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This happened around three years ago. I was living with a roomie and going to school, and I was around 22 (I'm a female). It was a weekday evening, and my roommate had informed me that she was going out clubbing and staying over at another friend's house. She had invited me, but I didn't really feel like going.
Instead, I made plans to sit on my ass, watch junk TV, and work on homework. Around 10 pm, I went to the gas station to get some candy and energy drinks. I remember that day pretty well, because I had gotten out of classes pretty early and had just gotten my hair done, and I was feeling pretty confident and cute.

I went into the gas station, and there was three (probably in their 20's) guys just lurking around. They just looked like your average frat boys, and I remember that one had shaggy blonde hair and was covered in tattoos. I noticed one of them nudge the other and nod in my direction as I picked out my snacks but I didn't pay much mind. They paid before I did and left. After I got my stuff, I walked out to the parking lot and saw them sitting in a beat-up, shitty car, and all three of them seemed to be staring at me.

I hopped in my car and headed back to my house (which was literally only a few minutes from the gas station), and they started their car and followed. I didn't think much of it, figuring they were probably just heading the same direction as I was. However, I lived pretty deep in a subdivision with a lot of turns, and after a minute of pulling in and making several turns, I noticed they seemed to be following me.

I got nervous since I knew I was home alone so I kept driving past my house. I pulled out of the neighborhood and back onto the main road, and they were still following. I just drove for a while, and they sped up and really started getting close. Then they started flashing their lights and actually pulled up next to me and rolled their window down. The part of me that has faith in humanity thought "What the fuck?? Do I have a low tire or something???" But when I looked over and saw them leering at me, I knew it wasn't anything like that and I immediately began to panic a little.

We were on a more deserted stretch of road now, and they were swerving almost like they were going to bang into my car but I just sped up. All I could think was "Should I drive to the police station?? It's like 15 minutes away from here and there's a ton of stoplights on the way! What if I have to stop and they block my car or something??"

Fortunately by this point I was getting somewhat close to my sister's house (she lives pretty close to me--about 15 minutes away, but in the opposite direction of the police station). My hands were shaking and I was trying to navigate the road with these douchenozzles speeding up and slowing down and trying to nudge me off the road, but I picked up my phone and dialed my sister.

She answered on the fourth ring. Without preamble, I immediately asked her if Josh (her husband) was home. She sounded confused, but said yeah. Josh is in the military and I knew he owned guns. He's a good guy, but we didn't really talk much and I never felt particularly close to him or anything.

"Tell him to get his gun and come out to the driveway, please" by this point I was near tears. I dropped the phone, and one of those fucks threw something (I think a plastic coke bottle) at my driver's side window when they sped up near me.

I finally saw my sister's house and and pulled into her driveway. The entire house was dark. No porch light. Nothing. I was so fucked. I misheard her. They weren't even home, and there aren't any neighbors that would be close enough to run to.

The guys pulled up behind me so I couldn't back out of the driveway and they all jumped out. They all started walking up to my car, and one of them even reached for the handle and yanked on it. By this point I was fumbling for my phone again. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Do I have a weapon in here?? Should I grab my phone and try to run?? Should I back over these bastards or just stay locked in the car??

In the split second that I looked up, two things happened.

First, I made eye contact with the shaggy-haired blonde guy, who was the one yanking on my door. He didn't look angry, or drunk, or anything. His eyes were dead and predatory. While I was frozen in terror, he looked cold, like he had done this kind of thing before or something. The other guys were trying my other doors, but I couldn't break eye contact with the blonde, who was inches from my face and only seperated by a glass window.

Second, I finally saw a shape move behind him in the darkness, and I heard a loud BANG! All the guys stopped and looked and my hero, my brother-in-law, stepped out of the shadows, creeping up from behind the house. He pointed his gun at them and told them to get the fuck outta there. They ran back to their car and sped off, screaming profanities at Josh and me.

When they left, my sister ran outside and brought me in. The driveway scene sounds in writing like it took a long time, but in reality, it was only a few minutes. Because of that, and because of how dark it was, we didn't get the guys' plate number. We called the police and they came out to get our statements. They said they would have someone patrol the area to keep an eye out for any cars that were the same make/model/color, but that it would be hard to catch the guys without the license plate number.

Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it. They never caught those assholes. I can only wonder what they wanted with me, what they were planning for me, or what would have happened if Josh hadn't been there.

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