeing me because his wife was jealous of me. If she didn't want him to go somewhere, he stayed home. He would get mad at my brother and I if we ever got upset about it and tell us that we're jealous of his wife. She was involved in a hit and run, and tried to say that she let me borrow the car and that I must of done it. My dad went along with it, and told me to stop lying and admit to what I did.

My dad is ok with him living there, because he's been told from the beginning about his "condition". They were actually high school sweethearts and married in their early 20s. Divorced, didn't speak for 30 years, ran into each other at a gas station, started dating, got married in August. Really, my dad cares more about a woman's looks than anything else. They're both 58, and look like they're in their late 30s. She has the body of a 16 year old, and they both enjoy running. I actually really like her. She's pretty, very giving, successful, and good to my dad. She just has a fucked up son, and she's to blame for it.

I'm not extremely worried. I never have a reason to be alone with him anywhere. I do think that this was some game that he was playing for his own amusement. Like "haha, you don't know who this is". After I called him on skype, I haven't heard anything else. That was the end of it. He was caught. He also won't come around me now. If I'm visiting my dad he will stay upstairs. I visit pretty often, because we live near each other and they invite my boyfriend and I over for dinner a lot.

I just know the holidays are gonna be super awkward for my boyfriend and I now. He's creepy, and I don't want to give him a gift or be near him. I always thought he was creepy, but not that creepy. My boyfriend will look after me, though.

I'm never by myself anywhere anyways. I have a scary ex (I guess I attract crazies), so I use the buddy system. Someone is with me at all times, just in case.

TL;DR: Got multiple phone calls and gross messages from a mystery skype account. Found out it was my new step brother.

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