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This is a tale about a friend I used to have years ago. Her name was Sara and I met her in the 7th grade. Back then, she was a normal preteen girl, much like myself. We were best of friends for 7th and 8th grade. We lost touch after our 8th grade graduation because we went to separate high schools: public for her, private school for me.

It wasn't until I moved back into my mother's house at the age of 19, pregnant and depressed from my failed relationship with both my father and ex, that I started talking to her again. We picked right back up where we left off at the end of 8th grade and quickly rebuilt our friendship back to best friend status. She even agreed to be my son's godmother.

Now, I want to take a moment and tell you a bit about Sara and myself. We were the same age, our birthdays roughly two weeks apart from each other. She was the oldest of three girls. We both appeared to look similar almost. Both fairly pale in skin, glasses, and same height (she was a few inches taller than me, but nothing to really brag about) and weight. Her hair color was more blonde compared to my brunetteness and had blue eyes while I have brown eyes. Back to the story.

This takes place a few months after I had given birth. Nothing major had happened between me and her yet, expect she was a little bossy, but I brushed that off as being the eldest sibling. Nothing I couldn't handle. The only thing that I found weird was that she freaked out if I didn't answer her text messages back right away. Even if I was at work and couldn't without fear of losing my job. But I tried brushing it off as her worrying about me.

I had started dating a new guy named Josh. Sara was actually the one that introduced us two because Josh was a good friend with her boyfriend, Rob. Naturally, I started spending a little more time with Josh, but still spent a lot of my time with Sara. She didn't take to this very well, and tried causing problems for me and Josh. After having a sit down with Sara, telling her I wasn't giving up our friendship but neither was I going to push a guy I really liked away. She seemed to have gotten the message and backed off.
Shit hit the fan shortly after Josh and I moved into an apartment together. Sara demanded to spend more time with me while Josh was at work. I really had no problem with it, but her bossiness started to reach unbearable levels. She didn't ask to stay for dinner, simply said she was staying. Asking her to leave for the night fell upon deaf ears and many times crashed on our sofa (causing any possible sexy times with Josh to fade.) It got to the point she started tagging along on our dates, so we simply started not going out. I tried talking to her, but she kept saying if I was a real friend, I wouldn't mind her being there all the time.

Well, we managed to get one free weekend without Sara. She had gone to some water park with her family, so Josh and I got to spend some much needed alone time together. However, because of the strain Sara caused us, we had a hard time enjoying each other. I refused to end my relationship with him and we tried hard to work it out. We tried talking to her boyfriend, Rob, asking if he could help us. He said they were planning on getting an apartment together at the beginning of the following month (she was still living with her parents at this point), but told us it was looking like it was going to be in the same complex as us. I could deal with that, figured she would want to spend time in her new place, decorating it and hosting dinners for her friends and families.

Also note, I had gotten my hair done earlier in the week. I got an awesome new haircut that looked great and loved it a lot. I got many compliments on it from various friends. Well, when Sara came back from her mini vacation, she had dyed her hair to the same color as mine and gotten it cut the exact same way. I didn't really mind too much, it was a pretty sweet haircut, but both Josh and I couldn't get over how weird it was we were looking like twins. She even got colored contacts to wear under her glasses that changed her eyes to the color of brown. Like me.

One night later that week, I was hanging out with another mutual friend of ours without Sara. Her name was Heather. Heather and I had gotten around to talking about Sara when Heather said, casually, "You know she is jealous of your life right? She's even got a huge crush on Josh and you." I really had no idea. She didn't say anything about it to me, and I had no idea she harbored feelings like that for me. She's had many different boyfriends over the years.

After that, I started to notice a shift in Sara. She wanted to spend even more time alone with me, and oddly enough, more alone time with just Josh. On one of these nights, she tried to kiss me. Now, I have no problem with someone being gay. I have many other friends who are, but I am not, and everyone knows it. I like guys way to much. I told her this and she went crazy. Told me I was a lying cunt, that I was leading her on, and that I had to kiss her back because she said so. I told her no, I didn't, and I didn't lead her on. She left shortly after to meet up with Rob and Josh while I took care of my son. I didn't really think anything of it until Rob came over, saying Sara kicked him out of the house because she wanted to talk to Josh alone.

I filled Rob in on what had happened, what Heather said, and my feelings. He sensed something weird was going on. I got Heather to come over to watch my son while Rob and I went back to their apartment to confront her. We found her in bed with Josh. Naturally both Rob and I were upset. Rob and I just left and he crashed on my sofa for the night, though I don't think either of us really did much sleeping.

The next day, I broke up with Josh and Rob broke up with Sara. Rob ended up moving back in with his father and just cut ties with Sara and Josh completely. Sara blamed me for the ending of her relationship with Rob and vowed to make my life a living hell. She kept her apartment in the same complex as mine and tried very hard to get me in trouble with our landlord. At random times, the landlord would stop by saying I had a noise complaint against me or said that someone complained about some awful smell coming from my place. After the third time he came by saying someone saw a rat coming out of my door did he realize someone was just trying to cause me trouble. (I had told him, but he has a job to do I guess.)

When Sara learned that wasn't working, she started calling my home phone and cellphone at random times. Never said anything, and all the calls were Restricted, but I knew it was her. From my window I could see into her apartment and always saw her looking out at my window while on the phone. On the phone the exact times my phones were ringing. I quickly changed my phone numbers and that was the end of that day. No one besides my mom and work had them and neither cared for Sara much after learning what she had done.

When she realized she couldn't get a hold of me via phone, she took to blowing up my email and Myspace/Facebook. Obviously it didn't take me long to block her on that.

However, this takes the cake. Apparently she had a copy of my key. I don't know how she got it, I never gave her a copy. I figured Josh might have given her one when they started to be sexually active or else she just stole Josh's and made her own copy. She took to entering my house when I wasn't home. At first I started noticing little things disappearing or being moved. My bills were no longer on the kitchen counter, but on the dining table. My favorite shirt had gone missing. Cordless phone across the room from where I last remember setting it down. I thought I was simply losing it and misplacing things. (I am a bit scattered brain, but not that much.) This went on for two or three weeks until bigger things were missing. My son's DVD player, my keyboard, cellphone charger, bath soap, towels, and even my son's baby blanket were all taken.

Naturally, I did the most logical thing and called the police and landlord. Landlord changed out my locks ASAP and the cops agreed to talk to Sara. They said they wouldn't be able to do anything unless she let them in and/or admitted it, but they would still try to talk to her. And this is what I was told:

They knocked on the door. She opened it wide enough for them to see the wall behind her. On this wall was hundreds of photos of me, either alone at work or at the store or with my son at the park, store, etc. It wouldn't have been so creepy if it weren't for the fact that she wrote in big letters with red paint "Die [my name] you fucking cunt." It covered some of the photos and the wall.

The police were able to search her place. They found journals full of her writing saying how she wanted to kill me, how she was going to do it, and other fucked up things. She had my work schedule written on her calender (not that it was hard to guess it, it was the same every week) and on a certain day she had it circled and marked as "Kill Day." Police found an unregistered gun and a huge knife. She was arrested.

I promptly moved out and back into my mother's house. I found a new job and changed my appearance. I cut off contact with all our mutual friends (not tha twe had many) and found a new job. I haven't seen or heard from her in 3 years now. For all I know, she is still in jail. I just count my lucky stars.

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