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Trigger warning: CHILD ABUSE

Last Wednesday, my son told me that he made a new friend at school. I think I might have been even more excited than he was. My son, Henry, is only 7 years old, and he’s never really had a friend. A few kids pick on him because he’s abnormally tall for his age (he’s already 5’0), and he walks with a bit of a limp. Anyway, knowing that he would finally have a friend by his side through all of this stuff going on at school made me feel a lot better. He asked me if his friend, Kyle, could come over after school tomorrow. I told him yes, and he got really excited.

The next day, my son came home with a smile on his face. In with him walked a nice little boy about his age, with black hair and really bright green eyes. “This is Kyle!” I was really glad to see my son’s new friend was completely normal. If we’re being honest, I was worried he was gonna come in with some crazy looking kid who tried to burn the house down. So I just said hello to Kyle. But before Kyle could say anything back, Henry just gave me this ice-cold stare and said “Kyle isn’t real, dad.” I was quite taken aback, and just muttered an apology. My son immediately returned to his normal self and walked off to his room. Kyle walked behind him, not even saying anything.

That night, we were sitting down at the dinner table, and my son was giving both me and his mother really mean looks. He wasn’t even talking to Kyle. Normally he’d be going on and on about something he’d learned in school today, and my wife and I would nod along and pretend we had no idea about any of this stuff. Finally, he said, “Why did you give Kyle a plate? Kyle’s not real.”

I really had no idea what to say. Neither did my wife. Kyle was still totally silent, seeming unphased by all of this, he just kept eating his yams. “Why did you invite Kyle over if you’re just going to be rude?” Suddenly, Henry got really angry and stood up to yell at me. “Stop being weird! There is no Kyle!” I was just fed up at this point and told Henry to be polite to his friend or he would be grounded for a month. Henry didn’t really say anything, he just sat back down. I apologized to Kyle on behalf of Henry, he just smiled back at me.

Just when things seemed to have settled down, Henry grabbed Kyle’s plate and started taking it to the sink. Kyle didn’t even protest. My wife had had it at this point, and told my son to go to his room. Suddenly, my son hurled Kyle’s plate at her head. “HE’S NOT REAL!” Thankfully the plate missed, but my wife was in complete shock.

I spent the next couple minutes multitasking between yelling at my son and making sure my wife was ok. She was so taken aback that she could barely say anything, but she finally managed to say that she would be alright. I waited for her to go back upstairs before talking more to Henry. He was crying his eyes out. I had never yelled at him like that before, mostly because he’d never really misbehaved in that way. Between sobs, he said “Why did you yell at me?”

I didn’t really know what to say. “I’m sorry Henry. But what you tried to do to your mother is inexcusable.”

He sniffled again. “But… but she’s not real…”

I just froze up. “What?”

“Like… like Kyle. I made him up like you made mommy up. I wanted you to see how weird it was to make someone up. But you didn’t even notice...”

I was outraged, and I felt like I was about to lose my mind. “What the fuck are you talking about?!”

Henry was crying even more now. “Y-you got really sad when mommy left and wanted to take me with her, and then you left to talk to her and I never saw her again. You’ve been acting like she’s been here, but--”

“SHUT UP!” I slammed Henry’s head down against the tile floor. Immediately, I heard a sharp cracking sound. Henry wasn’t crying anymore. He wasn’t breathing at all. I couldn’t believe what I had done. I just stared at my son’s limp, lifeless body. I couldn’t risk anyone finding out about this, so I just grabbed a shovel and buried him out in the back yard. Oddly enough, the first place I dug there was already some woman’s body there, so I had to find a new place.

I walked back inside to find Kyle still sitting in his seat. He hadn’t budged at all through this whole ordeal. He just smiled at me again.

I took a deep breath and looked at him. “Kyle, how’d you like to be my new son?”

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